Solutions-Awareness Toolkit

Inform, Educate & Empower Yourself

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Imagine a world where:

~ every human being’s basic needs of healthy food, clean water and a comfortable home with renewable energy are met.

~ money is no longer scarce, where everyone receives an unconditional income to ensure financial freedom, ample time for creative expression and nurturing meaningful relationships as we voluntarily transition into a money-free society.

~ women and men are equal partners in the entire flourishing domain of human affairs.

~ every person is free to live their passions and interests while respecting the Natural Law of “doing no harm”.

~ we recognise our inherent unity and celebrate our flourishing diversity.

~ everyone has a direct and participatory say in all decisions that affect their living environment, where public representatives transparently administer and implement the will of the people as we voluntarily transition into a globally supported network of self-governing local communities.

~ everyone is educated in how to respect and co~create with our natural environment, where ecological regeneration is an art form.

~ technology evolves alongside social and environmental responsibility, providing comfort and convenience for all, where all products are built from non-toxic, recyclable and durable materials.

~ the Internet has upgraded to an open evolutionary planetary medium for global to local synergistic co~creation, instantly revealing all possibilities for information, skill and resource sharing.

~ technology facilitates the gamification of our cultural re-education and personal development that is guiding by our unique passions and talents, connecting us to global and local resources and communities of practice for virtual and physical synergistic co~creation

~ the way in which we relate to each other and help each other is given the highest importance.

This world is not a utopian dream. It is a world that is already being born. Beneath the radar of the corporate media is an unseen global movement that is flourishing with innovation, optimism, enthusiasm and meaning.

Within this “Global Transformation Movement we already have the knowledge, the skills, the tools, the resources, the technologies, the mentors and the living examples of how we can collectively transform human society into a culture of freedom, cooperation, equality and responsible abundance for all.

Watch this inspiring video from 2007

and imagine where we are now, 10 years later…

Taking responsibility for informing and educating ourselves and each other about the wealth of alternative political and economic models, the socio-technological innovations and ecological solutions that are flourishing in the world today, and how we can support and participate in them, is vital to our collective cultural shift.

What if more people could get a taste of the immense wealth of ecological solutions, social innovations, alternative political & economic models, and acts of selfless service that are flourishing all over the world?
Could it help to inspire more of us into active and collaborative participation?

All this information - and much much more - is readily available on the Internet. To help you find it, we have created this toolkit and mini directory to offer you a taste of the cream of transformative innovation.

Inspiring Organisation and Movements

Directories and Blueprints for Cultural Transformation

  1. Global Ecovillage Network Solution Library
  2. One Community Global Open-source
  3. GOOD of the WHOLE
  4. Global Indigenous Wisdom Library
  5. Four Years. Go.
  7. Bridgedale 360 (youth-oriented activities for change-makers)
  8. Thrive Solutions Hub


Understanding “the problem”


The Good News (that most people don’t know about!)

The Alternatives and Solutions












Health & Nutrition

Personal Transformation


Must-see for all United Earth co-creators!

A comprehensive and inspiring presentation outlining the potential for global unity and collaboration from one of our core collaborators:

If these whet your appetite then the best places to look further are here:




Practical Action

5 real-life transformational courses and experiences:


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