Jesse's Guide To Modding Wiis

Alright, I'm getting really fucking sick of modding everyone's wii with a 20XX pack. And my instincts are to be a VonGrumpus and tell you to stop being lazy and do it yourself. That being said, I haven't seen very many straightforward guides I can point someone to and then they don't have to keep asking me questions. So I'm gonna be like jesus in this bish and teach y'all to fish...err mod wiis. Hopefully I can make this as straightforward as possible, and you'll see its actually a pretty easy process (until something goes wrong, wiis actually run on an improbability drive, so their actions are inherently non-deterministic. when it randomly doesn't work, helix help you, as I won't).


- A computer with an SD card reader

- An SD card of at LEAST 2GB

- A wii, AV cables, a wiimote, a sensor bar (or a lighter), and a TV

- Competent enough on a computer to drag stuff from some .zip files I'll provide --> your SD card

- Can click buttons on a wiimote

Okay, ready? Let's get started.

EDIT: recently added links on how to install priiloader/bootmii so you don’t need a wiimote. see page 12 if interested

EDIT: adding stuff on how to set up the wii for tournaments instead of 20XX. check out page 29

EDIT: if you don’t want to setup DiosMiosLite (saves you a bunch of time since you dont have to install modded IOS), you can just install HBC, and then install nintendont. Nintendont previously was an issue bc it had native control off by default (which fucked up shield-dropping, moonwalking, and other things), but there are now versions of nintendont where you cant turn native control off:

And a fowarder that integrates with priiloader:

1. Getting Ready

1A) Go into your wii settings:

Your system version is in the top right corner:

Make sure your wii is on version 4.3.  Update your wii to the newest version of the system software (4.3). There are ways to mod wiis on other versions, but I won't be covering them, as 4.3 is by far the most common, and any other versions can just be upgraded to 4.3.

If you don't have the latest version, do a system update.

1B) Make sure your wii has the current date. If you don't this won't work! I SWEAR TO YOU

2. Preparing the device

2A) Letterbomb. We're going to use a tool called letterbomb to mod the wii. To do that, we'll need to get your wii's MAC address. You’ll be going into the internet settings. Follow the pictures!

Click here

Then here

Now write the MAC Address down!

2B) Good, you got it? Go here:

Type in your MAC address. Make sure "Bundle the HackMii Installer For Me" is checked. It should look like this:

Click to cut either color wire, they both do the same thing :)

A file called should download right now.


Mac: Double click, then open up the folder that gets created, called "LetterBomb". That should look like this

Windows: Double click, it'll open up a window with the contents

2D) Put your SD card into your computer. Copy all the files from the LetterBomb folder onto your SD card. When you are done, your SD card should look like this:



2E) Eject the SD card, put it in your wii, turn it on.

3. Everything's more fun with letterbombs

3a) Open the wii message center (why did they even put this here in the first place?)

3b) Scroll to tomorrow or  yesterday and then back, until you see the letterbomb.

3c) click the bomb, make your wii see god

4. enter the matrix

Bam, now we're in the HBC installer. at this point, you can do everything with the wiimote's d-pad and 'A'.


You’ll get this screen for a minute. Just wait, eventually you’ll get a prompt to press 1  

Press 1 if you feel bad for Hungrybox scammers

4B) See test results, Hit continue (if your picture looks different, you have the option to install bootmii as boot2. awesome! see note below picture for details)


 IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: if you see that you have the option to "install BootMii as Boot2", GO FOR IT! that means you won't need to use a wiimote to start the wii anymore. if you’re confused on how to go through the menus to do that, start at step#8 here: 

 if you don't have that option, and instead get a message like the one shown in the pic above, you'll need to use priiloader to not have to use a wiimote. Here’s a guide on how to do that:

priiloader will work on all wiis. bootmii will only work on wiis made before mid-2008. bootmii is part of the HackMii installer already. priiloader you need to download + install after you finish this guide. either will do the job fine.

