Bronyville Episode 120 - Friendship Takes Planning

Time : Saturday, August  Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 120 recorded on August 24th, 2013. I am your loose cannon Chef Sandy





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        Nightmare Nights Dallas

Topic Time! - Nightmare Nights Progress Updates~


Fanfics - Life and Times of a Winning Pony has updated, woo~


Hey Cheffers (that sounds so cute.), AC, Starry, and honorable guests. I am a relatively new listener to the podcast, however I have listened to some of the other projects you have done in the past. You keep my long days in LoneStar Comics bearable, so thanks for all you do. I must say, as it is traditional for emails that come in, that Rarity is best pony, and AJ is a close second. Anywho, I will jump right to the meat of my email, I am going to be going to nightmare nights, and, I was wondering, oh great Cheffy-one, if you still needed volunteers? I would love to help out in any way I could, as I have found that volunteering can be fun, and a good way to meet new people. Thanks for reading this, and keep up the good work.



P.S. sorry for the wall of text. I can into words goodly.

-Sent from my iPone


 I was at Vintage Stock today buying the CMC microseries comic. The cashier and I got to talking and he said he tried watching a couple episodes on Netflix but he didn't really "get it". He then asked what my favorite episode was. I told him "Art of the Dress" and immediately regretted it. While that is one of my favorite episodes, I felt like saying "Sonic Rainboom" would have sounded cooler and less girly. Hopefully he'll check it out anyway.

Love you guys very much,


Good day favorite podcaster ala God Empress Kitty and First servant Starry,

Piquo Pie here, thank you for pronouncing my name correctly AC. After suggesting more fanfiction without realizing Knighty was going to be on your show I decided to hide for a week at my girlfriends. Making sure to get no work done whatsoever. Unlike Chef who is giving a good solid effort at losing weight. Being a larger man myself I know it can be hard and want to encourage you. At the same time I want you to know how much lovez your listeners have for you so please don't overdo it to quickly. The God Empress Kitty has no patients for dead servants.

In fandom news you probably heard about fimfiction possibly selling merchandise in the near future. They had a survey up which listeners can link to from the google doc. After taking the survey you can actually see the results, including the open comments. Here are my favorites.

The very first comment

"knighty is fat. XDDDD Don't feel sad, knighty, I'm even fatter. Anyway, I'd like to ask, who (or what) is Fimfic's OC? Please don't let it be a red and black alicorn. He-he, it would be a good trolling though!"

"I need money."

"Have a nice day"

Note I have censored the following with brackets

"Hello knightie. I would like to request that you make FimFiction [apples] in the shape of a hoof. The reaosn I would like this is to make the clopping experience more realistic and enjoyable. You should also make fimfiction logo shaped chicken nuggets. I would request this because chicken nuggets are [apples]-inducing and since I get [apples] from FimFiction stories all the time I believe it would be an excellent correlation..."

So here is my question for you dear servants of the High Mighty God Empressy Kitty the Second, and guest(s). What is your favorite type of merch and what is your favorite pony merch that you own?

-Piquo Pie.

Hello there Applecider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night and Awesome Guest/s.

It's been forever since I last emailed you, hasn't it? I've been so busy with commissions that the few times I managed to get away from Photoshop have been to get out of the house and enjoy the Spanish Summer heat (which, by the way, sucks). I've also caught up with your podcast, since I've been unable to even check my regular pony news sources, that's how busy I've been. It was fun to hear you theorize about how much spaghetti was going to be dropped at BronyCon, and how Equestria Girls was going to rustle the jimmies of all the fandom. I won't dare to say which one you guys got right.

Regarding Equestria Girls, I was thinking the other day about something. From its very beginning this show has had the goal of delivering a message to those who watch it in the shape of a moral, a letter to Princess Celestia, or a comment at the end of each episode, that makes the journey of the characters meaningful. And then we have Equestria Girls. Now, granted, I liked the movie, but I don't see any other message in it besides "Buy our toys!". However, sometimes entertainment doesn't need to have a message, it just needs to be that, entertaining. So, what do you think? Does Equestria Girls have a message and, if it doesn't, do you consider this a bad thing?

That's all I wanted to share with you this week. It feels good to send you emails again. I wish you lots of good luck for Nightmare Night Dallas, and BronyCan, and I shall keep throwing emails at you from time to time.

Lots of love from sunny-melting-hazard Spain,


Salutations AC, Chef, and certainly incredible guest:

Here are some sketches (Of AC, Chef, and a tired-looking Starry [What did you do, AC?]) for you. And yes, they are colored pencil (And taken with a substandard camera, at that). One works with what one has. Hope you like!

I listen to your show all the time, whether that's while scrubbing the grout in my kitchen or on an 11-hour, 20-mile wilderness adventure. Thanks for such a great show!


CyanFour AKA Blackstone

Good day to you chef sandy, guest co-host, guest  and random stallion in the way back background.

It is good to see this ship back under your lose cannon control, and lets all hope that this episode do not need to be glassed.

First off Bronyville healthCast this week I am down to 97.5 kg from the 98 of last week, thanks.

so how is it to eat solids again?

Some weeks ago a listener asked about the differnce between furries and bronies, and this week I came across a video by mlp reviewer Dr. wolf who is a brony not a furry did with his brother who is a furry but not a brony. (

Also my Fanfic recommendation of the week the audo version of Upheaval: Breaking Point by Visiden Visidane as read by Forest Rain, it is complete, and so is the follow up story, Forest Rain is doing a really good job, in fact I will recommend that you find a good comfortable chair, side back close your eyes and just listen, maybe turn off the light. The story is a bit dark, but not grim dark. (

Twisted Haywire

p.s. I have lost track of how many mail I have had read on the show, do you know.

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Dear Princess Celestia,


Ol’ Apple Cider was up visiting the frozen north of Vancouver this week, so I unlocked the basement and let one of our lodgers come up and share the co-host spot. Joining us as a guest this week was Mark Spence, operations head at Nightmare Nights Dallas. Turns out they’ve got a ton already set in stone and are adding the finishing touches to what will be a fantastic celebration. You’d be welcome to come too, of course.

Chef Sandy

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