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Technology Gr 4
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Grade 4 Technology Skill and Competency Student Checklist

Please use the check below to record student proficiency in the area of technology.

Student Name: ______________________________________________

Basic Operations

Word Processing & Desktop Publishing

Save the same file in multiple locations (flash drive, My Documents, network folders)

Format text, lists, or paragraphs for:  Columns, Word wrap

Use print preview and print a document with appropriate page setup and orientation

Apply principles and elements of graphic design Sample

Multi-task by using Task Bar and/or minimize/maximize command or icon

Create page borders

Troubleshoot common technology problems (Printer queue, Not connected to the Network)

Use spell check, grammar check

Using and Creating Spreadsheets

Multimedia and Presentation Tools

Select multiple cells

Select slide transitions and animations

Insert, delete, and format cells, rows

Modify backgrounds and layouts


Using and Creating Web Pages

Define terms related to databases  such as “record,” “ field,” and “search.”

Apply digital citizenship principles

Complete forms online including login information to subscription sites