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From “Founding Sales: Sales for founders (and others) in first-time sales roles” by Pete Kazanjy, founder of Atrium continuously monitored sales performance analytics.

This is a sales maturity questionnaire I use when talking to companies (primarily b2b software / hardware companies) who approach me for sales help / investment. It helps me quickly understand the level of maturity of the organization’s go to market, along with potential soft spots.

That is, the questions progress from basic to more advanced, so earlier stage organizations will start answering “not sure / don't know” as they move down the questionnaire (which is totally fine!), but even later stage organizations will demonstrate soft spots interspersed.

If you have tight answers for all of these, damn, you've got it locked down! High five to you!

How you can use this:

  1. If you're a founder / sales leader, you can use this as a means by which to assess the maturity of your own GTM and see where you might benefit from investment.

  1. If you're an investor with existing portfolio companies that have a direct sales GTM, you can use the below to help those companies get better. (They may not know what they don't know.)

  1. If you're an investor who looks at early (or middle stage) companies, you can use the below to assess the maturity of the GTM of companies you're looking at.

You can fork this document by hitting “File > Make a Copy”, and fill in your own answers to see where you land!

Overview of what your current sales approach. Answers can include "We don't" or "I don't know" and that's fine.  Everyone has to start from somewhere!"