AP Biology (BS)

CE Bio 1010 (3 hrs) & CE Bio 1015 (1 hr)

6620 Year

Grades 11-12

Lab Fee: $6

Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry (Physiology recommended).

This course is designed as an introductory college biology course and covers the necessary material to pass the national AP Biology Exam. The curriculum is structured around several major topics including evolution, energy, molecular building blocks, reproduction, homeostasis, information retrieval systems (genetics) and systems interactions. A primary focus of this course will be inquiry-based laboratory work, reasoning skills such as designing a plan for collecting data, analyzing data, applying mathematical routines, and connecting concepts. This is also a Concurrent Enrollment Course, offering both high school credit through Timpview High School and college credit through Utah Valley University. Note: To earn concurrent enrollment credit, the following eligibility requirements much be met prior to enrollment in the college course: ACT or PLAN score of 21 or higher.