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We are excited to present the newest version of Aladdin Jr. with our 4th through 6th graders at Hannah Holbrook!  Here’s your Aladdin Holbrook Homepage --home base for all the info and every link you’ll need to get signed up and ready for A Whole New World of musical adventures!

Today’s Announcements!

Cast Lists are out! Watch your email, and check your spam folder.

Register here: tiny.cc/aladdinregister.

Pay here: https://holbrookpta.memberhub.store

We still need parent volunteers! tiny.cc/aladdinvolunteer

Below is the text of the Cast Announcement email. Please read it first:

We are excited to announce the casts for Aladdin Jr. at Holbrook Elementary. We've worked long hours and with great care to create the casts in the best way possible, and we are so excited that this play has many opportunities for individuals to shine! We truly love each kid, and this is the hardest part of the process by far.  Please keep in mind the following:

  • If you felt good about your audition, then we noticed it too and put you in a spot where you have an opportunity to shine! Remember, just because you didn't get the part that you want doesn't mean you weren't considered for it.
  • Remember that every person involved has an important part to contribute.  The ensemble members and stage crew create the scene and mood and help move the story forward just as much as any other character!
  • Remember the electronic blackout agreement: The “electronic blackout” is for 24 hours after casts lists are emailed. You agreed that you would not post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. about the role you were cast in. We recommend you avoid calling or texting as well.  This 24 hours is intended to let everyone have time to let the casting sink in and then be excited to get to work.
  • Parents - please celebrate with your child in the role they have been given. They worked hard to get to this point. Everyone listed will be in several scenes. To those who auditioned for dance moves, or tricks our choreographers plan to spotlight you as much as they can. We will give your more information on that when rehearsals start in January!

Everyone please come to the Full Cast Read-Throughs on Friday, December 13. Cast members who have lines or solos will receive a script or printed copy of their scene at the read-throughs.

Ali Cast Read-Through: Friday, December 13 from 1:30-3:00

Babwa Cast Read-Through: Friday, December 13 from 3:00-4:30


If you haven't already, we really need everyone to register today, and pay the registration fee. The links to register and to pay are (above) at the top of the tiny.cc/aladdinhomepage. (Google doesn’t like the links being in this email, and it’s causing delays.)  Please reply to this email or email Mrs Killpack with any payment hiccups.

One last thing! There was a mistake on the Rehearsal and Performance Schedule passed out at the parent meeting.  The original schedule stated that on Friday March 13 the A (Ali) Cast would perform at 5pm and the B (Babwa) Cast would perform at 7:30. This is a mistake.  The two March 13 performance times should have been switched, so the B (Babwa) Cast will perform at 5pm, and the A (Ali) Cast will perform at 7:30pm.  The times have been corrected on the schedule attached below, and on the schedule linked on the tiny.cc/aladdinhomepage. Please make the correction on your original or print a new copy and destroy the original, so you are sure to have the correct times in your calendars.  The tiny.cc/aladdinhomepage is still the best place to find up-to-date information about the play and the cast lists will be linked there as well.


Thanks so much for your support,

Aladdin Production Team


Cast Links



Musical Timeline:

  • Auditions: 11/12 – 11/13 4-7pm
  • Registration fee deadline: 11/26
  • Cast Lists emailed: 11/27 Attention!! This date was printed wrong on the Rehearsal Calendar/Company Contract under “Musical Timeline”.
  • Ali Cast Read-Through and Meet and Greet: 12/13 @ 1:30
  • Babwa Cast Read-Through and Meet and Greet: 12/13 @3:00
  • First day of Rehearsals: 1/8/2020
  • Mandatory Dress Rehearsals: March 3-7
  • Performances: March 9-14 (See Rehearsal Calendar/Company Contract)

Participant Checklist:

Registration Form


DO THIS SECOND! This google form will provide us with all the information we need about you and your student to keep you connected and get started on costume planning.  It will ask you for your contact information and your child’s height, shirt, pant, and shoe size.  

