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Back in the 70s,  Richard Buckminster Fuller presented us with a new way of looking at our world.

Instead of the three-dimensional, 90°, XYZ coordinate system known as Cartesian coordinates, which we've all been taught, he proposed we use what nature uses: a 60°, four dimensional coordinate system based on the closest packing of spheres. Along with eliminating the unnecessary complication involved due to the use of irrational numbers, this new 4D system reduces much of common mathematics to whole numbers.

It turns out that this idea of a three dimensional system is so inculcated in our minds that many people cannot imagine anything else. Unfortunately, Fuller didn't have the modeling tools that we have available today. Fortunately,  I do.

I would like to present a series of models to illustrate many of Fuller's concepts. I hope they will go a long way toward demonstrating the facility of using a 4D system. I will try to minimize explanations for now and let the models do the talking.


The project will comprise a website, a blog and a three dimensional "play area" so that users may actually navigate and interact with many of the models.

I see this as an ongoing project and hope to develop it with as much feedback from users as possible. I see it as an excellent educational tool.


  1. To expose as many minds as possible to a new way of looking at our world; perhaps, allowing us to develop new methods of analyzing old problems.

  1. To provide a new model  which  will make the old model of the universe obsolete.

  1. To unify the worlds  of physics, biology, chemistry and,  potentially,  consciousness.



The following free services have been used to produce and publish this model:

SketchUp Make - This was used for all the 3D modeling and provides several convenient ways of accomplishing things I chose to accomplish.  

 SketchUp  View - This may be used as a viewer if you choose not to download the entire SketchUp package .

WordPress - Very nice program for developing blogs and websites, many levels of tools available.

Google Slides, Google Docs and Google Drive

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  1. Complete model  for initial presentation                        (2  weeks)

Images above  were taken from the model as it stands now.  The separate pieces  have not been automated or made interactive, yet. I’m having to move a little slowly to ensure the compatibility  of the several programs I’m using.

  1. Re-create model in Second Life©

I’m currently working  on transporting this model over to Second Life.  So far, so good but does get a little bit complicated.

  1. Create dynamic components  (6  or 8 pieces)                        (Variable)

In order to make dynamic components myself I must upgrade to SketchUp Pro  ($700)  otherwise  I must have somebody else make them. Hint, hint!©