Haplogroup R1b - Mitchell DNA project


Haplogroup R1b, Lineage Group 21


Kit 131913

Rev. Morris Mitchell b. 1762 Montgomery Co. MD m. Elizabeth Hoosing d. 1848 Polk Co. MO 

    Rev. James Mitchell b. 1786 Knox Co. TN m. Sarah Nave d. 1876 Polk Co. MO

        James Wiley Mitchell b. 1821 Blount Co. TN m. Catherine Birdie Lane d. 1904 Seattle, WA

            Homer Charles Melville Mitchell b. 1898 Port Angeles, WA m. Esther Elizabeth Dow d. 1983 Perris, CA


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Kit 18158

Morris Mitchell b. ca. 1762 Frederick Co. MD < Washington Co. PA < TN < Polk Co. MO