Fogarty Memorial School &

West Glocester Elementary School

Bus Routes


Please e-mail the Bus Coordinator with any questions at globusco@glocschools.org or call 401-568 -6206 x239.   All permanent or long-term bus transportation changes must be e-mailed to globusco@glocschools.org.  

Any short term changes: parents/guardians need to fill out the bus consent forms.  The bus consent forms are located at the main office. The form can be given to the student which will then be passed on to the office.  This must be done or no change will be allowed.  The Bus Coordinator cannot determine bus pick-up or drop-off times for the first day of school.  It takes about 2 weeks for bus drivers to be able to estimate bus arrival times.

Fogarty Memorial School

Abbreviations:  p/u--Pick-up    BS--Bus Stop    Rt.--Right    Lt.--Left

Route 1:  7:55 AM   Start at Putnam Pk & Cooper Rd.

Pick-up on Cooper Rd, Lt. on Gazza for p/u. Turn around, back out to Rt. on Cooper, Lt. on Long Entry for p/u to Tarklin Rd.  with BS at Eddy.  Turn around back down Long Entry, Lt. on Evans for p/u with BS at Evans & Eddy.  Continue on Evans, p/u to Rt. on Farnum to Rt. on Putnam Pk. to 44 to Lt on Chesnut to Lt Tourtellot to Lt Snake Hill .  Express to school.  

Route 2: 8:00 AM   Start at Tourtellot Hill Rd. & Chestnut Oak Rd. 

Pick-up on Chestnut Oak to Putnam Pk.  Rt. on Putnam Pk, express to Lt. on Absalona Hill for p/u, Lt. on Cooper for p/u, Rt. on Spruce Ridge, Rt. on Rustic Acres , Lt. on Spruce, BS at Spruce & White Pine, Rt. on Cooper for p/u, turn around at town line.  Rt. on Douglas Hook for p/u then Rt. on Whipple for pick up (turn around in driveway of student) then Rt. on Douglas Hook for p/u to Spring Grove the  left on Putnam Pk.  Express to school.

Route 3:  8:05 AM   Start at Putnam Pk. & Harmony Child Care  

Go West on Putnam Pk for p/u at Harmony Child Care continue on Putnam Pk. for p/u on North side of Putnam Pk. to Gentleman Farmer Restaurant.   Express to school.  

Route 4:  7:55 AM   Start at Snake Hill Rd. & Aldrich Rd.

Begin p/u on Snake Hill heading East starting near Aldrich Rd. Rt. on Elmdale for p/u,turn around,Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Lt. on W. Greenville Rd., turn around, go South on W. Greenville Rd. for p/u. BS at Pine Ledge, BS at John St.  Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Rt. on Pinecrest for p/u on side roads, Rt. on Snake Hill. Express to Lt. on Saw Mill for p/u, BS at St. James Ln. Rt. on Saw Mill, p/u BS Howard Ln & Saw Mill, turn around, Rt. on Stirling for p/u on side roads to Francis Rd. Lt. on Snake Hill.  Express to school.

Route 5:  7:55 AM   Start at Liberty Ln. & Snake Hill Rd.

Bus Stop at Liberty Ln & Snake Hill, Rt. on Hillview for p/u to Shaw, Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Rt. on Appleton for p/u, Lt. on Blossom for p/u, Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Lt. on Aldrich for p/u, Lt. on Old Quarry for p/u, Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u on side roads, p/u on Cody Dr.  Lt. on Ramble for p/u, Rt. on Hazelwood, Rt. on Briarwood for p/u, Lt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Lt. on Sandy Brook for p/u on side roads.  Rt. on Arrowhead & Iroquois, Lt. on Sandy Brook, Lt. on Snake Hill for p/u to school.

Route 6:  7:55 AM  Start at Snake Hill Rd. & Paris Irons Rd.

Go East on Snake Hill, Rt. on Paris Irons for p/u, Rt. on Pound Rd for p/u, express to Lt. on Chopmist, Lt. on Snake Hill for p/u including Stillwater Rd., Rt. on Huntinghouse for p/u,  Lt. on Tourtellot Hill for p/u to Sandy Brook for p/u, Rt. on Emerald Way for p/u, Rt. on Sandy Brook for p/u, Rt. on Winchester Dr. Lt. on Sandy Brook to Cranberry Ridge for p/u,  Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Rt. on Tourtellot for p/u, turn around, back out to Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u to school.

Route 7:  7:50 AM  Start at Putnam Pk.

Rt. on Putnam Pk for p/u on South side of road, BS at side roads including Blackinton Dr. Turn around at Gentleman Farmers Rest.  Go West on Putnam Pk for p/u on North side of road, BS at side roads including Highland Lake Dr.  Rt. on Dorr Dr. Rt. on Douglas Hook for p/u, Rt. on Spring Grove for p/u, BS at side roads, right onto Cole St. in and out, rt on Spring Grove,  Rt. on Putnam Pk to Lt. on Tourtellot Hill for p/u.  Express to school.  

