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Grammar Review
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Grammar review links for the SAT and ACT:

1. Reading, videos, and quiz on sentences and clauses:

2. Quizzes on independent clauses, dependent clauses, and phrases:

3. Reading and exercises on sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices: (the answer to question #6 is wrong -- it should be "B") (do the quizzes at the bottom of the page)

4. Two more in-depth looks at commas:

5. Reading and quizzes about semicolons and colons:

6. Quizzes about punctuation in general:

7. Some reading and quizzes on subject-verb agreement:

8. A guide to common verbs tenses in English (click the links on the left to see examples of each form):

9. Some reading and exercises on verb tense forms:

10. Reading and quizzes on prepositional phrases:

11. Reading and quiz on modifying phrases: 

12. Reading and quiz on the passive voice: 

13. Readings and quizzes on pronouns:

14. Relative Pronouns:

15. Apostrophes:

16. Transitions:

Grammar review from Erica Melzer:

Erica Melzer's SAT Grammar links:

Erica Melzer's ACT Grammar links:

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