How to Record a Screencast

1.  Add the following extension to the Chrome Browser

In the Chrome browser, go to this link and click Add to Chrome

Once added, the following icon will display in upper right corner of your browser.

To set up your account, click on that icon.  The first time you open the extension, it will ask for access to your microphone and webcam. Click Setup Camera Access.  Then click Allow

Choose to store your recordings in your Google Drive

It will ask you to sign in with your Google Account.  

It will sign you in and you will redirected to the main Welcome to Screencastify! Page.  You can watch the tutorial videos here. 

To make a recording, click on the Screencastify icon again.

You can choose to record your entire desktop, a single tab, or just your webcam.  When recording your desktop or tab, you also have the option of recording your webcam at the same time, embedded in the corner of your video.

It is helpful to check the ‘show preview window’ so that you know what you’re recording.

After you finish recording,  the video is automatically stored in your Google Drive. You can get the link by clicking on Copy Link

You can also download the video in mp4 format and save it to your computer and/or upload to your Google Drive.


This work by Mountain Heights Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International license.