Qualitative Article Review Rubric

  1. Identify a research problem
  • Does the problem fill a void in existing literature?
  • Does the problem replicate a past study from a different perspective?
  • Does the problem lead to examination of the topic more thoroughly?
  • Does the problem give voice to a silenced group?
  • Does the problem inform practice?
  • Does it indicate an educational issue?
  • Did the researcher identify how the issue was located or determined?
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2.   Review the literature

  • Does the literature review identify key terms?
  • Does the literature review have several types of materials and sources?
  • Does the literature review critically evaluate the literature?
  • Does the literature review organize the literature?
  • Is the literature review thematic or study-by-study?
  • What is the concluding statement of the review?
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3.   Specify a purpose for research

  • What is the central phenomenon being studied?
  • What is the purpose statement?
  • What is the research question(s)?
  • Can you identify the central question?
  • Has the researcher provided evidence this issue is important?
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4.   Collecting Data

  • What type of inquiry was used?
  • What is the sample?
  • What type of sampling was used?
  • What is the sample size?
  • What data was collected (i.e. observations, interviews, etc.)?
  • Was the data collection rigorous, including multiple forms?
  • What instruments were used?
  • Where any new instruments used?
  • Is there evidence a protocol was used?
  • Did the researcher report any limitations of the sample?
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5.   Analyzing and interpreting the data

  • What methods did the researcher use to analyze the data?
  • Did the researcher acknowledge coding for the data?
  • Did the researcher identify themes from the data?
  • How did the researcher report the findings?
  • Did the researcher summarize the findings?
  • Did researcher acknowledge their personal views?
  • Were the findings represented in narrative discussions or in visuals?
  • Did the researcher offer limitations and suggestions for future research?
  • If so, what were they?
  • How did the researcher validate the findings?
  • Did the findings answer the research questions?
  • Comments:

6.   Reporting and evaluating research

  • Who is the audience for this article?
  • Was the article written appropriately for the intended audience?
  • Was the writing persuasive?
  • Does it include strategies to confirm the accuracy of the study?
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Based on Creswell’s (2015) Six Steps in the Process of Research

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