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August 28, 2013 - Solarize Plano Project Contract Status and Pricing Tiers
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August 28, 2013

Subject: Solarize Plano Project Contract Status & Pricing Tiers

Site assessments, proposals, proposal reviews, and contract signing are all underway! We are making our way toward the lowest pricing tier by having the largest total combined installed capacity.

The pricing tiers are defined below and represent the total contracted installed solar capacity in kW. The total contracted installed solar capacity is calculated by adding up the total of all the contracted system sizes for a combined total.

Pricing Tier 1:  less than 15 kW

Pricing Tier 2:  15 kW < 35 kW

Pricing Tier 3:  35 kW < 55 kW

Pricing Tier 4:  55 kW < 80 kW

Pricing Tier 5:  80 kW+

So our main objective now is to have enough contracts and combined system sizes to total 80kW or greater to achieve the best discounted pricing. The discounted pricing tiers will be discussed with you during your site assessment and then included in your specific system proposal. Completed contracts need to be achieved by September 15 so that Axium Solar can place one large order with their suppliers to obtain the best pricing.

To help us keep focus on achieving this goal, we will be tracking the total number of proposals submitted to enrollees, the total number of contracted systems, and the combined total contracted solar capacity in kW. This information will be posted on the Project Communications page ( and be updated every day or two.

The status as of 8/28:

So let’s make the goal of achieving Tier 5 (80 kW+) pricing by September 15!

Best Regards and Shine On!

Larry Howe, Bob Litwins, and all the Plano Solar Advocates

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