Weasel GirlAll it takes is a sexy voice to reel them in.We'll make him our guest and charge through the nose.

Name: Makimachi Misao

Nicknames: Weasel Girl

Age: 16

Weapons and Attacks: Konsatsu Tobikunai, martial arts training

Love Interests: Aoshi

Closest Friends: Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko

Enemies: The Juppongatana

First appearance: Kyoto Arc

Biography: Misao is the granddaughter of the man who was Okashira before Aoshi. She was raised by Aoshi and the Oniwabanshuu, who taught her martial arts. When she was eight, Aoshi and his Oniwabanshuu left her with a branch of the clan in Kyoto before heading out in search of adventure.

Over the next eight years, Misao repeatedly left Kyoto and went all over Japan looking for Aoshi and the others, but never had any luck finding them until she met a small redhaired swordsman in a patched kimono, carrying a sword with reversed edges.

Personality Profile: Brash, impulsive, temperamental to a fault. Infatuated Aoshi fangirl.

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