Solutions- Awareness Toolkit

Inform, Educate & Empower Yourself


Imagine a world where...

~ every human being’s basic needs are met unconditionally, with healthy food, clean water and a comfortable home with renewable energy.

~ the masculine and feminine are in balanced relationship in service to the entire domain of human affairs and ecological stewardship.

~ we recognise our inherent unity and equality.

~ we respectfully honour and celebrate our diversity.

~ every person is free and supported to live their passions and interests while respecting the Golden Rule of “doing no harm”.

~ our collective organizing principle for governance is to cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come (eg. Eco-governance).

~ our collective organizing purpose is to ensure that each individual part of our bio-system (people, animals, trees, water, ecosystems etc.) receive precisely what they need to manifest their unique potential in mutual enrichment with the whole (eg. Vitality Code).

~ where all natural resources belong to the collective commons and are stewarded and shared with the greatest possible care and wisdom for the good of the whole.

~ everyone is educated about our inherent interconnectedness and interdependence with all LIfe so that ecological regeneration becomes an art form.

~ we recognise and explore our multidimensional need for personal and collective healing.

~ money is no longer scarce or a limitation in pursuing our dreams.

~ technology, AI and trade evolves alongside social, ethical and environmental responsibility, providing comfort, convenience, instant communications and responsible abundance for all.

~ where all products are built from non-toxic, recyclable and durable materials.

~ the Internet has upgraded to an open source, evolutionary, planetary medium for global to local synergistic co-creation, instantly revealing all possibilities for sharing information, skills and resources.

~ our cultural re-education and personal development are guided and supported through physical workshops, conscious TV and virtual games and tools that are guided by our unique passions, interests and talents.

~ the way in which we relate to and help each other and our fellow species is given the highest social value.

This world is not a utopian dream. It is a world that is already being born. Beneath the radar of the corporate media there is an unseen global movement that is flourishing with innovation, collaboration, optimism, enthusiasm and meaning. Within this “Global Transformation Movement we already have the knowledge, the skills, the tools, the resources, the technologies, the mentors and the living examples of how we can collectively transform human society into a culture of health, freedom, cooperation, equality and responsible abundance for all.

Watch this inspiring video from 2007

and imagine where we, the “Earth’s Immune Response”, are now, 10 years later…

Our Personal and Collective Response-ability for Self-Education

Perhaps the most vital role we can play in supporting our collective cultural transformation, besides being the change we want to see in the world, is for each of us to take personal responsibility for informing and educating ourselves and each other about the diverse wealth of alternative political and economic models, the socio-technological innovations, ecological solutions, and tools and practices for personal development and healing that are flourishing in the world today, and how we can support and participate in them.

What if “the mainstream” could get a palpable taste of the abundance of life-affirming organisations, communities and networks, and all the solutions and acts of selfless service that are flourishing all over the world? Could it help to inspire more of us into active and collaborative participation?

All this information - and much much more - is readily available on the Internet. And to help you find it, this toolkit and mini directory offers a taste of the cream of the transformative innovation.


Existing Solutions Libraries & Directories
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Unity-Oriented and Systemic Change Collectives

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Understanding “the problem”


The Good News (that most people don’t know about!)

The Alternatives and Solutions












Health & Nutrition

Personal Transformation


Must-see for all Unifiers: One People One World

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Practical Action


5 real-life transformational courses and experiences: