Drug Free Policy

BSU has a no-tolerance drug policy

Illegal drugs are prohibited on the property of Bridgewater State University and at all University sanctioned events, wherever located.

The university will enforce all applicable laws concerning illegal drugs. In addition, the possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited.

When illegal drug use is suspected, when the university is notified of illegal drug use, or when persons are apprehended in the presence of, in possession of, using or selling illegal drugs, appropriate steps will be taken to determine the facts involved, provide for appropriate due process and proceed to a just conclusion. Persons determined by the university police to be in possession of, using or selling illegal drugs may be prosecuted and/or referred for university disciplinary action.

Suspected violators of the drug policy are subject to immediate suspension from the university or any area thereof pending completion of due process as outlined in this handbook. If following due process the suspected violator is found responsible, he or she may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the university and will also be subject to criminal prosecution under applicable laws.

The following policy information applies to all employees of the university, including student employees:

In accordance with the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Federal Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, the following employee policy on drugs and alcohol has been established:

The following applies specifically to student employees:

Any student who is also employed in any capacity by the university, as a condition of such employment, will abide by the alcohol and other drug policies outlined in this handbook.

Student employees will notify the vice president of human resources within five days of being convicted of violating a criminal drug statute on university property or during any university sponsored activity, whether the violation occurred while engaged in work-related activities or not. If the student’s employment is federally funded, the university will notify the grantor agency that the student employee has been convicted within 10 days of notification.

The following sanctions apply to all employees (including student employees):

For detailed descriptions of different drugs and their effect, see the Health Risks of Alcohol and Other Drugs in the Right-to-Know Information section of this handbook. For the legal ramifications of drug use, see Legal Risks of Alcohol and Drugs in the Right-to-Know Information section.

Update 8/2017 by David Tillinghast, University Police