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I Have Something to Say Now ...

This is the index page for articles that I have written in some loose order. Articles is a kind word. Perhaps “musings” or “thoughts” would be better descriptors. Either way, below you will find links to many varied topics that reflect years of thinking, study, listening and then writing.

There is a legend that I have not been able to confirm, about Albert Einstein. He was invited to a big dinner with lots of important people who paid to come and hear him speak. When it was time to do so, he stood at the podium and simply said, “I have nothing to say”, and sat down. It was a disaster, as one might expect. Three months later, he called the organizers of the event and said, “I have something to say now.”

For many years, I have resisted writing down a lot of things that I think, but often when people ask me what I think I do not have a ready answer. Many of answers I want to give are not simple: they require some background of understanding that cannot be easily traded in a conversation in the fellowship. Rather than risk misunderstanding about any of this, I have been collecting things I have written, that represent as precisely as I can, what I think.

... and now I have something to say...

It is important to accept that:

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