MAS Meeting

Helena College




Roll Call


No Public comment


Informational Items

Rotunda day update and overview

Start 10am


Prez and vp give intro

4 different speakers

Then lunch

House and floor sessions after lunch in galleries the student groups will be introduced

Forward Montana and some other individuals will hold a continuous involvement session

Executives will be having coffee with the Gov. (Main floor where the rotunda is)

House bill updates

HB 2 will be discussed next week

HB 14 was passed out of committee

MAS Website

Up to date

All info should be on there

Student regent info is on there

Student apps are due April 1st submit electronically to

Student regents can be appointed for 1-3 years

Three students are given to the governor

If any one is interested have them contact Current Student Regent Joe Thiel

Apps will go to the voting members of MAS then they will be vote on and three apps will be sent to the governor. MAS will also recommend one of the applicants

BOR agenda

Present law adjustment for pay

Performance based funding

Hopefully by may or aug we will know the performance metrics

Hopefully in the future we can have a strategic plan to tie the performance metrics into.

Pleas provide student input of what metrics should be

There will be a new policy of how the rest of the money will be divided out (previously it was based on resident course completion) this is just the discussion phase of the decision


Student driven fee allocation process will also be looked into as well

MT Tech Phd proposal will be discussed and got on in May

FEES develop internally and and students can have a major role in helping increase or decrease fees


New Items

Phd proposal from Tech.

Would make them the 3rd granting PHd institution

This has been wanted for the past 18 years

Prez. Ingestrom is in favor of this

Major student benefits

This puts Tech on a level playing field with other like institutions

Faculty will greatly benefit as well

Increased infrastructure

Community benefits

All rival schools have Phd programs

This is a collaborative program

This would be bad if the collaborative effort passes but the phd program doesn't

The UM faculty senate supports this

There is a cost with having PhDs given put in faculty pay and the costs and benefits are being carefully looked at

20-30 years down the road there will potentially more costs that need to be and can be hard to look forward to.

Amendment to BOR policy 940.12.1 Tuition and Fee proposals

MAS is asking for support for this policy change

This will be a information item this BOR meeting

This will be voted on in May

MAS transition process

We need a better system

The day before the May meeting we could have a outside company come in or we could do a training created by ourselves

We have been talking about a MAS advisor be assigned to MAS

Draft of position description has been created which can be changed before it has been sent please provide feed back

This will be shared as a google doc.

MAS Budget

There is no said purpose for the budget

A draft of the budget will be created and sent out

Potential of a MAS fee (rotunda day, publication etc.)

The draft will be done by May BOR

Have MAS hire a lobbyist with student fee potentially

Student interns to OCHE committees

This would give more student engagement

Will be a resource for MAS

Could prepare students for the regent position

How would we fund this?

Potentially have student regent built into MAS more formally, perhaps the student regent could serve as MAS President  


Old items

MAS constitution


MAS Code of ethics


Nondiscrimination policy

This is through the legal process and will be moved into student affairs processes

Currently everyone who contracts with the MUS complies with state law but this would make compliance with the MUS system policy necessary

Round table task force updates

Tuition and fee approvals

Going forward

Election times

Still being worked on

How to be implemented

Invite new people to MAS and get them involved

Student experience laboratory

Has hit a stand still but will be worked on over the summer

Fee distribution

Students avoid fees and at this point it's hoping to give students involvement into the school there attending

Single enrollment system may correct this (this is a legislative item currently) single application

All campuses updated what is happening on campus