1) Beneficiary Status:

The Foundation will consider applications for grants from:

1. Voluntary organisations

2. Charitable organisations

3. The Foundation does not generally benefit Individuals, however, where an individual has managed to prove their case newsworthy and has already generated high media attention, that individual may be considered.

2) Geographical Area

The Foundation consider that the geographical area for this policy be world wide.

3) Applications

Organisations based in the United Kingdom will be preferred to those in other countries, however, 10% of organisations outside of the UK will be considered as a matter course.
All applicants will be required to partake in the CNF’s featured articles over the next three years unless the feature or the foundation is dissolved.

4) Purpose of Grant

Grants will normally be made for marketing and PR expenditure, i.e. to acquire advertising space in printed media, on billboards, through audio media such as radio and even visual media such as television. At the discretion of the trustees, social media such as YouTube may be included also.

Applications with guaranteed fixed advertising spots running longer than 9 months are likely to be considered favourably given a commitment to stand on one quarter of the bill.

Applications sourcing funding for adverts running 2-6 months will be considered if the beneficiaries are prepared to stand half of the bill.

Expenses will never be funded on an ongoing basis. The Foundation will not normally consider grants for projects to cover expenditure which has already been incurred or committed.

Copies of business plans and / or a marketing strategy may be requested as appropriate.

Where an award to be made by the Foundation will cover only a relatively small proportion of the costs to be incurred by a grant recipient, the Trustees may make any payment conditional upon the applicant obtaining the remaining funding from other sources.

5) Size of Grants

The amount of any grant awarded will not normally be less than £250 or greater than £5,000, although special circumstances may be considered for the presentation of a higher award.

6) Assessment Process

The Foundation will normally expect, as a minimum, to be provided with

  1.  A copy of the applicant organisation’s most recent set of financial statements.
  2. Details of the purchase / expenditure to be funded, including a full cost breakdown.
  3. Confirmation of the amount of financial support already received or pledged towards the overall cost.

7) Post-Award Review

The Foundation reserves the right to request from the grantee confirmation that funds have been spent appropriately. It may ask for photographic, videographic or audio evidence of advertised items funded by an award, or a report after a suitable period from the body receiving the grant to update the Trustees on the progress of its project.


In short, the Foundation’s Grant Making Policy is to support charities or voluntary organisations mainly within the UK (but not limited to said country) with a grant for executing a marketing and advertising campaign generally in the real world where that campaign may cause a positive impact on the readership being targeted for the current mission that the charity or voluntary organisation is pursuing.

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