Bay Country Figure Skating Club Locker Room Policy

The following policy will be placed into effect during all Club events for Safesport Compliance.

Board Approved: 3/31/14

Locker Room Information/Rules:

- All locker rooms will be monitored by the current Safesport Compliance Officer.

-The Club will always evaluate the age range of the skaters and group the locker rooms according to age.

- The Club will provide one Co-Ed location, for all skaters that do not have a costume change.  This area will be supervised with 2 adults, and the adults will make sure that there is no changing in this area. This area will be monitored 30 minutes prior to the event when skaters are called to the locker rooms and remain there until all skaters have cleared that area.

- Locker Rooms will be provided for all skaters that require a costume change.  These locker rooms will be grouped by ages. Each locker room may require 2 adults to stay in the locker room or in corridor close by at 30 minutes prior to the event and remain there until all skaters have cleared the locker rooms.  Changing of costumes/clothes should not be done in front of the door to the locker room. We encourage skaters who are changing to do so in the bathroom, shower area, or behind a wall so that when the door opens they remain private. These locker rooms will require a Female monitor for the girls and a Male monitor for the boys. If no costume changes are necessary, a Female may monitor the boys locker room.

- Each Teenage Locker room (age 13+) will not require an adult to stay in their locker room, however that locker room monitor will remain outside the door and monitor the locker room accordingly, as a hallway monitor.  Changing of costumes/clothes should not be done in front of the door to the locker room. We encourage skaters changing to do so in the bathroom, shower area, or behind a wall so that when the door opens they remain private.

-Each Adult Locker Room will not be monitored, however, for safety purposes the hallway monitor is always available for any circumstances.

-Parents not volunteering as a Locker room monitor will not be allowed to be in the locker rooms 30 minutes prior to the event and during the event. We ask that, after the event, the parents give their child at least 20 minutes after the event to change and get their belongings together.

-No food is allowed in the locker room. We do allow bottles of clear water in the locker room.

-No Glitter is allowed in the locker room or on any ‘matted’ surface that is in the Centre Ice Rink.

Electronic Devices:

-Electronic Devices are NOT to be used for taking photos or videos while in the locker room. If you choose to take photos they must be done in the Hallway or Lobby area of the ice rink Before or After the event. (During as well if time permits). We ask that if you are listening to music or playing games on your electronic device that you use earphones as to not to distract others.

Two-Deep Leadership

-The policy for two-deep leadership means that at least two adults are present at all times with individual minors when off the ice. This policy is intended to minimize one-on-one interactions not only for the protection of the minor but to also help protect coaches and volunteers from false accusations. All individual interaction or meetings should take place in an open area of public visibility. If an individual meeting has to occur in an office or a locker room another adult or participant must be present.


-Respect is to be given by everyone at all times. Skaters, Coaches, and Adults should all work together to respect each other.  Any complaints in regards to an event or occurrence should be made in writing to the President of the Club or the Club Board no later than 30 days after the event. In writing can mean Email or Written.

-Urgent/emergency offenses that must be dealt with immediately can be done via verbally or by text message.


-It is a violation of Bay Country and the Athlete protection policy if a coach, office, director, employee, parent, or volunteer knows of misconduct, but takes no action to intervene on behalf of the athlete(s), participant(s), staff member and/or volunteer.

-Reporting can be done to our Safesport compliance office, Tammy Rust-Mounts. This can be done verbally, in writing, via email to or by phone 302-632-5116. We will investigate suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse, or attempt to evaluate the credibility or validity of such allegations, as condition of reporting suspicions or allegations to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Any person who makes groundless allegations of complaints of abuse may be subject to disciplinary action.

-If at any time during an event you or your skater feels uncomfortable or need to discuss events that happened that made them feel uncomfortable, please contact the SafeSport Compliance Officer.


-Consequences for violating the BCFSC member and/or parent code of conduct (which can be found in our membership packet), electronic device or respect policy are the following:

1st Offence:  Verbal Warning

2nd Offence:  Written Warning

3rd Offence:  Possible suspension after meeting with BCFSC board; disciplinary action to be determined by the board.

-Consequences for suspicion or allegation of child physical or sexual abuse will be grounds dismissal from the event and/or the Centre Ice Rink property until the suspicion or allegation is investigated.