Thank you for coming everyone... and I would like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful to you for the anointing of your Holy Spirit—which Already dwells within the spirit of each one of us personally. And Father, on the basis of your word—we believe, and with thanksgiving accept... that in the anointing of your Holy Spirit—which we Already Accepted from Jesus—we believe that in him—we are Already enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... in Him, we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. We are thankful to you Father for those abilities and opportunities of the Spirit of God which we already have by Your Holy Spirit in our spirit. And we ask you Father—forgive us if we were limiting you in anything, if we were putting up obstacles, hindrances, interferences... if we were inattentive to your requests or instructions... we repent in the name of Jesus—and we ask you, by your Holy Spirit... by your spirit of Truth—instruct each one of us onto your truth. Give direction to thoughts and to words, and illuminate the eyes of our hearts so that we would be able to understand and accept More than we ask and More than we imagine. We accept—that right now—in the anointing of your Holy Spirit... we Already have the mind of Christ, an anointed mind... a mind capable to understand and accept More than we ask, More than we imagine... the anointing of your Holy Spirit—we accept Right Now. Thank you for the spirit of God. We believe that where the Lord is, and the  spirit of the Lord is—there is freedom, and we Accept Freedom—from every earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom. We accept Freedom—from every ignorance in regards to Your Ways, Your Plans, and Your intentions—towards each one of us personally. We accept that you WILL show us the way, the one WE are to walk on—and you WILL direct each one of us personally. We believe that we WILL be taught by the LORD. And we accept Jesus—that Right Now, You Lord by the Holy Spirit over this place, that You will be creating in each one of us the Desire and Action so that we would be able to Hear and See what YOU want us to hear and see. And we are thankful to you Jesus, we are thankful to you that your anointing will be teaching us, leading us, and we will not Remain the same. We accept that right now—by the power of the Holy Spirit—the soul blind... receive their sight, the tortured... receive their freedom in the name of Jesus! I take authority over every oppressive, irritating, annoying, and eclipsing spirits—and command them: Leave the minds of those present and joining us in the name of Jesus! We agree that where the spirit of the LORD is—there is freedom. Thank you Holy Spirit for the anointing. We are thankful to you that right now—you are already formulating the direction of our thoughts, words and actions—and we will NOT remain the same. We believe that we WILL be taught by the LORD, and we Accept the Action of the Spirit of God in our spirit, soul—and we accept the influence on our bodies in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for the anointing. We are thankful for the action of your Power. Thank you that for the freedom from bondage, in any of its manifestations, that we have now-in the name of Jesus. We are thankful to you, and we believe that we will not remain the same... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 2 – Spiritual DNA or Correlation for Man – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

The subject of today's lesson is very interesting, and I consider—very important for the prayer life, so be especially attentive...

I consider this a very serious subject, and it is of a sobering character—because it helps to remove any vanity--Or Absurdity, Frustration, Futility, Nonsense, and so on... or the Extra stuff. For the most part, we get tired of the Extra. Simply, from the extra—because, in itself, Life is Affirmed by God in such a way—so that we would have certain Happiness and Joy... but when life fills up with vanity, then the Happiness leaves... and Joy never makes an appearance.

OK—to begin the study of this subject—we are studying Calling right now, or we have Begun the study of Calling... because we are now on Level 2—of course, we would need to begin from the Wisdom of God—because it's specifically from there that Scripture tells us—the born again believers—to begin from.. “the Main thing is WISDOM”. And it's important for us to always remember—that Jesus began his earthly ministry, and specifically—Entered into his earthly ministry—by GROWING in the wisdom of God.

So for us, as born again believers—it is very important to turn to wisdom, and to find out certain Godly ways that have to do with the Wisdom of God. And as always, we of course—begin from Proverbs 8:22 where the wisdom of God states: The LORD possessed me at the beginning of His way, Before His works of old. This is a very important and key verse which shows, or opens up to us—that before making anything Visible... or before speaking, “Let it Be”--God first did what? He PLANNED it. ALWAYS remember this—this is a very important moment, because the prayer room... is NOT where YOU are supposed to be making something up, it's a place where you need to be exteriorize, or embody something. therefore—it's better to just find out what to embody.

So this scripture opens up to us, as children of God, who need to imitate God in Everything—that before Creating Anything—God first planned it in His Wisdom. I will read it once again: The LORD possessed me at the beginning of His way, Before His works of old. I have been established from everlasting, From the beginning, before there was ever an earth. 24 When there were no depths I was brought forth, When there were no fountains abounding with water. 25 Before the mountains were settled, Before the hills, I was brought forth; or I began to Plan all that has to do with the earth and with Man. 26 While as yet He or, God had not made the earth or the fields, Or the primal dust of the world.

And further, it says: 27 When He prepared the heavens—I was there, When He drew a circle on the face of the deep, 28 When He established the clouds above, When He strengthened the fountains of the deep, 29 When He assigned to the sea its limit, So that the waters would not transgress His command, When He marked out the foundations of the earth, 30 Then I was beside Him as a master craftsman; or I directed, or I put into his mouth That—which needed to be spoken. And I was daily His delight, Rejoicing always before Him, In studying the subject of calling, this is one of the most important scriptures—because a calling... it is NOT the Realization of something that doesn't exist... “I wonder who I am...” interesting—what kind of question is this?!” that's the same as asking a fridge... “and who or what are you?” and I am saying this in all seriousness! “brother Oleg, then why don't I know who I am?” well, you don't know... WHERE? In Your head? Please understand-that the head, it's contents-is something that needs to be RENEWED. In your SPIRIT—you Already know who you are, and we will be talking of this later.

And so, the Wisdom of God speaks of that—Before making anything Visible, or Obvious, or Materializing it—God FIRST planned it in His Wisdom. We also see in this scripture that we just read—4 times, the word BEFORE. This is a Key word which makes an emphasis, an emphasis on that... or that opens up That... out of Where God took what he was Creating. Look at these interesting moments—this scripture shows to us, Where God got that... which he was creating. Then it shows to us—WHY He took specifically what he took... what directed Him. Also, this scripture shows us—WHY God, in creating, created in specifically This order. The Order of things is very important... because Everything Has it's time—and there's a time for Everything under the sun. if something appears before its time—it multiplies vanity, and if something appears late—then there's a lack.. or a need of it for a period of time.

God wants us to have everything IN ITS TIME. We were born—on time! And as you know, mom & dad had nothing to do with that.

OK—so we take as the foundation this scripture, this word—BEFORE. This word will help us today to see certain aspects that have to do with calling.

And so, Everything that God created—he first PLANNED it... in His Wisdom. All that God began to manifest in the visible—he FIRST PREPARED it—in His Wisdom. In other words, we can assuredly, on the basis of certain scriptures—say... that God Knows ALL paths—from eternity. Let me read you this verse: Acts 15:18 “Known to God from eternity are all His works.” I would like it if you could see yourself through this scripture, because there is that—for which YOU came to this earth for... and what do you think, is Yours Known to God, or the Works that are prepared for You? Of course! Of course they're known! This is also a very important moment—because God said: (Psalm 31:8) I will instruct you and teach you in the Way you should go. And another scripture says: I will make known to you the path of Life.” and on this way, this path—are certain works... and God is interested in SHOWING you! And KNOWN to God from eternity—are ALL His Works.

I am slowly leading you up to that—Your spirit Already has Everything necessary for the realization of your calling! It's amazing that spirits are differentiated Not by gender—and you know this—because spirits are genderless. And spirits are Not differentiated by names or titles... these are given to our flesh. Spirits are differentiated by calling—therefore, when God looks at Man, he looks at the Spirit, at the Calling. It's People that know you by your name, and title... because they look at the Flesh. But scripture says, that after we are born again: “we know no one by the flesh.” it's very important to know to the calling—and we are going towards this.

And so, the Planned and Prepared by God—in His Wisdom, Before the creation of the World.... we can call by One Word: we already spoke of Truth... but we can also call... what God planned, what God prepared—we can call it: According To, or Correlation. Correlation—a very important and foundational word.

I like that in Genesis is a scripture, where God says that He had created the Man a helpmate—According to, or that Correlates to him... but, not knowing of the correlation In What—people have created a roulette out of their lives.

Correlation. Fix this very important word! Because Correlation is a Foundational word of the WHOLE bible. Correlation. According To.

And so, the planned and prepared by God in His Wisdom—before the creation of the world—is the CORRELATION for ALL—what, how or in what form, and when it Must BE. So, What, how and when it Must Be. So God—in His Wisdom—has Planned and Prepared According To—or, the BLUEPRINT—for everything, both Visible and the invisible. When I am speaking of correlation right now, of course—I am making an emphasis on the correlation of Man, and everything that has to do with him... and what has to do with the earth, and everything that has to do with the earth. We are not touching the store of knowledge which is still hidden, and may not be in scripture. Right now we are only speaking of the area of knowledge which God is opening up to us with the purpose—so that it would be easy for us to be obedient to His Plan... because you know, that obedience, or Life in obedience—it is Much Easier! As the Wisdom of God says, “my ways are pleasant ways—and all my paths are peace.”

to be obedient—is Easy! It's hard to be disobedient! It's hard to be the one—who you are not... this is where weariness comes from, and this is the cause of the absence of peace... because scripture says: For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from His. Peace—is always the result... of what you are doing CORRECTLY. And the absence of peace—speaks of what? That what you are doing—is Incorrect. notice—that if you take footwear that is 2 sizes too small... then it tells you—and what does it tell you?--don't be 'economical', buy shoes that are According To! Actually, when we don't live According To—then we experience a certain pressure... which rob us of peace. It's like the Game, “warm... cold... hot” until you don't come to that point—of Who You Are... then, there it's good for you.

And so—God's correlation for everything visible and invisible... was BEFORE... it actually came or will come—to BE. Correlation. Fix this word for yourselves, because the prayer room—it is NOT a room where YOU tell God... it's where you FIND OUT—this is Very Important to remember!

There is a prayer time where we enter the prayer room, and we Praise God, we thank God... we just fellowship with him on various subjects. But there is a time when we enter, and Find Out—WHAT to CREATE. What to Prophecy into our lives. It's FORMULATION. I call this—a process of formulation, or of creation... because God didn't just accidentally write in Genesis 1 & 2—where HE creates! “ya, brother Oleg—Why did God bother telling us how He creates?” so that you would Imitate Him! :) after all, you Need to create Your life...! “well, why would I need to do that? He already created it!” he PLANNED IT... but YOU need to create it!! so you—are creators of Your lives. “brother Oleg, and how do I create it?” .. Life and death is in the power of the tongue... and ...every man, himself, is filled by the fruit of his mouth. Therefore: in entering your prayer room—you must enter with the Goal—to Find out—What to create! And I can tell you something right away—God is interested, even more than you—in that you would know what to create! Because He—Already Planned it, or Prepared it.. and it is in CORRELATION with YOUR life.

In other words, God, even before the creation of the world—in His Wisdom—planned, and Affirmed—What kind of Laws need to be functioning... in what surroundings. Affirmed the Surroundings for every visible and invisible creation... and, How and What is supposed to appear on this earth... also the environment of life, how to multiply or increase for each creation... which period of time it needs to appear... the time schedule for all events... and everything necessary for everything visible & invisible for eternity. Or God—Planned everything in His Wisdom—for Every Second of Time... He Affirmed it, Planned it... so that nothing and no one on this earth would create an experiment out of their existence. “brother Oleg, you're saying everything... as if we don't have choice, and don't have opportunity to do how we consider better for us” please understand—if you would even... for tiny section, or fragment... would enter into God's plan—then you would be trying to Completely Forget ALL of your past.

