2016 - 17 Washington Sporting Clays Tour Championship

The Washington Sporting Clays Association is proud to announce the 2016 - 17 Washington Sporting Clays Tour Championship!


To incentivize shooters to travel to and compete at the various clubs around the state. To provide another form of recognition for top performers. To have some fun competing! To name a Tour Champion from across the classes.

The Tour:

The WSCA Board will select shoots from the schedule of shoots to be the Tour Event for that month. The shoots would be rotated among the qualifying member clubs of the WSCA. Qualification will limit the number of clubs to a maximum of 12 (assuming that we grow from our current 9 member clubs). At most we would have 12 shoots to make up the Tour. Clubs from Eastern and Western Washington will be included. The Tour will begin in July and end in May (or TBD) with the awards presented at the State Championship.

The Points Race:

Each shooter who shoots registered targets at the Tour Stop will receive 30 points for participation. Additionally, the high score (and ties) of each class will receive 100 points for that shoot. Second high score (and ties) of each class win 80 points, 3rd (and ties) 60 points, 4th (and ties) 40 points, 5th (and ties) 20 points. The points are accumulated throughout the year. The top 8 event points out of the 9 total events (assuming 9 clubs) will be counted. If a shooter does not shoot at least one of the Eastern Washington events, a zero will be counted in the point accumulation. If a shooter moves up or down in class within the year, their points go with them. The shooter accumulating the highest point total is the Washington State Tour Champion. This shooter can come from any registered class. Trophies will be awarded to the top 5 point-accumulators. Ties for any of the top 5 places will be shot-off at the State Championship.

Promotion / Operation / Administration:

The points for the race will be tabulated behind the scenes by WSCA. We will take the scores from the one shoot each month, assign points and keep a running total. This will be no burden on the clubs. The running results will be published on www.mywsca.com. There will be no additional fees or registration for participation in the Tour. If you show up at one of the Tour Events, you are in the race.


If you have any questions about Tour Championship, please contact one of the WSCA Board Members