4C) Install Homebrew channel:

4D) Exit the installer, you should end up on a blank HBC screen. Take your SD card out of your wii and put it into your computer.

welcome to the real world neo

5. Putting all the rest of the stuff on your SD card

5A) Download this zip file:

Unzip it, then copy all the files to your SD card. When you are done, your SD card should look like this:



5B) Download the 20XX iso from here:

(update: here’s a new 20XX iso w/ UCF:

You will need to rename the file from “Copy of game.iso” to “game.iso”)

You can use any ISO you want, including vanilla melee,



When you're done, your SD card should look like this:



5C) Eject the SD card, put it in your wii. Your wii should see some apps!

6. Installing a patched IOS and Dios Mios

6A) Using the wiimote, point and click on Multi Mod Manager, and then click on load.      

 You should get this screen

6B) use the dpad to scroll down to "install & patch ios" and then click A. Click 'A' again to choose express mode.

6C) It'll do some stuff, then you should get a success screen where you can push any button to continue, you'll end up back at the main MMM screen.

6D) Scroll up with the d-pad to WAD Manager, then click A.

6E) Scroll down to DIOSMIOSLITE_2.11.wad, and click A. You are picking the lower item on the menu, not the one starting with ._

6F) You get this screen. Press 'A'

6G) You get a success screen like this. Press any button to continue.

6H) Press B twice (the trigger on the bottom of the wiimote). Now press the Home button to exit MMM.


You should be on the HomeBrew Channel menu now.

7A) Pick Dios Mios Booter, then pick load

7B) Press down on the DPAD to select 20XX. Press A.

7C) Dios Mios takes a second to boot. Let it do its thing. Then refer to the title of this section

Okay we're done! Enjoy 20XX!!! STOP ASKING ME TO MOD YOUR WIIS!!!!!!!!!(plz)

Epilogue: How to go from powered off to 20XX now that it’s all setup:

1) Turn wii on. Pick homebrew channel.

2) Pick Dios Mios Loader

3) Pick 20XX


appendix: how to make a wii into a lean mean tournament-ready melee playing machine

so, you’re going to follow 99% of whats in this guide. the only things you’re going to change are:

  1. youre going to replace the 20XX iso on the SD card, with a vanilla melee 1.02 iso. you can find it on google. I used to have a coolroms link, but apparently theyre serving up malware with their iso’s now :( stay safe kiddos, you should NEVER have to run an exe when trying to get an iso
  2.  follow everything from the rest of the guide, and JUST replace the game.iso file.

note: if you didn’t already do the copying of the 20XX files on page 17, you don’t need to copy the 20XX iso over first, then replace it with a normal iso. you can just delete the game.iso file on your computer. then copy the games folder. then put the new vanilla iso you downloaded into the games folder of your SD card (MAKE sure you still have the folder structure that the 20XX version uses, with an entry in the games folder that has the iso named ‘game.iso’ and a sys folder with some misc files in it)

  1.  youre also going to put my special codeset in place. here is a link to a zip file that has one folder in it “codes”. copy that to your SD card. when youre done, your SD card should look have a folder in it named “codes”, with one file in it “GALE01.gct” (here’s my GH with codes in both their compiled (GCT) and uncompiled (TXT) form
  2. now boot up the wii. instead of using DiosMiosBooter, we’re going to be using USB Loader GX. when it loads, it may say something about needing a different ios. you can ignore that. it also will say “waiting for HDD: press b to cancel”. we’re just using the SD card, so you can press B, or wait for the timer to run out. it’ll then say “error: usb device not found, switching to channel mode”. this is what we want!
  3. click the gear icon (settings) in the bottom left hand corner of USB Loader GX. then go to “Loader Settings”. Click on “Ocarina” to set it to “ON” and then scroll down (click the little down arrow at the side), and click “Hooktype” to set it to “VBI (default)”. hit back.
  4. scroll down to find “Super Smash Bros. Melee”. click it. click start. if everything worked right, the game should boot, you’ll get a prompt saying “There is no memory card in Slot A” and when you click through it, youll get a glorious


reference procedure for a TO to power on an already fully modded and set up wii: turn on, go to homebrew channel. launch usb loader gx. ignore any warnings. click Super Smash Bros Melee. click start. click through memory card screen. do your thing