People that had found themselves there, in the Kingdom of God—for various reasons—they asked that they NOT be returned back to earth! Believe me, that if you enter the Perfect will of God for even a tiny Bit—you will finally find out—what it is to Live on earth like in Heaven! You did pray... the Lords Prayer, right? And what, you think that this prayer doesn't work? On the other hand, in praying “Our Father, who is in heaven... Your will be done on earth like in Heaven”.. we keep on doing whatever WE want—and you can't do that! It's either, “Your will be done...” or “wait a bit please” and this is important to remember!

And so, when God—in His Wisdom—Planned EVERYTHING for earth and for Man... naturally, this was not visible—it was contained in His Wisdom, in His Spirit. And when God began to Create—He created... how do you think How? He created According To! That's why the Wisdom of God says: “Then I was beside Him as a master craftsman” Do you like the picture that God drew in Genesis chapter 1? notice—that every Stroke of this painting, or every Fragment of this picture... God always concluded... “It is very Good”.

What do you think—if that same artist, the one that directed God—would direct YOU each day? Then how will you conclude Your days? With the words, “It's Very Good”. Of course... we need to come to this, but the wisdom of God isn't Hidden from you... it is given FOR you.

YOU need to build relations with the Wisdom of God. That's why in Proverbs it says: “the Main thing—is Wisdom”. We are in no way negating the relations with the Spirit of God, with Jesus, with God—but understand... that in moving in God, in Jesus, and in the Spirit of God—you Cannot circumvent the Wisdom of God! On the other hand, believers treat it shallowly, and because of that, create an experiment out of their lives... “and the ways of the lawless... are what? …are Hard.” I would say—are Expensive! It's expensive to live incorrectly! You know, it's expensive to be sick! Everyone knows this, right? It looks like it's much more economical to be healthy! You always knew... that if you used the chair for something that it wasn't intended for—that it breaks! So in using this body—NOT as it's intended to be used, not ACCORDING to its calling—it gets Old, breaks and deteriorates. So you can confess the 91th Psalm, 103rd Psalm, you can confess various scriptures about health—and remain in disobedience despite all this... and remain sick. So these scriptures will be pushing you onto a certain obedience!

OK—let's return to God's Correlation. In light of what we already said—we could surmise—that there Already Is... God's Correlation for EVERYTHING. For everything that is in the air, for everything that is on earth, for plants, for birds, for trees, for bushes, for everything that there is—both Visible and the invisible—there is Gods Correlation.

And what do you think—that THAT, which God affirmed, the Correlation—for example, for grass: when grass correlates to... what it is supposed to be—what does this grass do? It reveals the Glory of God. This grass becomes the Witness of the Glory of God. It fulfills its Own Purpose, its Mission—and even if an animal eats this grass—nothing will happen to the animal... and why? Because this grass—is INTENDED for food, or to be eaten.

And so—everything that is planned by God in His Wisdom—before the creation of the world—is ACCORDING TO. Correlation for Everything that God Planned. Always hold this before yourselves... because this word, correlation or according to—for today, it figures prominently even in the world... without God. On the other hand, it just sounds different.... different terms. Everyone is familiar with an organization such as the State, or Government Department of Standardization... and a section of this organization..... in every company—there's a division—Department of Technical Control... because.. the Department of Technical Control—it makes sure that the demands of ...State, or Government Department of Standardization... are met.

therefore—EVERYTHING has correlation, or an According To. If the chair isn't According To—then it's deemed defective. On the other hand, we were Taught, and we Learned—in this world, without God—in the Godless world, people learned to control certain Productive processes. But, people haven't understood... or, we'll say—that people without God didn't pay any attention to the fact that if THEY don't correlate to something.... then, they're also deemed defective. That is why scripture says: that the WICKED—or the defective—will not live on earth. They're defective! They don't correlate to That—for which THEY came to this earth for!

I like another scripture—where it says that the world “brushes them off” … simply, brushes them off—like it's something Alien... or something :) and people think that earthquakes—this is a movement of tectonic plates. Of course it's a movement... how long can they carry... something that isn't supposed to be there?! It brushes Everything off. You know—I would have said it this way: that the Flood—that we know from scripture as a “judgment” of God, and other such things—I would say that its simply a cleaning of territory. You know, a “Spring Cleaning”... of a sort, a “Cleaning Day” :) HOWEVER you would like to call it—it's a removal of that, which shouldn't be there. That's why God Earnestly asks everyone—everywhere... to REPENT! Repent! Because a Clean-up of territory is going on.... and it's better if you don't Get Cleaned Up!

God now commands all men everywhere to repent—I am simply opening it up to you a bit... because sometimes people think that obedience to God is to Go to church, to go to meetings, to pray, and so on... and Yes, this is obedience to God—but, you can Go to church, to to meetings, pray... and despite all this, be the most disobedient person out there. Why? Because obedience is determined: NOT  by the belonging TO a certain group, and act according to what They say is good behavior... but obedience is determined—FIRST OF ALL—by that, for which YOU came to this earth For! And if you came for a specific purpose, and you came to some church... without KNOWING this purpose, then I can tell you for sure—that you are one of those sources that multiplies vanity... or uselessness, nonsense... in this church. I am simply drawing you certain pictures—so that you would understand, HOW IMPORTANT the correlation of God Is! Because on this earth—EVERYTHING has correlation.

