Q: I’m not very experienced in competitive TF2, am I welcome to apply and do I even stand to have chance of playing?

A: Yes of course! Most people are welcome to apply

Q: When do applications close?

A: Once we’re confident we have an adequate base to work off of which can take a week or two.

Q: If we participated in the first season can we apply to play again?

A: You are welcome to apply again but it’s gotta’ be said people who haven’t played have priority over people who have played before.

Q: What class(es) would be recommended for players who want to participate but have little/no comp TF2 experience?

A: That’s a tricky question but honestly whatever classes you’re most comfortable with in pubs tend to be what you should play when you transition into competitive.

Q: Are there going to be matches with teams that are less competitive and separate matches with more competitive teams, or can we expect both sides being mixed?

A: We’re keeping the mixed skill level format, but yes both sides will use this format.

Q: So how will selections for the teams work?

A: We’d rather not disclose any specifics but we’ll be selecting all flavours of skill levels. We’ll be doing research beyond what’s given in the application, along with small interviews to make sure those participating are cool enough dudes.

Q: What sort of weapon restrictions are we looking at?

A: We’ll be using UGC/ET2L/ whitelists for their respective regions.

Q: I’ve made a mistake on the application form, what should I do?

A: No worries, inform me of what your Steam URL is and we’ll remove the old one. Once we inform you it’s been taken care of you’re free to reapply.

Q: Why the Highlander format?

A: It suits our needs to be quite honest. We want the most players we can pack in each game while having good time. We also don’t want to scare newbies away with a very specific format.

Q: How often will Tumblr vs Reddit be held?

A: As long as we enjoy hosting the event in all honestly.

Q: Will selecting Tumblr or Reddit for representation bar you from being chosen for the other team or is it just a preference?

A: It’s all preference.

Q: Do you guys have a sort of lower league for the less experienced players.

A: Not at this time no.

Q: Do you have a date for when we expect player announcements?

A: It depends on how quickly we can figure out the rosters and substitutes, which can take a while. We’ll go from there

Q: Can you host Tumblr vs Reddit Asia region next season?

A: You’re free to apply for any region you feel you’ll have a fair ping. The fact of the matter is I can only count a dozen people who have asked for an Asian region. You’re more than welcome to apply for Aus/Oce.