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Houston Authors Shine New Light to Energy Metrics 

Press release

Houston, TX, July 20, 2007 — Using limited resources in sustainable ways, energy engineers and technologists have made people's lives comfortable and affordable with efficient and cost-effective technology, from air conditioners to waste fuels.  But to accommodate the expanding world population, the global supply of energy has been increasingly strained. Energy efficiency, energy conservation through energy management, and the use of renewable energy sources are three of the major strategies that can provide the energy and energy services for the world's population and economy. Energy managers, researchers, scholars, and policy makers need to know all of the aspects of energy technology in order to tackle this crisis.

Six Sigma Black Belt Michael Dorrington and Carla Fair-Wright teamed up as contributors to the latest edition of the Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering & Technology. Their article proposes the use of Six Sigma principles as a tool to determine energy cost savings.

Paraphrased from “Six Sigma Methods: Measurement and Verification" in Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering & Technology - 3 Volume Set, CRC,  July 20, 2007