TRUTH—we can only call, or, we only call—That, which Correlates to that which God planned in His Wisdom. If it doesn't correlate to what God planned in His wisdom—then in the Plan of God—this doesn't exist, and consequently, it is Not True, or Truth. This is also very important to remember. In other words—the life of every man could either be: True, or it could be False.

The Wisdom of God—determined by God for Man—ALREADY has within itself certain content. I will go over this again, this is also a Very Important moment... the Wisdom of God—determined by God for Man—ALREADY has, within itself... Certain or determined content.

That means—that when I turn to the Wisdom of God, then I will find out what? It's content. And what do you think, if it's contents do not correlate to the FACTS that are occurring... then what will the wisdom tell me? It'll tell me HER content. And if I am NOT asking of Her Content... but I just want the Wisdom of God to give me a suggestion in regards to FACTUAL events? What will she tell me? She will tell of HER CONTENT. Could it be worked somehow so that she would give a suggestion to the Factual that is going on? No—she will always be speaking of her CONTENT. You must know this! This is why, in the prayer room—it's better not to TELL GOD—of what it's better for him... “pfff.. what brother Oleg, do people actually do this?” :) well, of course! They say, “Lord, bless My.. project” Who's project? :) “bless... My plan” “bless... Mine” “bless...” and why are you trying so hard??? it's better to find out what's ALREADY blessed, and don't ask to Be blessed—this is a better way.

OK, let's continue. I am just preparing you, step by step, so that you would be able to better understand what we will be talking of... we are putting in a foundation.

And so, the wisdom of God—determined by God for Man—Already has within itself a determined content. It's content—is not something New or previously Not-existing, it is Spiritual, it is Affirmed, and it Already Is... and it is Already Prepared. You know, God prepared all this-not for Himself—but for Man! Because Man is the Culmination of God's creations. God first created everything.... and then he brought to earth the Master... and showed, the master—that All this is created for You. As scripture says: the Heavens—is for the LORD, but the earth he gave to the sons of Man. And so, the earth is FOR Man... and it really is amazing, that believers are sitting on suitcases, in the desire to take off from here—but earth is FOR man... and many think that they will live somewhere.... out there, in space.... but even though God will renew the earth, the EARTH—is the place of residence for man. On the other hand, there are many different planets... but this is a different question. But the Earth, or, we'll say—the Material Base—it is the Place of Residence of Man.

Scripture says: that God prepared, in His Wisdom—that, which is for OUR GLORY. Or, the contents of His Wisdom—it is not something unknown—it is Prepared FOR man. 1 Corinthians 2:6-7 we speak wisdom among those who are mature, or among those who are born again— yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. 7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the ages for for what? For our glory, in other words—the wisdom of God, it is FOR our Glory. Scripture says: that the Wise will inherit GLORY... and the Foolish—Shame. It's very clear & understandable. In other words—the ways of the wicked were Always hard. In God, everything visible and invisible... Already has a Planned by Him IMAGE... or BLUEPRINT... which is the CORRELATION. I often make an emphasis on this word—so that you would understand—that in entering the prayer room, FIND OUT what the correlation is. If nothing else, find out what it is in tongues! If you can't find out in an understandable tongue, then at least find out what it is in tongues! “brother Oleg, how can I find out if I'm speaking in tongues?!” this brings joy already... because if you would have found out in an understandable tongue... you would have taken off! Immediately! You would have immediately taken off... to MATERIALIZE this!!! :)

and that's why many don't find out—for just one reason.... because God knows, that if you were to find out on an understandable language... then you will not appear in the prayer room for at least 2 weeks—because you'll take off to Realize... God's plan. As in his time, Abraham... was working hard with Sarah, attempting to realize the “many nations” and then, finally, he said, “no, you didn't give me an inheritance!” and in this way, believers sometimes hurry! As soon as they receive some kind of knowledge from God—in regards of what they are to do—they drop the prayer room, they could drop services, they could even drop the church—and run off to realize 'Gods plan'. OK... well, I believe that there are no such people here... I agree with this in any case—because this is a very wide-spread issue!... that when people find out God's plan, they drop EVERYTHING... even though God doesn't tell them to do any such thing—and actually, he said... that this plan will not be realized This year, but in 2 years... but, off they go! They just forgot to ask for the date. :) “oooh Lord! I'm getting married? Yes... ok... and he takes off.” but—he didn't say: in which country, which nationality... and he already took off—making the rounds of churches... ! Everyone knows what I'm talking about :))))

and so, I will remind once again: that GOD ordained an According To or Correlation for Everything! There is Correlation for everything—even when God was speaking to Moses of the building or of the preparation of the tabernacle... then scripture says, that He was making the tabernacle According To the HEAVENLY tabernacle. Basically... you know, a copy. A mirror image. I think that the heavenly Jerusalem—it is a reflection of that Jerusalem that was on earth, or the other way around: the earthly Jerusalem was a reflection of the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is very important for you to know—because Your life—it must be a reflection of something that is Already Existing... and not, something experimental. Scripture says: (Proverbs 10:29) The way of the LORD is strength for the upright, But destruction (and fear) will come to the workers of iniquity.  There's an already prepared for you—Way of Life... already PREPARED! Notice... what is it called? The Way of Life... notice this! not—the way of sicknesses.. or debts... or infirmities... but, the way of LIFE for you. This is life!

Many believers haven't yet understood what is life—because for them, life is presented as a battle... to others, it's presented as a theater... and to others, in other various ways! And people move this way! But we know—that God prepared for each one of us a way—or CORRELATION, a BLUEPRINT—what is a blueprint? A blueprint is—is something that whatever that is being created... must CORRELATE to... CORRELATE.