Bus 8:  8:00AM  Start at 1380 Snake Hill Rd.  

Go East from 1380 Snake Hill Rd for p/u to Anan Wade Rd., turn around at PHS, back down Snake Hill to Rt. on Stone Dam Rd, turn around, Rt. on Snake Hill for p/u, Lt. on Cherry Valley for Lt.  Lake View Dr. ,Lt. on Lake View Circle for p/u, Rt. on Keach Dam Rd for p/u, Rt. on Chopmist Hill for p/u then Lt. on Bungy Rd follow through to Route 102 then Rt. on Chopmist Hill, Rt. on Snake Hill Rd.  Express to school.

Route 9: 7:50 AM  Start at Putnam Pk. & Gentleman Farmer’s Restaurant

Lt. on Saw Mill for p/u, Lt. on Waterman Lake Dr. for p/u on side roads, Lt. on Saw Mill for p/u, BS Melody Hill, Rt. on Snake Hill. Left on Tourtellot Rt on Chestnut Oak. Rt on 44, right on Saw Mill , Lt onto Waterman Lake in/out Lt Saw Mill.  Express to Fogarty


West Glocester Elementary

Abbreviations:  p/u—Pick-up    BS--Bus Stop    Rt.--Right    Lt.--Left

Route 20:  8:10 AM   Start at Putnam Pk. & Chestnut Hill Rd.

Pick-up on Chestnut Hill from Saunders Brook to Lt. on Indian Trail for p/u, Lt. on Chestnut

Hill for p/u. Rt. on Durfee Hill for p/u to Putnam Pk with BS Goldmine & Durfee. Left onto Putnam Pike to left onto Reynolds for p/u at Willie Woodhead.

Route 21:  8:05 AM   Start at Snake Hill Rd. & Anan Wade Rd. 

Go West on Snake Hill for p/u, Lt. on Pray Hill. Express to Rt. on George Allen for p/u including BS George Allen & Lost Acres, BS George Allen & Old Snake Hill, BS Gold Mine & Willie Woodhead, turn around, to Rt. on Pine Hill Rd in/out to Rt. on Old Snake Hill, Lt. on Reynolds Rd for p/u to Rte. 101, turn around, go North on Reynolds Rd. for p/u with BS on side roads.  

Route 22:  8:05 AM  Start at Reynolds Rd. & Putnam Pk.

Go West on Putnam Pk for p/u, Rt. on Pulaski Rd, p/u to Pulaski Park ,turn around, Rt. on Putnam Pk to state line for p/u, turn around to East on Putnam Pk for p/u , Rt. on Lake Washington Dr. (Eastern Entrance), back out to Rt. on Putnam Pk for p/u on South side of Rd., Rt. on Sprague Hill Rd., Rt. on Putnam Pk for p/u to Pine Orchard.  Express to school.

Route 23:  8:10 AM   Start at Putnam Pk. & Echo Rd.  

BS Echo Rd & Putnam Pk. Go West on Putnam Pk. with p/u on North side of road including BS Lake Shore, BS Beach Rd. Rt. on Jackson Schoolhouse Rd., BS Jackson Schoolhouse & Second, BS First & Middle, Rt. on Lake Drive with BS on both ends, p/u on Olney Keach Rd.  Picks up at Sunset Cove. Express to Lt. on Reynolds Rd.   Express to school.

Route 24:  8:15 AM  Start at Putnam Pk. & Oil Mill Ln.

Head East on Putnam Pk, take Rt. for p/u thru center of town with BS Oil Mill Ln, Rt. on Chestnut Hill with BS at side roads,  slight Lt. on Joe Sweet Rd in/out back out to Pine Orchard to Rt. on Chestnut Hill, Lt. on Brown School, Rt. on Lucy Keach, Rt. on Keach Pond, Rt. on Saunders Brook. to Rt. on Chestnut Hill for p/u, Lt. on Pine Orchard.  Express to school.

Route 25:  7:46 AM  Start at Chopmist Hill Rd. & Snake Hill Rd.

Lt. on Cherry Valley for p/u ,Lake View Circle for p/u back to Keach Dam to Lt. on Chopmist for p/u, BS Chopmist Hill & Hemlock Estates driveway, Lt. on Chestnut Hill, express to Pine Orchard for p/u. Rt. on Putnam Pk for p/u on South side of road.   Lt. on Money Hill Rd, Rt. on Victory Hwy for p/u to Lt. on Cross Rd. turn around at Burrillville line to Lt. on Money Hill for p/u. Rt. on Putnam Pk. then Rt on Reservoir Rd, in/out then Rt onto Putnam Pike for p/u to Pine Orchard.  Express to school.

Route 28:  8:05 AM  Start at Snake Hill Rd.& Anan Wade Rd. 

Pick-up on Anan Wade, Rt. on Dexter Saunders for p/u, Rt. on Joe Sarle for p/u, Lt. on Snake Hill, Lt. on Pray Hill for p/u. Express to Doctor Day Care for p/u.  Express to school.