Monologue or Angry Letter                 40 points                Final Copy DUE Friday, March 11.

Goal:                I can use varied syntax in my writing. deliberate use of clauses and phrases to add variety and

  interest; deliberate use of colons and semicolons

This will be scored using the Language/Vocabulary and Conventions Strands on the district rubric (see reverse side of this sheet).

Your task:

  1. Choose either your monologue or your angry letter to revise.
  2. Conference with Mrs. Maguire about your deliberate uses of sentence variety Tuesday or Wednesday (March 1-2)
  3. Revise your work.
  4. Conference with a partner March 9.
  5. Edit your piece one final time.
  6. Submit your typed, 200-300 word piece to AND a hard copy to Mrs. Maguire on FRIDAY, MARCH 11.

To prepare for your conference with Mrs. Maguire, answer the following questions and be prepared to share them with her:

  1. Which piece are you going to continue working on?

  1. What are your biggest challenges with the piece so far?

      3.  What do you like about the piece?

      4.  Where is a place where you attempted to vary your syntax? What were you trying to

           accomplish and do you think you were successful?  OR...where is a place where you’d like 

          to vary your syntax but you need help?