Now I want to read to you—a BRIGHT example of how God demonstrates to us the principals of Correlation. Let's take a look at it... in Genesis chapter 1... remembering that we must be imitators of God. notice—that when God began to create—here's a moment—what surrounded God when he began to create? Hehe... crisis, inflation... :) Darkness. Well, if we say darkness... then in light of certain events going on around us... then, that's crisis, inflation, theft.. layoffs... such problems that are around now. But, let's take a look at how God acted when he was surrounded by darkness. Tell me, did he commentate on what was going on around? On what he saw? No...! you hear, he didn't! He didn't say—that, what he saw. This tells us something? I am speaking of Correlation. I am talking of how we are frequently pulled to say something that we see, hear, feel, smell, touch... we instantly want to.. or something immediately provokes us to commentate, with words—with the addition of “Always”.

And I know what it is that pushes us to commentate—this is the earthly, unspiritual and demonic wisdom. In light of the wisdom of God—in light of scripture—God created in CORRELATION. God didn't commentate... God changes, creates, plants... and WE are created in His image and His likeness! God affirmed Correlation—so that in coming to this earth—we would Plant, Create... Uproot when needed, demolish when needed, dig up whatever shouldn't be there... and plant... what is needed.

Scripture says, that “what I open, then NO ONE will shut”. God opened you—God opened you—so that NO ONE would be able to close you... but, if you aren't moving IN what he Opened up For you.... the Way—then, of course, you're shut down. And some believers cry and complain, “brother Oleg, I can't do anything... there are so many demons running around on my path!” and I say, “no my dear one—it's not Them that are on Your way—it's that YOU'RE on THEIR path.” because: the way of the LORD—which God prepared for you—is FEAR and DESTRUCTION for workers of iniquity. And scripture says: that even the unschooled will go—and not stumble. Scripture says: that there aren't even any wild animals on it. Therefore... if on your way, on your path.. demons are freely running around—then this says—that YOU are on THEIR path. When you are on the Path of God for you... then, all they can do is Cast SHADOWS... but they have No Right to enter onto God's path, because—demons are NOT in God's plan for Your life! This is so Good! So you can boldly say, “you know demon, you don't exist in God's plan for me... so, I'm counting to 3—in the name of Jesus you are not here.” actually, scripture says that they are all dressed in track suits—because it says, “resist, and they will FLEE from you” not, will walk away from you, but will FLEE. An interesting moment :)

God filled the darkness... how? With the Correlation. According to What was Already Planned in His Wisdom. This is a Blueprint! YOUR life—MUST NOT be filled in by commentaries... even though we are pulled to do so. If you will insist on commentating, you WILL have what you commentate—! As one blessed man of God said, --God told him to tell this to his people—MY people say what they see... but I said to them—that they will SEE what they say! So Don't Commentate! Create! Affirm! Plant! I know that this isn't easy... it's not always easy to say, “table, BE” when there hasn't been a table here... for about 10 years now. Not easy... because perhaps, right now, you don't even have supporters around you—and you must Affirm Yourself... and those around you may call you crazy-because you are calling the non-existing as the existing... or, you are saying this, and people are telling you that you're a liar... because, “How can you say that this is here, when it's OBVIOUSLY not?! You're a LIAR... and the Devil is the Father of Lies!” and... off it goes. I think that this sounds familiar to many of you already.

Let's continue. We are talking of that when God was creating, he was creating According To... in Correlation... or, he was speaking what was NOT there in the natural physical world... being directed by His Wisdom—which is what he commanded US to do! Scripture says: that we need to imitate God... like Dear Children. IMITATE, you hear? I am not going to take All Aspects of imitation right now—there are 3 aspects—but I want to focus on one: to TALK as HE does... and to TALK with the Same Goal. We need to Think, Talk and Act.. in imitation.

So—Genesis chapter 1—what does God does... to fill up the darkness? Tell me, did he burst into tears? Did he take a fast? No—he SPOKE. He SAID. GRAB AHOLD OF THIS... once and for all! If you want to change something—you must SPEAK. That's why scripture says, “and let the weak SAY...” “I believed, therefore I SPOKE” remember—that words, they are Your Instrument of Authority and Power. Because, “by the Fruit of our lips... and Life and Death is in the power of the tongue” therefore, if you are planning on imitating God—as a Dear Child, then BEGIN WITH THIS! Begin with words—Create!

And so, we return to correlation. The Will of God—is so that Every Person, in living on earth—would live in CORRELATION to the already Planned in His Wisdom. And with this—God Himself, desires—to LEAD man In the Planned. Psalm 32:8 says:

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. So, what do you think—if God was creating in Correlation, then how will He be leading Man? In Correlation! Now, tell me—be attentive—if God will be leading you in Correlation, then will he be playing with you, and leading you to some other path? Now, let's commentate.. on Psalm 23 “The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing...” now, another part of this psalm: “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death...” Question: why did you go there? Notice what's written here—not, “though the Lord leads me there” but, “though I walk there.” but believers take this verse as an important component of our lives—that they must walk through valleys of shadows of death—but here it's written, that if I WALK THROUGH—then of course, He won't leave me... even there! But, what are you doing there? Why did you go there? I am just showing you—because God never planned to experiment with your life, to lead you in these ways.

The ways of the wise are UP—I am not saying that there won't be difficulties, yes, and perhaps there will be falls—but let's not excuse ourselves with this, “it's OK brother Oleg—the righteous will fall down 7 times... 10... 15 times...” why are you comforting yourselves with this? In no way do this or say this! Hold onto the Word of God! Don't comfort yourselves by that “Everyone Falls.” don't do this! Always strive to be a Champion! This is OUR part—because if you are planning on imitating God—we should always be 10 steps ahead.

