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Hockey 2015

Please return permission slip by Wednesday 25th March

Primary School Hockey is starting on Wednesdays, in Term 2, for all children interested.  

This competition runs from 29th April to 26th August 2015.

What:          Year 1 & 2 - 6 a side Hockey (15 min halves, quarter turf/gym)

                Year 3 & 4 - 6 a side Hockey (20 min halves, quarter turf/gym)

                Year 5 & 6 - 6 a side Hockey  (20 min halves, half turf)

When: Starting Wednesday 29th Term 2, Week 2.

Where: ILT Hockey Turf – Carpark off Lindisfarne Street

Gear required: Mouthguard, Shin Pads and Hockey Stick.

All of these can be purchased from Rebels Sports or the Warehouse.

Cost to be confirmed as it will depend on numbers per team:

                Year 5 & 6 - $40 (approx)

                Year 3 & 4 - $40 (approx)

                Year 1 & 2 - $35 (approx)

(This includes registration fee and turf hire.)

Once teams have been organised, a notice will be sent home to say exactly how much to pay.  This will need to be paid before the first game.

I am looking for wonderful parent help to assist with coaching of the teams.  Please consider this if your child is playing, as without coaches/managers we cannot have teams competing.  


Bex Murdoch

Please return permission slip by

Wednesday 25th March 2015


Hockey Notice 2015

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Name of child ________________________ Year _______

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E-mail address __________________________________

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Has played Hockey before        Yes/No  (please circle one)

Please write your name below if you are available to help with managing or coaching (please circle one option).

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