2014 Artistic Vision

Progress Checklist

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Near-Term (6-12 month goals from 2013 Artistic Vision)




  1. Communication


Improved Board of Directors relationship with community through open sessions, minutes, and follow-up coffee breaks, replacing old cast rep system.

Cast Agreements

Resident Cast Agreements - Rolled out Dec. 2013


Artist, sketch and standup forums created on Facebook by and for ImprovBoston for a more protected conversation within the family

  1. Creative

Expand Family Friendly Resident Programming

New teen programming (Everybody Improv [placeholder title]) for 2015 in the Saturday 6pm slot. Auditions in January, rollout in April. Amalgam of TourCo, Family Show and Face Off formats. Family Show moves to age-appropriate matinee time.

Original Theatrical Productions


The return of GoreFest in a full, immersive Studio theater run and BLANK The Musical Off-Broadway. More to come.

Launch IB Archives

IB-productions of annual Holiday Spectacular and Comedy, America! kicked off IB archives

Director & Producer Development


Free director intensive for women yielded directing candidates alongside one-on-one director cultivation and Assistant Directorships. Handful of new producers added to weekly shows.  More work here is needed, but a great start.

Video Camera Installation

HD cameras, archiving and streaming capabilities now live in both theaters


GoreFest resurrected, though not at an off-site venue as originally hoped. We’re pleased with the new immersive Studio solution.



Launched standup tournament (People’s Battle), Improv Invitational and summer seasonal Comedy America.

  1. Outreach

Expand applied improv programs in schools

Added Lessons of Improv (the 4 Cs), Your Totally Made Up Improv Show and “STEM + Art = STEAM: The Art and Science of Innovation” plus expanded Anti-Bullying programs

Add AllStars, Festival Teams and Outreach Opportunities

Created new approach to festival and cast selection, rehearsal and reimbursement.

Increase Outbound Sales


Precipitous growth in TourCo and Corporate opportunities under new Director of Sales. Continued growth expected in 2015.

     iv. Comedy School

Improv Program Revamp

101-601 rewrite reviewed, finalized and implemented. Remaining: the launch of 701 free for resident cast members and promising graduates. Expected early 2015.

Music Program Expansion


Formalized 101-201 curriculum and created music workshops integrated into levels 501 and 601 Improv Program. Still to come: an 8-week Comedic Songwriting course and a 3rd level of the Music Improv Program.

Visiting Artists


Jim Belushi and the Chicago Board of Comedy, Improvised Shakespeare Company, Myq Kaplan, Nikki Glaser, Zach Sherwin, Hari Kondabolu, Cambridge Footlights, Jonathan Katz, Jenny Z, UCB, Jet Eveleth, Laura Hall, Eric Drysdale, Josh Gondelman, Alingon Mitra, Jimmy Tingle

Reduce barriers for new artists

Launched weekly FREE Intro-to-Improv workshop, added two IBCS scholarships (outreach and disability).

Avenues for Extended Professional Development

  • IB Talent showcase through Daryl Eisenberg casting (BLANK!the musical) in NYC
  • Resume and portfolio support one-on-one through A.D.
  • Built official relationship with Boston Casting, MTV2, several national casting directors yielding calls and jobs for IB performers
  • Networking support and contact outreach in major cities for departing IB-ers
  • Advanced, targeted workshops with industry leaders

Mid-Term (1-3 year goals from 2013 Artistic Vision)




  1. Communication

New Website

Current website updated, homepage reconfigured, navigation improved. Planning hasn’t yet begun for a new website.

Video Department


8-week Video Comedy curriculum debuted in 2014 with another in planning phase. HD handheld acquired as part of camera build-out.

  1. Creative



IB-produced 2014 sketch revues feature backbone of social and political commentary. So That Happened, a topical late night talk show, added to monthly rotation. Satire written more substantially into the IBCS sketch curriculum. Increased standup opportunities will open up more channels for commentary-driven comedy.

Comedy Careers

Original goal to foster at least 5 full-time Boston comedy careers by end of 2015.  By most benchmarks, we have already surpassed this goal. Through TourCo, teaching and corporate work, more of our artists are finding comedy viable as a significant and/or primary career

Boston Comedy Scene


We now have partnerships with Story Club Boston, WICF, Sextacular, Jonathan Katz, the National College Improv Tournament (based in Chicago) and others. We’ve offered material and/or experiential support to ComedySportz Boston and The Riot. The rising tide continues to rise. 




See previous sections. Diversity in programming continues to increase with bilingual shows, all-female casts, LGBT performances, sex-positive events, and featured proposal shows such as FuFu & Oreos.


We are now the most requested program in the Young Audiences catalogue and offer more workshops than any other listed artists. The power of our work in schools is reflected in word-of-mouth, reputation and return visit requests.

     iv. Comedy School

StandUp Program Revamp

The program now features Intro to StandUp and StandUp Workout supporting comics at every stage of their journey with a uniquely flexible class structure.

Youth Troupes


Afterschool troupes continue. Partnerships with schools for off-site programs beginning.

Long-Term (3-5+ year goals from 2013 Artistic Vision)




  1. Communication

Career Connections


Alumni outreach efforts in 2014 included Alumni Weekend in Boston, an alumni showcase in Chicago, an alumni networking event in LA and one in NYC. BLANK! the Musical also galvanizing alumni support in NYC and bringing increased profile to IB there.

  1. Creative

Career Development


On track to foster up to a dozen careers in comedy either entirely or in large part through ImprovBoston within 5 years.

A New Home

We are actively searching for additional class and rehearsal spaces in the area. We are not searching for a new complex at this time.

  1. Outreach



Increased coverage in the Boston Globe including feature articles on our Comedy Camps, showcase shows and BLANK! the Musical alongside online press, national festival exposure, Touring Company performances and corporate facilitation across the country have raised the profile of ImprovBoston nationally.

Improv Applications


IB’s work in the business world and in schools continues to grow. In 2014, IB began a partnership with Harvard University to study the applications of improvisation outside of performance. We’re still exploring affiliations with organizations and individuals to help build wellness programs for youth and adults with a variety of cognitive challenges.

     iv. Comedy School


701 will be our first “mini-conservatory” with expected delivery in early 2015.

Educational Affiliations


We are currently providing coaching and networking resources to teams affiliated with a handful of high schools and colleges. We are working to build these relationships towards curricular inclusion.