And so, God said: I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; in other words, God looks at each person.. how? In Correlation! In Correlation to what? In correlation to what HE called the person to Be... and called, when? Before the creation of the world! You remember how God talked to Jeremiah? We already talked of this, on our previous lesson—He said, “Jeremiah, BEFORE I formed you in the womb—I Knew you” now, tell me—did Jeremiah become a prophet when God TOLD him that he's a prophet? No, Jeremiah was already a prophet when he was in the womb... and, even before he got there! Here's a spirit—a prophet. And here's a spirit—a tax collector. And here's a spirit—a military spirit. All spirits are differentiated by calling... therefore, the spirit of a prophet—appeared in the womb, then was dressed in Flesh—which was named Jeremiah... and then God simply said to this spirit in the flesh... “hey, spirit in the flesh, you know you're a prophet?” and he says, “I can't speak” well, what does that have to do with it...

you know what's amazing? That Jeremiah didn't need to TRY to be a prophet... he WAS a prophet. There is the one... that you don't need to TRY to be, there is the one who you simply are... but there is that—what you are taught! And you are TRYING to be this—this is why you must always maintain your qualifications! Because, as soon as you slip in your qualifications... you immediately sink—you can't keep up! But, if you will be in your calling—then people will be following YOU... and you will not need to maintain your qualifications, because YOU will be FORMULATING the qualifications.

You know—that this world is directed by people who are in their calling... I mean, they INFLUENCE—all others, they simply exist. YOU must be the one standing at the Wheel... because Abraham was told: that “KINGS will come from you.” Your part—is to RULE, to REIGN... and not to simply exist.

And so, in the spirit of a Spirit-Filled Born again believer, there ALREADY IS—Correlation for LIFE. In other words, this isn't something that is In Your Mind—but In Your Spirit.

We already read the Psalm of David, 139:16 Where David says: all the days ordained for me were written in your book a good word, “all the days.” therefore—you can take a look at your calendar, and boldly cross off all your notations... because God has HIS OWN calendar! all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Notice, that God—has Already ordained ALL Days. What do you think—when God was ordaining your days...  he setting them up in correlation to what? In correlation to your calling! Every day of your life—has a determined Correlation to Your Calling. Even when you go on vacation... when I went on vacation recently, I received a word from the Lord, I came to relax... and I get a word, “feed my people” I came to relax, and I get this word! Because God talks to me—in correlation to MY calling.

“Oh, Lord... I would love to write a song!... You write the Teaching—which I will tell you!” please understand, it's very easy to be the One who you ARE—and very difficult to be the one who you are NOT.

Scripture says, David says, that “all the days ordained for me were written in your book”. Actually, all these days, or the content of all these days... or the correlation of all these days—Is called: Spiritual DNA.

The spiritual DNA of Man, or the correlation for life—has within itself ALL days—for the spirit, as well as for the body. All days are ALREADY ORDAINED. Absolutely All days—as Jesus said, “don't worry about tomorrow, for each day will worry about itself.” as we see—for each day on earth—there is Already, an Ordained Godly Plan.

Correlation, or the spiritual DNA of Man—is similar to the natural, physical DNA which contains within itself: the genetic code which determines Every Detail, and level of physical development—the gender of the man, the color of eyes, the color of hair, growth, color of skin, the 9 organ life systems... and every single smallest detail that has to do with man—and if there is a malfunction of some pair of chromosomes... then we know, that this can even lead to the death of the man.

How does this have to do with us?

When man sins—we'll use an image demonstration—then the chromosome pair simply separated. But, in separating, they didn't loose their content. People—for some reason they think—that when a person sins, then he cannot return into his calling. A calling is irrevocable. A calling—is not something that is given to you after you are born again, or after you are born here, on earth... a calling is IRREVOCABLE. A calling is—YOU. You are the Calling. You came in the Flesh—because you are the calling. The time for your calling came—therefore YOU came.

So, when Sin entered the earth, it separated the spirit of Man from the spirit of God. Basically, it separated the chromosome pair.

But scripture says, that when Jesus came to earth, then He returned, he Reconciled Man to the spirit of God... and tell me, when the chromosome pair (in imagery) were joined together—what did they begin to produce? Did they begin to produce what was IN them, or something new altogether? Of course, what was contained in them! therefore—as soon as you were born again, as soon as the spirit of God filled your spirit—the spirit of God IMMEDIATELY began to give out to your spirit... Who you are; Why you came; What to do... and, basically, your schedule.

On the other hand, you are taught to ignore or not listen to your spirit.. but to listen to your mind to such an extent—that you simply didn't hear him, the spirit of God—but the information for every day, EACH day—you receive into your spirit Every Day. Every day! This simply needs to be learned... and a calling is the determining factor—because what the spirit of God tells you—He tells you in Correlation to Your Calling. NOT in correlation to what's going on around you, but in correlation to your calling.

Perhaps what's going around is pushing you onto the thought that you immediately need to buy a sports car... and God says, “oh, you simply don't know where you are supposed to live!” :) there... all you will need is 2 reindeer!

Saul is going to Damascus... a learned Pharisee. A highly qualified, expensive Pharisee... expensive, because someone paid for this schooling. Then he meets Jesus—and it turns out he's actually an Apostle. This is very important to take into account! Because Saul—in his time—didn't know the correlation, he didn't know Who He Is—and therefore, he was the one he was TAUGHT to be... since the age of 3. each one of us was ALSO taught something before we met Jesus—each one of us, also didn't know their correlation, because each one of us was taught to be successful in THIS World... but scripture says: that (James 4:4) who is a friend of the World is an Enemy of God. We were taught to feud with God, by giving us a profession.

We REPENTED in all this... and, all that we did in our lives—is become members of a church. And in the meantime, we live—in the SAME city, go to the SAME job, and do All the SAME things—so, in what did you repent in?!

Correlation—it changes Completely, Fully—and, not only the direction of life, but also the content of life. Therefore, we need to be open—Not only to FIND OUT our calling, but we also need to be open to completely Change the Content of our lives. A 180 degree turn, and not a change of some small, miniscule angle. We need to be prepared for this—and I know that perhaps some will not do this in time—for various reasons, but—we need to strive towards this. A FULL turn. THIS is repentance. Repentance—is a 180 degree turn... and not some... slight variation of what we are already doing.

And so: through the blood of Jesus, God returned the spirit of God into Our spirit, and In It—is Everything Necessary for Man for ETERNITY.

In 1 Corinthians 2:9-12 Scripture says: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart (the Spirit) of man The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” This was BEFORE repentance. Before repentance, the spirit of God was Not in Your spirit... therefore, there was no witness in Your spirit of Who you are, Why you came to this earth, What is the point of your life... It didn't enter into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him” 10 But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. The Holy Spirit came into your life—being the spirit of Truth—instructing you onto every truth, and telling you... what? The Future!What do you think, does the Holy Spirit know what tomorrow is supposed to bring—for you? Of course He knows! And what do you think—if you ask Him, “Holy Spirit, what's the plan for tomorrow? Open up for me God's Tuesday” and I mean it in the sense—of what God planned for Me Personally... for me PERSONALLY. Show me MY path—what would You like for me to do tomorrow?” perhaps this will be just one phone call... just one call to someone! “brother Oleg... what kind of plan is this...?” understand, that the way you are on now, and the direction you are going in now... to put you on your path, to turn you around... God will be turning you in stages, in degrees... so that you don't get whiplash :D

this is a whole process, this is WORK... this takes time! Perhaps, someone needs to be knocked down to earth and blinded for a time... believe me, this will not be done with everyone.... because, perhaps, you will be praying... and God will turn you... turn you... onto the path that is for you to walk on. But you must remember—that what is for you—it is ALREADY in your spirit.

For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 11 For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. 12 Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, with what purpose? that we might know the things that have been freely given to us by God. That we might know what we are GIVEN. You know that the word “given” says that—YOU DON'T NEED TO EARN THIS!!! the 'given' is Already Yours. God will not be telling you mine... because mine is for me, and yours is for you. I don't worry about my calling. Before, I worried... before... I was like, “oh, God opened up to me this teaching... what if someone finds out?” this was infancy of course. Right now—I understand, that what's in me—besides me, no one will find out, and if they will be finding out—then they will be using it and applying it in correlation with their calling, and me—in correlation to mine... therefore, I don't worry. I don't worry that the little finger will be competing with the index finger... people in church worry about this! But I don't, because conflicts—between believers—arise where people don't know what they are called for.

Fingers don't compete, don't conflict between each other—because each one has their own place. In the body—there's no conflict, because each cell has its own place. And you are... Members, and when you are in the body, and each one has their own place—there's no conflict. This is why there is conflicts in the church—for today. This is one of the reasons. Ignorance in the area of God's plans Always brings conflict, or to competition... and everyone thinks that someone is trying to climb over them. If you are in YOUR calling—then believe me, yours—will not go anywhere from you, and if it does go off and wander for a bit... as long as it doesn't return empty-handed :)  hehe.. well, I said this—as a pastor, because such combinations exist sometimes!

And so, the Holy Spirit—within the spirit of Man—is ready to reveal to the spirit of Man... Everything That is Already Within Him—From God. This is: What is his mission here on earth, what to do today, what to pray about, how to move.... this is the Whole Outline... from day to day.

You enter the prayer room, and God says: Speak THIS today... Speak THIS tomorrow... Look at Africa... I'm looking... you see this small dot?... begin to pray for this country. OK... and you don't even have an inkling that you will go there in 5 years... but God is already speaking to you! Maybe you don't have a map anywhere... and so it's difficult for God to show you Africa, and that's why when you are watching traveling shows, you are attracted to dark faces. Therefore, I recommend to you: that you have a Map in your prayer room... perhaps of Ukraine, perhaps of Canada, perhaps of Europe... and if you have a leading to do so, perhaps of the World... because God Has A Plan. We are the reapers of the End Times... and if you are living in Ukraine, then this doesn't mean that you are ROOTED, PLANTED, and MUST be in Ukraine. Perhaps, your country—where you are supposed to live—is completely different. I am not speaking of According to your documents, your passport... I am speaking according to your calling.

OK—I am simply drawing you a picture so that you would understand—that the one You are—is the One you are In Your Spirit... and not.. depending on what your skin color or anything physical.

And so, the Holy Spirit is in the spirit of Man for the purpose of Leading, guiding, opening up to man the Plan of God, his intentions... Jesus spoke of this. John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears from God of course... He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. Whom will he tell? He will tell YOU. This is HIS work—in the prayer room!

Here arises the question—who needs to be praying in the prayer room? The Holy Spirit! He knows what to pray of, and how to do it! “brother Oleg, then what do I  do in the prayer room?” simply give him your mouth—and Listen attentively... and write it down!

I know that there are some believers who think about... what to pray in their prayer room. But... you DON'T need to think of this, because this isn't in your head in any case. You must find out... allowing the Spirit of God to direct you in Prayer! It will be interesting to find out... for you... How he prays, how the Spirit of God prays! Because the Spirit of God—differs GREATLY from you in How he prays. Your prayer—in much, it is influences by that denomination of where you are at. But, if you find out how the Spirit of God prays, then perhaps you will stop praying openly in church...! because you will be asked to leave :D

because the spirit of God, first of all: prays, prophesying, with faith, calling the non existing as the existing... creating, planting, uprooting whats needed... He doesn't pay attention to denominations—He Creates the Will of God... with which believers themselves are not always in agreement with.

And so, God himself planned to lead the spiritual creation Man... and to provision Him with All—in correlation with Gods plan for Him which we call—calling.

