Don’t know if you’re enrolled in GAU or not?

Here’s how to check!

  1. Go to

  1. Click on BUSINESS SYSTEMS. 

  1. Go to GEMS.

  1. Follow instructions to approve authentication as directed by the university webpage.

  1. Once you are in GEMS, click on the Main Menu, then Self Service.

  1. Go to Payroll and Compensation then View Paycheck.

  1. Click View Paycheck beside the most recent Check Date. A PDF should appear.

  1. The PDF is your paycheck. Beside  “Job Title” is your designation as a Graduate Assistant. Under  “After Deduction” it should say “United Faculty of Florida” with an amount under “Current”, indicating whether you are a dues-paying member of GAU or not. Below is an example.

You may also check your Job Title in this way:

  1. On the GEMS Main Menu, click Self Service, then go to Job Information, and Review Current Job.

  1. Look under “Employee: Job Code”. Underneath “Employee: Job Code” it should indicate your status (e.g. Graduate Teaching Assistant or Associate, Graduate Research Assistant or Associate, Graduate Assistant, or Instructional Assistant).

If you have questions, let us know via

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Updated May 30, 2017