What is Community Service at Jackson Prep?

The Community Service (CS) program at Jackson Prep is voluntary, not required.  However, significant student service is recognized at Class Days, Honors Forums and Graduation.

What grade does Community Service start at Jackson Prep?

Jackson Prep students 6th-12th are all encouraged to get involved in their community and serve.  Beginning in the 9th grade service hours start to accumulate towards Jackson Prep awards and are recognized on high school resumes.  Service Club is available for students 10th-12th.  

How do I record CS hours?

Service hours for all grades are to be recorded on CS logs (found on the CS page on JP website).  6th-9th turn in logs to JH office.  10th-12th turn in logs to the CS office.  There are three time periods/dates to turn in logs - spring April 3, summer August 28, and fall January 23.  TIP:  record your hours as you go along.  Do not wait until log due date to recount and find signatures for work done.

Where can I get service hours?

All service hours must be done through a non-profit agency and/or at Jackson Prep and signed by a representative - NOT a parent.  Examples listed on CS page on JP web.


When can I join and what is required for Service Club?

Service Club (10th-12th) requirements:  attend 5 SC meetings, and give minimum of 30 hours of service each year (10 to Jackson Prep, 10 to the partner, 10 to any other agencies of interest in local area).

What and who is our JP Community Partner?

Each year, Jackson Prep chooses a community partner for which to focus and invest.  The 2015-16 JP Community Partner is Batson Children’s Hospital.

What is the graduation Honor Cord and how can I earn it?

Honor Cord of Community Service at graduation requirements: be a member in good standing of SC senior year and have a record of 150 service hours (50 of which come from one project).

How much of my volunteer time can I give to Jackson Prep?

To be honored at Class Days and Honors Forums, you must not have more than 50% of your hours come from serving at JP.

What hours do not count for JP Community Service?

JP service hours for programs such as Vacation Bible School, Sunday School teaching, singing in church, Boy Scouts/Girl Scout projects, or other campus organizations do not count.  If your church does a project off their campus that you help with, that will count as you are getting out into the community.

How will I know about upcoming service opportunities?

Service opportunities are listed in the Daily Announcements, the CS Tuesday weekly email, texts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, CS bulletin board and the community service page on the Prep website.

How many “bought” hours are accepted?

A student may submit up to two hours per recording period for donating/bringing items for a Community Partner Drive.  No more than six hours per year will be accepted.

What is required for Community Service annual recognition? 

Community service awards are given in recognition of the student's work at the end of each year.  The final decision for awards levels and work allowed for these levels rests with the Director of Community Service. Levels:


Senior High  (10 - 12)

Junior High (7 - 9)

Certificate Level

30-59  hours

20-29 hours

Bronze Award

60-99  hours

30-49  hours

Silver Award

100-199 hours

50-99 hours

Gold Award



Platinum Award