Digital Study Resources for Students

Tools and Resources for Independent Student Centered Learning and Review

The Goal of this Guide is the help students be self directed and collaborative learners as they prepare for classroom assessments.

Resource Links

Quick Overview of Resource


Find, create, and study online flashcards and class notes at home or on your phone.

Khan Academy

Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.


Online tool for students to use to create flashcards, mind maps, and practice quizzes to help them study.


Website that gives students a place to create online study groups. In each group students can share files, share links, chat, and draw on a collaborative whiteboard.


Start with flash cards. Students can make their own, or choose from millions of flashcards sets created by others. Students can use several study modes including multiple choice tests and study games.

(13 and older)

Students create online study groups in Google+ Communities. Students can create private communities to share resources and have discussions.

Google Drive

Create and share digital resources in shared folders.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts allow students to have online discussions. Students can share whiteboard space, share documents, and share presentations.

Google Keep

Create and share notes and lists.


Explore over 5,700 free videos in 13 subject areas.

Study Stack

Helps with memorization tasks through a variety of online flashcard activities. Students may use an existing study stack or create one of their own.

Students can post articles, images, diagrams, and more to share general information on any number of topics. also encourages collaboration, working together to create the best learning tools for studying.

My Study Life

A free online planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage.


Padlet is a digital canvas to create beautiful projects that are easy to share and collaborate on.


Schooltraq is an online digital planner that keeps due dates in check.

Online flashcards and jeopardy-like quiz show game (and a random name generator for teachers too :-)

Read Books online. Many are free and have built in Questions, Annotations, Videos and Quizzes as students read. You can create your own Q, A, V, and Qz or edit as you desire. Teachers get the results.


Youtube channel for history, economics, and science. My students LOVE this one.

Game play with peers. Students practice basic skills and set up games with friends or play against computer.

Learning Bird

Lessons recorded by teachers on a variety of subjects at differing levels.


Tools to help students around the world study for free.


Save articles, videos and other web content for later in a beautiful and optimized easy-to-view experience for your phone and tablet -- even offline.


Research for a project, get help with homework, or just want to learn something new.

Thank you to my PLN for sharing resources to help complete this document.

Please contact Steve Wick (@rechargeedu or to add resources, learn more, or with questions.

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