An Erotic Military Romance Novella from

NY Times and USA Today Bestseller

Caridad Pineiro

She wasn’t the kind of woman who wore fancy dresses or did one night stands . . .

Bridget Sullivan preferred her Army uniform and work boots to elegant evening gowns.  Getting all done up for some fancy Memorial Day gala wasn’t in her plans, but it’s hard to resist the thought of seeing handsome retired Navy Captain Mark Smith again.  It also means spending time with the cadre of ex-military friends who have made her return to civilian life a little easier to handle. But when Mark presses for more, will she break her rigid rules for one sexy night?

The only thing he likes better than a woman in uniform is seeing her out of it . . .

Especially if it’s sexy Staff Sergeant Bridget Sullivan.  Since meeting Bridget a month earlier, Mark Smith has been attracted to the gorgeous woman who seems intent on hiding her beauty and her courage.  Bridget’s determination to make it in a usually male world, from her choice of the Army to her current construction job, intrigues Mark.  When Bridget sheds her muddy jeans and sneakers for sexy high heels and a slit-to-there dress, Mark is more than willing to help her explore her new feminine side.  But can one night of pleasure lead to more?

Chapter 1

“I am so not wearing that,” Bridget Sullivan said and eyed the gown her younger sister Maggie was holding up.

“Well you sure aren’t going in that boring dress and where did you get those shoes?  St. Mary’s School for Nuns?” said Maggie and jerked her hand in the direction of Bridget’s size ten feet.

She looked down at the sensible black flats that made her feet look enormous, but were comfortable and kept her from towering over most men.  At 5’11” she was too tall to think about adding three-inch heels because she’d feel like Godzilla stomping all over Tokyo.

“These shoes are just fine,” she replied and turned to the mirror.  The little black dress she had on was simple and serviceable.  “This dress is just fine,” she said as Maggie stepped beside her and glanced in the mirror as well.

Just inches over five feet, her sister was the cute cheerleader type that men just went gaga over.  Add killer curves, that wild mess of auburn curls, and amazing green eyes, and who could resist her?

“The dress is just fine for a funeral.  This isn’t a funeral,” Maggie said and swept the gown into place in front of Bridget.

For a moment, she allowed herself to imagine how the dress would look and how others might see her.  Definitely not her usual repertoire of jeans and work boots.  The dress would show off a lot of skin, but in a subtle and sexy way.  A very feminine way and for a moment, she wondered how one man in particular would respond.

“You’ll look amazing in it,” her sister urged and jiggled the dress to press her point home.

As their gazes connected in the mirror, she said, “What makes you think anyone will be looking?”

“Calling bullshit on that one, Bridget.  Mark will swallow his tongue when he sees you in this.”

She told herself that was the last thing she wanted, although it was a lie.  Retired Navy Captain Mark Smith was part of the circle of friends she’d become part of thanks to Maggie’s relationship with Trevor Mason, a Marine Lieutenant who was home from his deployment.

Mark was sexy, successful, and so not her speed.  She’d heard the other men teasing him more than once about all the gorgeous women he met at work.  Women totally unlike her.

“Mark is not interested in me.  Besides, he’s way too old.”

“Calling bullshit again.  I saw how he was looking at you at Rafe and Elena’s wedding and at their barbecue last week.  And he’s only thirty-six.  He’s just prematurely grey in spots.  A very sexy grey by the way.”

She couldn’t deny the sexiness part.  As for Mark being interested in her, she had thought she was just wishfully imagining that part.  She was surprised her sister had noticed both.  “So you think Mark is sexy?  I thought you and Trevor – ”

“Are together?  Totally together, but just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.  Not that I’m looking,” she said with a dreamy kind of tone her normally sensible sister didn’t use.

“Is he the one?” she asked and grabbed the gown, deciding that if she at least put it on, Maggie might stop pestering her about wearing it tonight.

Her sister hesitated for a moment, but as a big unrestrained smile swept across her full lips, she said, “Yeah, he is. Trevor is the one, Bridget.  And it scares the shit out of me.”

She didn’t need to ask why.  As a Marine with several years left to serve, he was in danger far too often and had already been seriously wounded.  For her sister’s sake, she prayed that everything would work out for them and that Trevor would come home safe and sound.

She hugged her sister hard.  “It’ll be okay, Mags.  Trust me.”

With a sniffle, Maggie said, “I do.  So trust me and try on that damn dress.  You’ll look fabulous.”

If only to take Maggie’s mind off scary thoughts, she swept off her dull black dress to reveal mind-numbing cotton underwear.

“Those have got to go as well.  We can do some shopping downstairs,” Maggie said and walked away to wait for Bridget to change.  The Atlantic City casino hotel where they were all staying for the weekend had an assortment of retail shops in the lower level, including a very fancy lingerie shop.

She grimaced at the thought of what Maggie might think was acceptable lingerie for tonight, but if she was going to surrender and wear the gown, she might as well let her little sister satisfy whatever desires she had to turn her into a dress-up Barbie.

Dear Reader,

I hope you’re enjoying the military heroes and their loved ones in the Take a Chance series.  It has been such a rewarding and challenging experience to explore the dynamics of the relationships and the challenges of loving a military hero.  It has also been a challenge to provide you with sexy stories that were still chock full of romance and emotion, and that end with happily-ever-afters.  I don’t know about you, but I need to feel the love and know that my hero and heroine will find the person who will complete them.

The next novella in the series will be even more emotional and romantic.  You’ve met both the hero and heroine in ONE NIGHT OF PLEASURE and here’s a little blurb about that upcoming novella, EMBRACE THE NIGHT (Late Spring 2015)

Zack Taylor was physically changed by his time in the military. A below-the-knee amputee, Zack is determined to rebuild his life.  The last thing he’s thinking about is any kind of romantic involvement, but when he meets Lieutenant Commander Samantha Whittaker, she makes him rethink what he wants in his new life.

After nearly dying in combat, Samantha Whittaker is emotionally fragile and challenging herself with an enlistment in the Coast Guard.  She’s convinced that facing her fear head on, and alone, is the only way she can get on with her life.  The last thing she wants is to be attracted to a sexy and younger man, but Zack is just too hard to resist.

How will she react to discovering his secret and revealing her own fears?

I can’t wait to write Zack and Samantha’s story!  Thank you for all your support for this series.

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