Dinesh Manajipet

Email: saidinesh5@gmail.com

Code: https://github.com/saidinesh5

 Blog: http://saidinesh5.wordpress.com 

Skills & Expertise

Languages I think in:

C, C++, QML

Javascript, Coffeescript, Python

Frameworks I’ve worked on:

Qt Framework in C++/QML/Python (PySide)

Node.js,Sencha Touch, Backbone.js

Android SDK, Harmattan SDK, Ubuntu Touch SDK, Sailfish OS SDK

Tools I use:

IDEs: KDevelop, Qt Creator, Eclipse

Version Control Systems: Git , Mercurial , Subversion

Design Tools: GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash

Some things I’ve Worked on…

Senior Software Engineer at I2E1:

Implemented a basic solution for regulatory compliance of the Wifi hotspots set up by I2E1.

Wrote an Android app and provided an SDK for the same functionality for the clients of I2E1.

Implemented a basic DNS filtering solution using powerdns and Lua.
Prototyped a basic captive portal solution using Node.js, Free radius..

Set up basic processes for Software Engineering (Jenkins, Git, VPN).

Tools and Technology used: git, jenkins, jira, netfilter, Android SDK, buildroot, openwrt, powerdns, Java, C, bash

Software Developer at e-GITS:

Ported a Loudspeaker controller iPad app of Sennheiser - to be released on  Android Market, PC, Mac.

Worked on the Touchscreen ui for an industrial wheat harvester from Krone.

Also added support for dynamic localization, theming, unit conversions etc.. for the same. ( Case study: www.slideshare.net/BurkhardStubert/qt-dd2014-casestudybigx )

Worked on problems involving computational Geometry for an electric stove for a Electrolux/AEG.

Also implemented a completely localized touchscreen UI for an electric stove, electric oven using Qt/QML.

Evaluated  Web Technologies like Sencha, Dojo, Phonegap to prototype iOS application for a client.

Automated large refactoring tasks with custom bash/Python scripts.

Tools and Technology used: SVN, C++, Qt, QML, Git, HTML,CSS, JS, Python, Coffeescript, Sencha Touch

Software Developer at Chitika:

Worked as one of the primary backend developers for the Mobile Ad Server at Chitika Inc.

Developed the automated testing infrastructure for it.

Prototyped Android applications for demonstration purposes to the clients.

Worked on Minor Research projects involving large data. ( Using an electric circuit solver to find adclick fraud )

Tools and Technology used: Coffeescript, Node.js, Mongodb, Redis, Git, Qt for Android(Necessitas)

Co Maintainer of VSXu :

VSXu is a modular easy to use VPL mainly used to create real time visuals.

I have been an active contributor to the VSXu project. In addition to routine bug fixes and and packaging, I have actively extended the functionality of VSXu by contributing to additional modules like Inertial Sensors, Vision etc.. and architected the new internals of VSXu.

Also integrated VSXu in opensource media players like Tomahawk Player, Amarok, VLC ( www.vsxu.com )

Tools and Technology used: C++, CMake, OpenCV, Qt, OpenGL, Debian Packaging,Git

Wrote the Puppy File Server for the Nokia N9(50):

Ported the elFinder.org and its python connector to the Nokia Meego Harmattan Platform and released it in the Nokia Store. ( http://garageresearch.blogspot.in/p/puppy-file-server.html )

Tools and Technology used: Python, PySide, QML, Javascript

Worked on Skeyer for Ubuntu touch and Sailfish OS:

Architected and maintaining Skeyer - an upcoming gesture based keyboard for the Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish OS devices. ( https://saidinesh5.wordpress.com/tag/skeyer/ )

Tools and Technology used: C++0x/Qt/QML, OpenGL, Jenkins CI, Backbone.js, HTML5, Node.js, Maliit, Python

Other little things about me...