Friday 17 March 2017 Term 1 - Week 7

From The Principal

Kia ora tatou katoa, Annyong Haseyo, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula vi naka, Kia orana Nga mihi nui ki a koutou, Namaste, Nihao, Greetings to you all.

Another week gone by really quickly and we are now into Week 7.  Thank goodness our Year 6 Camp was held in such amazing weather.  Hopefully we will dry out this weekend.


Children are to wait under the tree inside the school grounds after school for safety reasons. Please don’t instruct your children to wait outside the school grounds as we can’t guarantee their safety.  We all care about your children and want them to be safe if you are late picking them up for any reason. If you are late and can’t get through to our busy Office, we will take your children over to Kids Korner on a user pays basis.


Our school uniforms are looking great, thank you to everyone who has purchased the correct school uniform.  We are happy to purchase smaller or larger sizes at your request.  We encourage our students to be proud of their uniform and wear the correct one. Please ensure that the students are not wearing brightly coloured T shirts underneath our school uniform polo shirt.


Thank you to all the parents, whanau who have been using the footpath behind the Junior block rather than the driveway. We are very pleased with many of our community for their compliance in this matter. We are encouraging this as it is a Health and Safety issue walking on the driveway. There are some cars using the driveway who have special reasons for this.


Have a lovely weekend


Trish Plowright



Cultural Activities /Annual Trips Payment $100.00 per year ($25.00 per term)

Parent Contribution & Annual Trips and Cultural Activities Payment - Thank you to all the parents/caregivers who have paid the school donation, activity fee and purchased the stationery pack so promptly. This assists us in getting the learning programmes underway as quickly as possible and enables the routines to be established early. Elm Park School strives to provide a quality education with a wide variety of opportunities for all students to participate, not just trips. This payment is very important to the school as many of our activities rely on this money.  Enrichment groups such as Maths, Art, PE, Music, Chess, Swimming activities, Digikids (ICT). Please support the school by making this payment as soon as you are able to.  

Parent Contribution Per Child                                  $160.00

If you pay this before the 31 March you only need to pay $130.

Payment can be made through the school office during school hours, on the website using Wrap It Up online payments, or by internet banking. EFTPOS is available, and alternative payment options may be discussed with our Executive Officer, Ann-Marie Kawana.

Last year we introduced Wrap it Up, an online payment system for all school related payments in 2017. The benefits to the school include a more efficient way to manage and reconcile parent payments along with cost savings due to reduced paper and money handling. The benefits to you are a quicker and easier way to pay - 24/7, and no more paper permission slips to contend with! It makes everyone's lives much easier and we will be encouraging everyone to use Wrap it Up this year. If you've not already set up a Wrap it Up account, you will receive an email shortly inviting you to activate an account.  If we don’t have your current email address you will need to contact the office.  Please also contact the office if you have any further  questions about this.


Donation Receipts - Did you know that families with an annual income of $70,000 or less, may be eligible for a childcare subsidy. If you would like to apply, you can find an application form at your local WINZ office, or visit If you require any replacement or duplicate donation receipts for tax purposes please request them at the front office before the end of the year. Our financial software cannot issue duplicates after the start of the new year.


Stationery should be purchased online from Office Max or collected in person at the Office Max Store Ronwood Ave, Manukau.  Prices will vary for different Year Levels – please check your child’s year level before ordering.        


Uniform Shop Hours - Monday – Friday mornings 8.15 – 9.00 am and afternoons 2.30 - 3.00pm (Libby Douglas is in charge of the uniform shop).

All children are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times.

·       All shirts must be the school uniform blue short sleeved shirt.

·       Headbands should be black, white, or blue.

·       Long hair should be tied back.

·       Only stud earrings are acceptable.

·       No nail polish.

·       Sensible black sandals, NOT coloured shoe laces etc. No canvas shoes.

·       Sun hats to be worn Term 1 and Term 4

·       Sports uniform for Years 5 & 6


After School Arrangements - In an emergency please feel free to call the school office to pass on after school arrangements to your child.  However due to the number of children in the school, we need to keep these calls to a minimum.  Where ever possible, please make arrangements with your child before school and if they need a reminder, a note to their teacher or a note in their school bag would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Road Safety  Thank you to Mrs Karen Allen for co-ordinating the Road Safety timetable. We encourage parents to help us by not parking on the yellow lines, making sure that the children walk safely across the crossing and up the path, not on the back driveway as it is a busy access to the school and not abusing our staff who are doing this job on top of all the other things they do. If you have any spare time we would love your help to monitor the Road crossing.  Please contact Mrs Karen Allen (09 577 0191)


Kids Korner (Before school  & After school care).

Just to remind you that we have this facility available. Please contact Kirstie Miller (5770198)

Before school             7.00 am – 8.30 am

After school                3.00 pm – 6.00 pm


NEWSLETTERS - School newsletters are published once a fortnight.  These are available through our blog by subscribing to receive them automatically in your inbox when they are published. The school newsletter is often our only means of communication with you at home so it is imperative that you read every issue to ensure you know what is going on within the school.  

Award Winners

The following students were recognised this fortnight for their commitment to the three R’s. Respect - The way we treat other people and property. Resilience - In the way we overcome obstacles about our learning and behaviour.  Responsibility - Managing ourselves, our jobs and the way we look after property and places in our school. Well done students!!






Amelia Gallon

Solomon Newman

Marco Jiang


Titan Lafogo

Thea Padaen


Josiah Tanuvasa

Daniel Strydom

Abbie Randell


James Guo

Justin Feng

Khardel Rutherford


Gordon Ding

Hannah Verryt

Jayden Waters


Ahriella Elisara

Skyla Mocke

Shiloh Williams


Usher Chatadza

Liely Jithoo

Aaron Lacey


Shanvi Prasad

Jasmine Gao

Christopher Howie


Caius Faaofo

Ofa Cowley

Peyton Leevers


Paseka Tua

Laura Pan

Jingyi Zhao


Athena Linnow

Jayda Milicich


Kaya Nolan

Ezra Christophers


Anamika Anamika

Tevin Carter


Dennis Sun

Aimuelle Cortez


Fletcher Baigent

Lukas Dickerson

Tayla Peters


Aiden Mucallo

Jahvarn Sullivan Ponga


Timothy Liu

Junaleah Samuel

Lleighton King


Kahlan Watchorn

Nicolaas Baker

Kaea Horsfall-Kingi


Marco Wei

Liam Webster

Yulun Wu


Adison Makaola

Jade Birch

Emma Streeter


Ayah Wahid

Peter Makalio


Phoenix Johns

Chloe Grigaliunas

Fiona Young



Parniha Thayakaran

Samantha Herewini

K'Sharn Engu-Cordtzsus


Ramya Krishna-Kumar

Levi Millar

Karsin Milicich


Reid Mannion

Delaney Hawea

Bianca Zuniga- Zamorano

Focus on Children

Last week Room 7’s water skills lessons were cancelled due to bad weather so instead we got to play some co-operation games in the hall.


We went to the hall and played Sneaky Samurai. It was fun because we had to slide across the floor.   By Melissa


On Friday we played the Sneaky Samurai game. We were the sneaky robbers. I was the sneakiest robber because I didn’t get hit by the sword and the other people did get hit!

By Riley C


I am good at getting the toys. It was easy to get the toys because I am good at sneaking. By Riley B

Thenu was the Samurai and Thenu was guarding his treasure. I crawled on the floor and in the hall and I loved it. I got some treasure. It was funny when Thenu hit me on the head. I got a lot of treasure. By Arianna


Thenu was the Samurai and we had to sneak up and get the toys. I crawled down and I got the toy and I did not get hit. It was funny because Thenu had a blindfold on and he couldn’t see us. I was in the blue team and we won because I was fast and I was quiet. By Liley


On Friday we were playing Sneaky Samurai. I was crawling to get the toys for our group and the Sneaky Samurai didn’t touch me with his sword! By Andrei


We played Sneaky Samurai. I liked sliding to get the treasure. We got the most treasure! By Kyle


On Friday Room 7 went to the hall to play three games. We played Sneaky Samurai and Thenu was the Samurai. He hit me in the chest protecting his treasure. I was dodging the sword and he was blind so he could not see me. I was in the blue team and we won because we scored ten treasures!

By Ryan


Community Notices

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