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Note: I will continue to edit this document over time so please don’t be surprised if you see changes in formatting, content, etc. This document is created for my EDLT students but is shared with colleagues. You are welcome to copy it as needed. Attribution is always appreciated but not required.

Many Web 2.0, social media, and emerging technology tools exist for multimedia, authoring, communications, social networking etc. Many of the these tools start with free versions. We will focus mostly on these types of tools and many of my recommendations are below. However, please note that this list is not comprehensive and does not include desktop technologies and you are welcome to explore other tools of your choosing. Examples would be iMovie for the Mac, MovieMaker for PC, Final Cut Pro, etc. For many, many more great tools, check out Top 100 Tools for Learning and my colleague - http://thebooksupplier.com/resources/.

Some resources to check out to put some of these tools in context are:

Other great EdTech resources

Julia’s resources


Tools for Collaboration & Productivity

Create a Google account at https://accounts.google.com/SignUp 

Surveys & Forms
Web conference 
Brainstorming & Interactive Walls 

Concept Mapping

Me-Publishing, Site Building, Social Network Building
Social Networks
LMS - Note that these are not necessarily free, there may be free versions or trials, or you may need to go through a process, or maintaining is costly, etc. But it’s good to investigate and be in the know :)
Curation aka Social Bookmarking/Sharing
URL Shorteners & New Type of Social Bookmarking/Sharing
(NEW category added Jan25, 2010)

More about URL Shorteners at http://www.friedbeef.com/top-5-url-shorteners-and-how-they-help-you/

Make sure to read some of the comments

Microblogging and Backchannel Tools
Image Editing
Word Cloud
Video Capture
Animation/Comic Strip/Avatar
Video Editing
Other Video
Streaming Media
Project & Process Management Tools
Mobile Teaching & Learning

Digital Books

Mobile Polling


Programming Tools

Helpful Coding Support Sites

App Building

Game Related

Geography/Geography Related




Recommended for me to review...

CAST Lesson Builder and other tools


Once you register for CAST, you also get access to these sites:

Some Valuable Technology Teaching Tools from Notes I’ve taken, not organized






frogguts.com frogvirtualdissection.com


QueekyPaint, an online drawing tool

Future Me  

Capzles, teachers and students can create timelines with photos, videos, audio, and text Bounce to annotate

Lino is a free sticky note page

Time Tribe an online game geared for students in grades 5-12 for learning about history and different cultures and artifacts