Why Hiring a Licensed Contractor is a Big Deal (and why it protects you, the homeowner).


By: Ramon Camarena

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In order to protect homeowners and release them from project related risk and liability, most states require contractors performing remodeling projects exceeding $2,500 to be state licensed.

Becoming state licensed is no simple task and it definitely separates the good from the bad contractors. Licensed contractors undergo a rigorous process proving character, integrity, ability, financial responsibility, and financial solvency, requiring that all company bank statements, tax returns, and financials be scrutinized.

Here are some of the key specifics contractors must have in order to qualify for state licensure:

If the contractor you are considering is licensed, then you know that you are protected and are working with a good contractor. If he is not licensed, then ask yourself if opting for the lowest quote is really worth the risk.

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