NDNLPv2 Wireshark Dissector

Contact: Junxiao Shi <ndnhack2@cs.arizona.edu>


NDN packet dissector for Wireshark is a Wireshark extension that shows the structure of NDN packets. As of Aug 2015, it supports dissection of Interest and Data packets in UDP packets, TCP segments, WebSocket frames, and bare Ethernet frames.

This project adds NDNLPv2 dissection feature, and fixes several bugs.

Contribution to NDN

Improvements to the Wireshark dissector allows easier inspection of NDN packets on the wire.


NDNLPv2 (#3197) Dissect NDNLPv2 LpPacket structure.

NDNLPv2 reassembly (#3198) Reassemble NDNLPv2 fragments, and invoke the dissector for complete network layer packets.

ndn: URI encoding (#3106) Properly encode names and name components into ndn: URIs. (small task)

Info column (#3105) Display Interest/Data/Nack type and the Name in Wireshark’s Info column of packet list pane. (small task)

Nonce display (#3107) Display Nonce properly. (small task)

Required Knowledge for Participants

Expected Outcome

Wireshark can properly dissect NDNLPv2 packets, reassemble NDNLPv2 fragments into network layer packets and then dissect them.