Resources for Home-Based & Distance Environmental Education

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Grade Level/Audience



A free pdf children’s book about COVID and Virus transmission.

​From the Author

“This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation. It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy”


Mount St. Helens Inside

Includes “Volcano Tuesdays” free programming for youth about volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest on Tuesdays at 11AM.

Recommended 4th-7th grade but all ages are welcome

ACEE Resource hub

The Resource Hub is your one-stop tool for finding new resources, programs, professional development, and grants to support environmental and energy education in your classroom in keeping with the 2019 K-12 Environmental Education Guidelines for Excellence, published by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

10 Questions from Parents About CoronaVirus

Resources for parents about what is and is not safe for their children

May be dated

At-Home Activities for the Whole Family for Plant a Seed Day


Family resources for in planting, crafting and other garden-based activities

The Story Walking Radio Hour

 "Looking for something to do with the kiddos this week or next? Listen to some #environmental #education #podcasts. Each podcast begins with a Story Walk, based on a nearby outdoor venue. I weave in fun facts about human history and #nature... suggestions of books and outdoor activities that further explore the podcast topic. Then go outside and have some fun!

Project Learning Tree

  • Free Family Activity Guide
  • Resources for Educators

Beetles Project

Beetles Project Home - Beetles Project

Provide experiences and rationale about outdoor science instruction designed to inspire instructors to improve their teaching. Our student activities inspire students’ wonder and curiosity bout the natural world, support their innate tendencies for exploration and guide them to make explanations based on evidence.”

Skype A Scientist


Match classes/families with a scientist to meet on Skype for a Q&A

All about Birds

Learn about different birds and bird calls

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Facebook Live-

Daily live “meet an animal” at 3 pm EST/NOON PST along with activities to do at home

Nat Geo Kids

Learn more about different animals, play games, etc.

Totally the Bomb Blog

Virtual Tours of 33 National Parks Using Google Earth

UK Explanation of COVID 19 and how/why to control the spread

Kids Activities Blog

A list of companies providing free subscriptions for learning.

Smithsonian Museum Virtual Tours (baby cheetahs)

Take a virtual tour of one of the Smithsonian Museums

Little Pine Learners

Little Pine LearnersFun Stuff for Kids and Teens • Natured-Inspired Activities

Blog for over 100 Nature Play/Learning Activities.

Scholastic Learn from Home

Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers.


Museum Virtual tours

Sci Starter

Join a citizen science project and help contribute to global data collection


Visual representation of the 5 layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

SD Zoo cam & SD Zoo Kids

Live Cams

Smithsonian Zoo cams

Oakland Zoo cam

Mindfulness for kids

Aggregated mindfulness activity ideas

Plum Landing

Aimed at kids ages six to nine, this curriculum from WGBH Boston helps kids develop a love for and a connection to Earth.


tools includes educator toolkits, activity guides, and video resources


books and online resources for ages 8 to 18 cover a wide variety of topics, from outdoor adventures to water conservation to entomology (available by purchase)

DOE Education Toolkit

K-12 lesson plans, hands-on activities, and videos to help teach kids about clean energy

Virtual Tour of Yellowstone

Ask Dr. Universe

Washington State University professor who teams up with experts in the field to investigate questions from curious elementary and middle school students.

19 Great Science Podcasts You Can Listen To With Kids

Go Noodle

Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts

Population Education

K-12 lesson plans and activities for science, math, and social studies classes on human geography, sustainability, climate change, and SDGs.

EverWild Outdoor School YouTube Channel

Outdoor school posting videos that inspire nature connection through project based learning and activities

Teaching Geoscience Online

Higher Education focused - A group of teaching activities and courses to share with the community of geoscience educator

Climate Change: Causes, Consequences and Solutions

Higher Education focused - free online course examines (1) the factors responsible for climate c hange; (2) the biological and sociological consequences of such changes; and (3) the possible engineering, economic, and legal solutions to avoid more extreme perturbations.

CAMEL Climate Change Education

Higher Education focused -  CAMEL is a free, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, multimedia resource for educators, providing over 300 interdisciplinary topic areas and numerous resource types to give the educator the tools they need to teach CLIMATE CHANGE causes, consequences, solutions and actions.

Online & Environmental/Geoscience Resources

Shared Resources for Online Teaching: (link is external)

Geoscience Materials for Teaching Online: (link is external)

Ecology and Environmental Science Materials for Teaching Online:

Higher Education focused - multiple links

Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids

Webinar info -

Website -

OPAK will be offering FREE ocean-themed webinars starting on Monday, March 23rd going through Thursday, March 26th.

Alaska SeaLife Center Virtual Field Trips

Free series of online field trips based on scientific method. Follow field scientists, watch videos, do activities..

