Computing Y5 S1 TA HopScotch Introduction -  I can create structured code using Hopscotch on the IPAD.

As part of the introduction to this topic you will move characters around a screen, detect bumps between objects and add messages.

To be successful you will need to understand the process for designing a program; apply logical reasoning, create rules (algorithms), procedures (repeating rules); recap and apply any previously  learnt computing techniques  including; sequencing, adding variables, inputs and outputs.

Steps to Success


I understand the process for designing a program.

What are  3  rules for the program where characters bump?




I understand Hopscotch computing language

When would this statement be used?  Tick the right one.

It makes the sprites  bump each other     ⃞

It is used to decide what will happen if the sprites bump each other     ⃞

I can use computing advanced techniques.

What would happen to the text on the screen when the program is run?

The text will appear and stay on the screen     ⃞

The text will appear and disappear after some time      ⃞

I can debug

What’s wrong with this?  I want a character to move 50 after the play button is tapped.

DO Assessment: