Trowlock Way, Broom Rd., Teddington TW11 9QY.


Course Plan for RYA Dinghy sailing with spinnakers

On four afternoons to be advised

Use of asymmetric and symmetric spis will be covered, if possible both types in practice

Session 1

Sailing theory: understand concept of sailing on apparent wind, effect on performance of hull shape, heeling angle and trim; different spi rigs and how they are set up for different conditions

Session 2

Rig different boats including spi and trapeze where fitted

Launch and recover boats with open transoms and/or racks

Session 3

Sail as crew or helm doing hoist, gybe, and drop routines

Understand choice of best downwind course

Session 4

Capsize recovery including spinnaker and also total inversion

Understand types of racing courses when spis will be used and types of boats commonly used

Course outcome

On completion a student will be able to:

Rig and sail boats using respectively, asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers

Demonstrate good boat handling and awareness skills at both helming and

crewing whilst flying a spi In moderate conditions

Control speed and direction whilst planing downwind (this may be theory only)

Sessions should last around five hours with a short break.

Order may have to be varied to suit weather/river conditions.

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