EarthEcho International

EarthEcho provides free environmental education resources including activities, lesson plans, videos and live virtual events.

Cornell Online Course - Network Climate Action: Scaling Up Your Climate Impact

In the Network Climate Action: Scaling up your Impact online course, you will learn what the latest research says about how to scale up your individual actions through your social networks.

National Eagle Center - Online Resources

Free lesson plans for K-12 with eagle related content

Live cam of the Mississippi River at the National Eagle Center

Area live stream Eagle Nest Cams (Decorah & DNR nest on eggs as of March 2020)

Frequently asked questions about Bald and Golden Eagle behavior, biology, ecology, etc.

Brains On podcast

Brains On! is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, questions range from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats, and go wherever the answers take us.

Texas State Aquarium - Limited Aquavision Distance Learning programs

Tuesday, March 17

Coral Reef Dive

Registration Link: 

Have you ever wanted a diver’s perspective of one of our exhibits? Join a diver live in our

Cheniere Mesoamerican Coral Reef and get an up-close look at how we care for our coral

reef fish.


Texas State Aquarium - Limited Aquavision Distance Learning programs

Wednesday, March 18

Let’s Talk Sharks

Registration Link: 

View our resident sharks live from the Texas State Aquarium! Discover why shark

conservation is important and what scientists and aquariums are doing to conserve these

mysterious animals.

Texas State Aquarium - Limited Aquavision Distance Learning programs

Thursday, March 19


Registration Link: 

Meet some of our reptile animal ambassadors in the studio, and view some of our other

reptiles live in their exhibits. Learn about the reptiles that call Texas home and what we can

do to conserve them.

Texas State Aquarium - Limited Aquavision Distance Learning programs

Friday, March 20

Live from Rescue

Recording Link: 

Head offsite to the Texas State Aquarium’s Wildlife Rescue Center and discover the work we

do behind-the-scenes to rehabilitate and release injured wildlife.

DC environmental film festival

DC Environmental Film Festival moved online with most of the films available to stream for free! The films are available March 17- 31.

What’s Good in My Hood Workbook

33 Virtual National Parks Tours

Google Earth exploration. Click on any of the names and you’ll be taken right to that National Park. The best part is, they are all FREE admission!

Southern Piedmont Fieldguide and Coloring Book (SE US)

The Field Guide to the Southern Piedmont is an identification guide to more than 700 common or distinctive organisms living in the region. The Southern Piedmont Wildlife Coloring Book is a fun and free way to learn about local organisms.

Smithsonian Online for Kids

Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens

Take a virtual tour of one of the Smithsonian Museums; download materials.


Interactive weather activities for all ages free through April 2020.

PBS Virtual Field Trips

Use these virtual field trips and short video clips to help prepare your students for an upcoming field trip, introduce concepts, or reinforce ideas.

PBS Learning Media Homeschool Collections

PBS LearningMedia encourages you to make this service your go-to destination for insightful, interactive content, lesson planning support, and professional development tools. 


iNaturalist - Explore Map

Explore flora and fauna observations in your area

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Lecture Videos

UNC-TV Science Portal

Sci NC is a multiplatform production that combines high-quality broadcast programs, engaging digital shorts, informative blogs and interactive, fully aligned lesson plans adaptable for use in the classroom or home schools

Scholastic Learn at Home

Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers.

WWF Wild Classroom

Wild Classroom offers free STEM, language arts, social studies, art, and physical education learning activities

Environmental Education Podcasts Available for Students During Break 

Rhode Island's Wendy Fachon is inviting families to tune into her environmental education podcasts.

Documentary film about the Salish Sea cc

 Set sail with the crew of Orion as they voyage to the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s newly named inland waterway.

Ranger Rick online subscriptions FREE until June

National Wildlife Federation

For more than 50 years, Ranger Rick Raccoon has been teaching children about wildlife and nature through award-winning print publications.

Seek by iNaturalist

By iNaturalist, but great for kids. You get badges and rewards for IDing different species

ABDO publishing digital bookshelf

Educational ebooks and database



Newly revised website for EE in Wisconsin and beyond

Into the Outdoors

Collaborative website with videos & ed content that create pathways to environmental awareness

If Trees Could Talk 


Middle School

Science Learning At-Home & Outside

Activity Sheets for Outdoor Learning and Lesson Plans for Science & Stewardship

Ivy League Online Courses

Higher Education - Free online courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.


Over 30 Virtual

Field Trips with Links

All ages - Click on the color links

All ages

NOAA science activities that kids and families can do at home 

A roundup of NOAA’s most popular educational resources to help you learn about the ocean and atmosphere

NOAA Ocean Today

NOAA ocean-themed science activities, videos, games, etc


PolarTREC has been around for over 10 years providing over 170 U.S. teachers a unique opportunity to work with scientists in the polar regions. It is a multi-year project with four major categories of interrelated activities making up the PolarTREC Teacher Research Experience Model.