All participants must turn in their Company Contract/ Conflict Calendar (see below) by Wednesday, November 13th to be eligible to participate. You may bring it to auditions Tuesday November 12-13 from 3:30-7:15, or turn it in to the office.

Registration Fee

DO THIS AT AUDITIONS OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 26.  There is a one-time $35 registration fee ($15 for stage crew) for all participants.  This fee helps cover the cost of costumes and cast t-shirts.  Payment is due no later than Tuesday, November 26.  

Options for payment: 

  1.  At parent meeting and at audition nights November 12-13, we will accept cash or check made payable to Holbrook PTA.  
  2. Through MemberHub online at this link: https://holbrookpta.memberhub.store/ 
  3. Leave cash or check in an envelope marked with your child’s name and Musical Registration Fee with a secretary in the office.  
  4. If you need financial assistance, please contact Mrs. Killpack for a fee waver (contact info below).  

Parent Volunteer SignUp Genius  


DO THIS THIRD!  We need your help!!  Many hands make musicals MORE FUN! You can sign up to volunteer on the big posters at the parent meeting, at auditions or at this SignUp Genius link.  We have a need for almost every skill and whatever amount of time you (or Grandma or Grandpa or Aunt Jane) can donate!  Volunteers will receive up to four free tickets to performances, one for every two hours of volunteering. Please help make sure you receive credit by keeping track of your own hours, and our volunteer coordinator, Amy Smoot, will keep a tab as well.

Rehearsal Calendar and Company Contract 

Click here to view or print Rehearsal Calendar and Company Contract.

READ THIS FOURTH! Two-sided. Orange.  You keep it.  Available at the Parent Meeting, with extras at auditions, in the office, or view/print from the link. This two-sided document provides you with the dates and times of rehearsals and performances on one side, and our expectations for your child’s attendance and behavior throughout the production on the other. Refer to the calendar to plan for rehearsals and performances, and as you fill out your child’s Audition Form/Conflict Calendar (see below).  Plan on attending all rehearsals until you have received the weekly rehearsal schedule via email.  You keep this Rehearsal Calendar/Company Contract document for future reference.


Cast lists will not be posted until Wednesday, November 27.  We ask for an “electronic blackout” for 24 hours after cast lists are emailed, which means NO posting to FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. by you or your child about the role your child was cast in.  This 24 hours is intended to let everyone have time to let the casting sink in and then be excited to jump into their roles full force.  SO many factors go into placing 120+ kids in casts that work for their abilities, preferences, and schedules.  We do not take casting decisions lightly, and want to ensure that we have ample time to cast students in roles that will be suited to their individual needs.  There is a fine line between a challenging role and a crippling one, and we want each student to experience success!  The ups and downs of casting are an important (though sometimes painful) part of the learning experience of musical theater.  Not everyone can be Jasmine or Aladdin, and there will be disappointments.  One of the reasons we chose this show is there are a lot of small supporting roles with solos and speaking parts, but still not enough for every student who auditions.  Give your child a safe place to feel their feelings, and please help your child recognize that every role is integral to making the story come alive for our audience.  Help your child find the reasons to celebrate their role, whatever it is, and to choose their words carefully so as not to make others feel less important if they got a lead and their neighbor did not.  THERE WILL BE NO PUTTING DOWN OF OTHERS TOLERATED IN REHEARSALS OR OUTSIDE OF REHEARSALS  AMONG CAST MEMBERS.  Students whose roles require a script will receive them at their cast meet and greet and read-through on December 13 after school.

Young Cast Member Provision

Sign this pink document at Parent Night or Auditions and turn in.

If your child is not yet in 4th grade, but has a burning desire to be part of the musical, he or she may participate under the following conditions:

  1. You and your child agree to the Company Contract.
  2. You understand that K-3rd grade cast members will be cast as ensemble and will be in one or two numbers only.
  3. You agree to come to their rehearsals or send another trusted adult (grandparent or friend) to supervise your child when you are unable to attend.
  4. You will not bring distractions or other children (preschool or younger) to these rehearsals.

Young Cast members will still need to pay the $35 registration fee, sign up through sign-up genius and google forms registration, and come to an audition night to be measured for costumes.

