Sweet Grass County High School

Weekly Calendar

February 27th to March 4th

Date        Day                What’s Happening:  

Feb 27        Mon.                Sweet 16 7:00 p.m. @ BTGS

                        Jazz Band 7:00 p.m. @ High School


Lunch: Pizza, Tossed Salad, Pineapple, Cookie, Milk

Noon Duty: Mr Morgan, Miss Burns

Feb 28        Tues.                Differentiated Curriculum meeting @ 8:00 in guidance office

Care Team Meeting @ lunch in Guidance Office

                        Math Contest 7th period and tutor time

                        Student Council Meeting @ lunch in Ms. P’s room


Lunch:. Chili Dog, Cheese cake, Peaches, Milk SALAD BAR OPTION

Noon Duty:  Mr Arnone Mr Hanson

Mar 1         Wed.                       PIR Early out

Spanish II, III, & government classes meet in library 10:15 - 11:15

Academic Olympics practice @ lunch in Miss Burns room

Lunch: Steak Strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner roll, fruit, milk tomato basil, grilled cheese soup option

Noon Duty: Mrs Messer-Epperson, Mrs. McCullough  

Mar 2        Thur.                 GBB divisionals @ Metra 5:00

                        Bus time 1:45 - team

2:35 dismissal - Game day schedule

                        Bus time 2:45 - band & cheer

Lunch: BBQ pork on bun, corn fruit, Milk SALAD BAR OPTION

Noon Duty: Mr. Buerkle, Mrs. Lunceford

Mar 3        Fri.                   GBB divisionals @ Metra TBA

                        If the girls win

                        Bus time 1:45 team

                        2:35 dismissal - Game day schedule

                        Bus time 2:45 - band & cheer

If the girls lose

                        Bus time 7:30 am band cheer and team

                        Regular schedule

Lunch: Corn dog, fries, fruit, cookie, milk

Noon Duty: Mrs Todd, Mr Kleinsasser                                                                _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mar 4        Sat                        GBB divisionals @ Metra TBA

SGHS Philosophy 

    SGHS Mission Statement

Build-life skills and success

 Encourage-self and others

Enhance-learning and involvement