Artist Erin Wade to Create Sculptures from Invasive Plants in Chico’s Bidwell Park

Chico, California - June 26, 2013 - Artist Erin Wade plans to create several site-specific sculptures in Chico, California this July, created entirely from natural materials. The project will take near Sycamore Field in lower Bidwell Park.

The project, entitled Invasive Nature(s), is in part a tribute to internationally-acclaimed artist Andy Goldsworthy, who is well known for his work utilizing natural materials such as rock, ice, leaves and tree branches. For her project, Wade will specifically use only plant material collected from  “invasive” / non-native plant species found in the park.

Invasive plants are a serious problem in Bidwell Park and are a threat to the natural park ecosystem. There are around 350 “introduced” plant species in the park, many of which were introduced (intentionally or unintentionally) by previous generations of humans. Each year, hundreds of volunteer hours are spent attempting to control the spread of these plants.

Wade will harvest plants including Himalayan Blackberry (not to be confused with native blackberry), and Algerian Ivy, and will create several site specific sculptures with this material.

The project will begin on the Bidwell Park’s 108th birthday on Saturday July 20, 2013. Construction of the works will take place through Friday July 26.

An opening reception will be held Friday July 26  (which also happens to be Andy Goldsworthy’s 57th birthday) from 6-8pm. The artist (Wade, not Goldsworthy!) will give a brief talk about the project at 7pm. The works will remain on view through Sunday, August 4, 2013.

Wade--an artist, designer, and teacher living in Chico, California--was awarded a mini-grant from the City of Chico to complete this project. This is her second site-specific sculptural installation in Bidwell Park.

Photo Caption: Chico artist Erin Wade participated in a volunteer work session removing invasive plants from the Sycamore Restoration Area, in preparation for her art installation Invasive Nature(s), to be created in lower Bidwell Park beginning July 20, 2013.


Erin Wade

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