World Ocean Observatory 

These ocean resources can be used by parents, schools, educators, tutors and others

Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

Check out the Resource Room section

Take a Child Outside


Simple outdoor activities to do with children, especially younger children with minimal supplies.

Project WET Home & Telecommuting Resources

Home and Telecommuting Resources

Project WET

Online trainings for educators, home school resources for parents, and tutorials for parents and teachers


Learning From Home

Maps and related lessons


State of Michigan eLibrary  

tests, tutorials and e-books available online.

MSU Extension

84 Easy Science Lessons You Can Do at   Home


Science lessons and procedures for home-schooling


Wildlife Habitat Council

Webinars on conservation themes


Museums from Home

Websites for East coast museums and others


Captain Planet Foundation - Resources for Learning at Home

Explore the Captain Planet Foundation's recommended resources for learning at home!



Created especially for the current situation

Teachers, parents, students


PDFs for parents in multiple languages on science at home


River Science and Information

American Rivers - Freshwater Resource

American Rivers - Short Films about Rivers

PDF for parents and teachers


PlantSnap App

Plant ID using your mobile device


Sierra Nevada Journeys at Home

NGSS based activities related to various science disciplines; intended to be done at home or in a yard or park

Elementary grades

Environmental Volunteers

Links to hands-on NGSS activities that are printable or use household items. A guide for parents on nature educational hikes.

K - 6th

Camp Nu-hop “At- Home” Outdoor Education on/home

This outdoor science school in Ohio has created home-based versions of their lessons. They combine videos and home-appropriate outdoor activities.

Middle childhood

Whole Earth Nature School, Every Day Outside Series (7+ Days of EDCore)

Daily activities on FB & IG for youth & adults to practice core nature routines (Mmm Mon., Tracking Tues., Wander Wed., Thankful Thurs., Fun Fri., Sit spot Sat., Story Sun.)

All ages, Entire family

PBS NOVA Marathons: Space & The Universe

6 episodes

Mystery Science

Mini lessons (15-30 min.) and Full lessons (45-90 min.) 200+ lessons free for teachers broken down by grade. Free mini lessons for parents


EEI (Environmental Education Initiative) - CA

Readings, visuals,

assessments and workbooks covering both science and social science standards



Focus on Social and Emotional Learning

Wild Kratts

Animated videos about wildlife and other environmental topics.

Geared toward lower elementary age.

Cyberchase Games, Activities, and Videos

Focused on various environmental topics.

Geared towards lower elementary ages (K-5).

Young Naturalists Club

Follow-along weekly lessons to do outside, then share discoveries with kids/educators in comments. From a southeast Ohio non-profit.

Elementary to middle school


NGSS-aligned, distance learning adapted lessons about the wonder of trees! Topics include tree-derived herbs and spices, modeling a tree and its parts through art, and using trees as the basis for mindfulness-based stress mgmt. practices. Resources available in both English and Spanish.


The Foster, Journeys@Home

Online resources for families. Art / craft projects rooted in a backyard discovery session or walk around the block. Resources for extending discussions such as stories, apps, and videos. Tips on helping young children get started nature journaling and collecting souvenirs without disturbing the natural environment

PK - early elementary, though can be modified for older children

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Online education resources for teachers and students - walking through various components of our elementary curriculum. Features pre and post trivia and 4 videos. The first 2 videos introduce Pacific salmon, their importance, life cycle, and threats they encounter. The 3rd video tests the health of a local creek through water quality testing and macroinvertebrate sampling. The last video leads participants through actions that can help or hurt salmon, and how their actions can make a difference

4th grade, but can be applicable to elementary

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Online resources for individuals and families to safely spend time outdoors while participating in activities such as nature journaling, walking through their neighborhood and investigating local creek health for salmon.

Also included are videos and activities people can watch and participate in at home, such as ongoing salmon ecology videos, art projects and activities.

All ages

Point of No Return Educational Initiative

A new hands-on environmental STEM enrichment curriculum using the award-winning documentary Point of No Return – the gripping story of the first solar powered flight around the world – as a dynamic jumping off point to inspire students to innovate and collaborate towards sustainable solutions. Hands on activities around renewable energy, sustainability, and global climate solutions.

For grades 3-12

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Recorded speakers from our science cafe series. The topics are very wide-ranging.

Book: Douglas Tallamy- Bringing Nature Home


About the unbreakable link between native plant species and native wildlife -

Grow Together, Junior Bird Watchers Field Guide 

Learn about birds and their environments through place based and hands on learning