Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library

Annual Evaluation for Library Clerk: _____________________

Evaluation Period: ___/___/____ through ___/___/____

Job Description        Last updated: ___/___/_____            Last EE signature on file: ___/___/_____

Job Purpose:

Assists manager by performing related duties.


  • Provides efficient, equitable, and courteous service for all library patrons, without regard to race, age, sex, nationality or religion.
  • Supports library activities including, but not limited to, circulation desk, assisting patrons, maintenance of computerized records, collection of overdue materials, re-shelving materials, and shelf maintenance.
  • Upholds the general appearance, condition, and security of the library facility.
  • Assists library patrons with Microsoft products, e-mail, and internet browsing.
  • Independently and effectively operates the library facility during the absence of an immediate supervisor.
  • Performs other relevant duties as needed.


Employees are to be provided a copy of their job assessment worksheet no fewer than 10 days before the assessment due date.  During the actual assessment interview, assessment values from the employee’s assessment and their supervisor’s assessment will be compared to identify both (1) areas of agreement and (2) areas needing further evaluation.  The job assessment process is NOT a disciplinary process.  Employees and supervisors are reminded that the purpose of the assessment is to evaluate their own work performance and not the work performance of any other employee.

Employee, complete the following and return to your supervisor by:  ___/___/____


  1. What do you consider to be your strongest asset(s) to the library?

  1. Based on your job description, how would you rate your work performance?

(Poor) ->                     1        2        3       4                <- (Excellent)

  1. For each job duty listed in the job description listed above, please evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Cite specific examples whenever possible.  Attach additional pages if needed.List any formal training that you have completed during the last year:

  1. List any new skills that you have developed during the last year:

  1. List any skills needing improvement and indicate how these skills might be achieved:

  1. How would you rate the overall accuracy of your work?

(Low Accuracy)->             1        2        3       4            <-(High Accuracy)

7.  How would you rate your overall success of working with other employees to achieve

    work goals?

(Problematic)->           1        2        3       4             <-(Very Successful)

8. How would you rate your ability to consistently achieve work goals within the time


(Problematic)->            1        2        3       4            <-(Very Successful)

Additional Comments:

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