A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of ACM members who share a particular interest in a content area that falls within the mission of the professional ACM. Examples include computer graphics, particular operating systems or platforms, or design methodologies.

Professional ACM SIGs in these areas are, respectively, SIGGRAPH, SIGMOBILE, and SIGPLAN.


SIGs are formed for several reasons:

 *To promote a methodology, platform, or other special interest of the members (hence the name)

 *To refine technology that is immature and may not otherwise be successful

 *To provide a forum of discussion and support among those sharing a common interest


Any ACM member may join one or more SIGs as they deem appropriate. The SIG may not restrict membership per se, but may charge a membership fee or place other restrictions upon continued membership, contingent upon approval by the officers.


A Vice President of the SIG is elected by the members of that SIG at the time of general elections. In case of vacancy, there is no automatic succession, e.g., when the group is first formed or when the Chair resigns. No seniority requirement is placed upon SIG Vice-Presidency.

List of U of L ACM SIGs

Several SIGs have existed in the history of the U of L chapter of the ACM, including some that exist to this day.

List of Proposed U of L ACM SIGs