April 1st and 2nd, 2017 – GENERAL CONFERENCE WEEKEND

All sisters have the opportunity to attend a session of General Conference.  Following are random shots of sisters attending the Saturday afternoon session of conference.

Sisters Richins and Günther

Sisters Takeshige and Lu

Sisters Lu, Allen and Wagner

Back Row L-R: Sisters Chua, Smith, M., Cabello, and Lee S.
Front Row L-R: Sisters Wilson, Ripa, Schalk and Bowman

Sister Shum – traditional dress

Sister Kampan – traditional dress

Sister Rubio – traditional dress

Sister Fuimaono – traditional dress

Sister Kampan – traditional dress

Parley’s Stake serving a meal

Parley’s Stake was one of the stakes that served wonderful meals to Temple Square  missionaries.  Other stakes were Salt Lake Highland Stake, Salt Lake Butler West Stake, and Salt Lake Hillside Stake.  These stakes provided much needed nourishment to the sisters on this very very busy weekend.