The handsome and the witch

Once upon a time there was a mother with three beautiful children. The family who was very rich many years ago now became very poor and had no bread to eat.

The mother did what she had to do and left her children to see if she could earn some money somewhere. She made a long journey and looked for a place to sleep at night.

She saw a big castle and knocked on the door. The door opened automatically. The mother got a warm welcome with food, clean clothes and a bed to sleep. It was a little bit creepy, but the mother was so tired and hungry that wasn’t afraid that much.

The next morning the mother was walking through the garden and saw  very beautiful roses. She picked one for her most handsome son. Just when she took the rose an ugly witch appeared and was very mad and yelled at her.

The witch was so ugly mirrors would break if she looked in it.

The witch wanted to kill the mother, but when the mother told the witch about the rose and her  very handsome son, the witch had another plan. She wanted the mother to bring her son to the castle otherwise the mother would die.

The handsome son loved his mother very much and went to the castle to save her.

Handsome stayed at the castle for more than a year and every day the witch asked him to marry her. But handsome said no all the time. The witch sometimes was very mad and other time only sad.

Sometimes she yelled at handsome that she wanted to kill him but other times she was very sweet and tried to please him.

They began to like each other little by little.

One day handsome got a message that his mother was very ill. He allowed him to go home for a few days to see his mother.

But when handsome was home he had a bad dream. He dreamed that the witch was dying.

He hurried to the castle as fast as he could. At the castle he found the witch in the rose garden. Handsome said to the dying witch that he loved her and that he didn’t want her to die. At that moment the witch changed in to a very beautiful princess. They kissed and found true love. And they lived happily ever after.