A calling is not just a Name of something that a man is called for—a calling is the totality of tasks... which are laid out or written out by God for Every Day.... where each task Already has its Appointed Place and Time. YOU—are Gods business. You—are the answer to someones needs. YOU are the Fulfillment of Needs.... therefore, you are Not a PROBLEM for the earth, you are the ANSWER to the problems.

Of course, someone may have told you, “there's a person, and there's a problem...” but YOU—are NOT the problem. The earth is suffering from that they DON'T know Who They Are... because the earth is Filled with the Existing—but the doers—are ONLY in Their Callings.

Once again, I am telling you this from the position of: that it is ACCESSIBLE for you to Know—because in your spirit—you Already Know... and in your mind—perhaps you only see it as if through a dim glass... only sometimes understanding... but, in understanding—you immediately leave, because you don't know HOW you can survive doing something like That!

I know many people—who haven't entered into their calling... for one simple reason: they don't know how they could be provided for doing That. here—they already know, they were taught—how to sustain themselves, by means of their profession... because they are already in it, working in it, and know everything about it. As soon as they find out their calling.... then, “how could I possibly make any money doing that? How could I possibly live? How would I feed my family?” and,... they take off. And they live without joy, with murmuring, and their family is constantly in conflict.

Here is the Main moment... when God comes into your life... he doesn't come into your life to teach you to adapt to how you are Already Living... he comes into your life to Return you into the Perfect Will of God. Relations with God are not: “teach me to live here, at the city dump” relations with God are: “Show me MY path of life” relations with God are: to enter into His plan, into His intentions. It is to Become the ONE for what you CAME. And of course, you will need to apply effort—because this is not easy... THIS PART isn't easy... but again, it's better to apply Effort—for victory—then effort towards defeat.

Because I know many people that apply enormous effort... but every time... they step on that rake... and then thank God for the Helmet of Salvation. But this is Not the way of Life! The helmet of salvation is not just protection from the rake...!

so let's practice THIS way... the prayer room: is where you must FIND OUT, and CREATE. And let this be... not Many tasks, but 1 or 2... let this be, just ONE prophecy.... but believe me, from this one—everything will start! From this one—changes will begin for you. This may be... just one phone call, which will change your life. This may be... just one word from God which will Completely change all the events around you—simply because you said: Lord, what do you want me to do? And before—you were just moving in the different direction, telling God what He needs to do in Your life.

You know, in being a pastor, I frequently encounter... when believers do something... completely not asking God—and they are believers! I have never heard... not once... for someone to come up to a pastor and say, “ you know, God told me to leave the church” everyone leaves quietly! And then—they don't know what to do! This is in no way an accusation to you—I am simply saying---let's bring OUR lives... to some sort of correlation! Let our life show correlation. If you won't have correlation in your life—you will not have peace... because, in itself—Peace—always assumes constancy and unchangeability... which are ONLY possible in God's plan—because God's plan—The way of the LORD.. it is strength for the upright,.. and let All Your ways be Established... scripture says.

Therefore, if you want to have peace—then walk in correlation! If you will walk in correlation, you walk in strength.. and if you will walk in strength, then scripture says: that the strong in spirit, or Who's mind is stayed on the Lord... He keeps in perfect peace. This is Accessible to you! And all that you need—is to turn to the Spirit of God within your spirit... pray every day, prophecy... and listen to what the spirit will telling you to pray.

I understand that perhaps, you are praying—between the 1st and 2nd floor... going up the stairs.. or elevator, and so on.... and of course, this is also good—but you will not enter into God's plan in this manner. If you want to enter into God's plan—you either need to wake up earlier... or go to sleep later. But, this is until the point when you enter into Gods plan—because When you will actually ENTER into Gods plan... you will truly Enjoy life, you will—not grow weary... and if you will get tired, it will be a pleasant weariness... :)

OK—let's thank God for his wisdom, and I will once again recall: that all that I'm talking about—it is contained in Your spirit. Already. The prayer room—a QUALITY prayer room—and I repeat: QUALITY prayer room—will make a Quality life. A quality prayer room—is a reflection of His will, of His plan... so, in going into your prayer room—don't be wordy like the heathen... He Knows what you have a need of—before you ask! Find out... What you have a need of, Ask Him.. “Lord, what do I have a need of?” and he'll tell you! But, you must be prepared for anything if you're asking! Because some people... in church, along with everyone, say “Lord, for you—I'll do anything!” but... not in China, or there... or there... but, EVEYRHTING that you want... in this specific location. Everything that you want me to do HERE... only. :)

Let's thank God for His Wisdom:

Father we are thankful to you for your wisdom, for the spirit of God which dwells within each one of us... and we ask you, once again—forgive each one of us in the Ignorance of your ways, in the Ignorance of your plan... and we ask you Lord, show us our way, the one We need to walk on. Your will be done.. and Your Plan BE done in the name of Jesus... and we say, “Lord, what do you want us to do?” illuminate the eyes of our hearts, direct the path of thoughts, words and actions of Everyone present... and let there Not be in their lives—any vanity, ever, in the name of Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit—you show us the path of life, you direct our thoughts and our words. I pray father—that you help everyone present to take their place—in the Body of God... and not to be fruitless. Give direction to their thoughts and to words. Help them not to lean off to the right or the left... in the name of Jesus. And we believe Jesus—that you are anointed, that you are ordained by God for each one of us personally... so that our lives would Not be an experiment. You are the Lord... and scripture says, that EVERY flesh on earth  is in YOUR authority. Jesus.. you are LORD! Hold us with your strong hand, and mighty arm—and give us direction—in the name of Jesus! Thank you Jesus—we are thankful to you that you are teaching us, and that you will help each one of us to fulfill our calling.. in obedience to God, in the name of Jesus, AMEN.