Carlton E. Abbott Jr. Esq.

Chief of Police


The Chief of Police determines policies, administers and manages the police department and police services for the Town of Freetown. The Chief of Police also determines law enforcement needs of the community and is responsible for providing police services to effectively meet community requirements.


Steven E. Abbott



As the Executive Officer of the Chief of Police, the Lieutenant manages police personnel and activities in a division, section, unit, or shift. This position performs other management assignments as needed and carries out other various administrative and support duties, as assigned.

Incumbents assignments may include, but not limited to the following: Patrol; Traffic Enforcement; Accident Reconstruction; Court Liaison; Investigation/Detective; Safety Officer; Internal Affairs; Firearm Licensing; Scheduling; Property and Evidence Control; Crime Prevention Officer; Vehicle Maintenance Officer; Field Training Officer; or Special Assignments.

Scott M. Rose


Accreditation Manager / Training Supervisor


Accreditation is a self-initiated evaluation process by which police departments strive to meet and maintain standards that have been established for the profession, by the profession. These carefully selected standards reflect critical areas of police management, operations, and technical support activities. They cover areas such as policy development, emergency response planning, training, communications, property and evidence handling, use of force, vehicular pursuit, prisoner transportation and holding facilities. The program not only sets standards for the law enforcement profession, but also for the delivery of police services to citizens of the commonwealth.

The Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission offers two program awards: Certification and Accreditation, with Accreditation being the higher of the two. Accreditation has been granted for a period of three years. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary. The Freetown Police Department obtained the MPAC Certification Award in October 2012 and the MPAC Accreditation Award in May 2014.

“Our goal is to provide a professional law enforcement service to the community.”