YouTube Practice Links with Guide Vocals 

View the full playlist of Aladdin Jr Music

Practice the music all through Christmas Break! ;) This link takes you to a YouTube playlist with all the music to Aladdin Jr, so your child can start learning the music today! Because of copyright we are not able to make mp3 files available for the whole cast to download, so please try to find times your student can use YouTube to learn the music.

YouTube Links with Examples of Aladdin Jr (2018) Productions

https://youtu.be/E1wXMVY93Y8, https://youtu.be/vDoDNy3hDz8, https://youtu.be/eI_G530EXdE 

Disney and MTI rolled out a new version of Aladdin Jr in 2018.  It mirrors the plot and characters of the 2014 Broadway Aladdin.  While the 2018 Aladdin Jr is very similar to the original animated Disney classic, watching the new musical on youtube will help you get familiar with the new characters in Princess Jasmine’s court, and Aladdin’s croanies--Babkak, Omar, and Kassim.


Email will be our primary mode of getting information to you, so please make sure we have a valid email address, and check it regularly.  Starting in January, we will send a weekly email each Monday detailing which characters we will need on which days and times.  We are also using the “remind” app again this year which will send short group text reminders about rehearsals and other important information. We will send an email after casting with instructions on how to sign up for text reminders.

Production Team and Contact Information

This year’s musical will be directed by Brigita Robertson.  She has been involved as a music director and learned from some of our best volunteers with Holbrook’s productions of Seussical, Mary Poppins, and Lion King.  She has four students here at Hannah Holbrook and two at Millcreek Jr.  She had a short stint as a junior high drama teacher many years ago, LOVES musical theater, and is so excited to help a small army (this includes you!) to make some magic happen for our students this year.  If you have questions or concerns about the musical you can contact any of the following:

Principal Neesha Killpack



Brigita Robertson, Director



Shannon Moffit, Producer



Many, many thanks to our awesome Production Team members:

Amy Smoot, Volunteer Coordinator

Haily Roberts, Music Director

Jenny Gibbons, Music Director and Choreography

Anna Sanders, Music Director and Stage Manager

Shellyce Keyes, Costume Manager

Lisa Wait, Sabrina Thomas, and Stacy Hansen, Costume Assistants

Natalie Haddock, Choreographer

Jennie Gibson, Props Manager and Assistant Stage Manager

Nita Morrell, Props Assistant and Head Wrangler

Rhonda Perkes, Concessions

Candace Loveless, PTA Commissioner

Michelle Blauer, Honorary Producer

If you are interested in joining our team at rehearsals, PLEASE contact Brigita Robertson.  We could still use another choreographer, and help teaching music or choreography.  


Past events:

  • Audition Workshop: 10/29 @3:30
  • Alternate Audition Workshop: 11/5 @3:30

Audition SignUp Genius


DO THIS FIRST IF YOUR CHILD IS AUDITIONING! (If your child is not auditioning or is on stage crew SKIP this step.) Auditions will be held Tuesday, November 12 and Wednesday, November 13 from 4-7pm.  Sign up for a 10 minute audition slot.

All auditioning participants must turn in their Audition Form/ Conflict Calendar (see below) at auditions. There will be extra copies there if needed. NOTE: We have changed plans and will NOT be measuring for costumes at auditions.

Audition Information

Please note that this year, Wednesday's audition night coincides with Parent Teacher Conferences at the school, so remember to NOT schedule your PTCs and auditions too close together, and please be patient with us and other families as we work to politely share the building.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time, and allow for about 25-40 minutes for paperwork, costume measuring, and flexibility. Students will audition 3 at a time in the conference room in front of three judges, and one of the directors will be there for moral support.  The judges are people from our greater Bountiful community with musical theater experience who do not have students in our school.  Each student will sing by him or herself one of three 20-second music segments from Aladdin Jr (find them at the link below) with the “accompaniment track” (the one without guide vocals).  After each has sung alone, they will sing the ensemble segment with the two other students auditioning with them. They will then be asked to read parts from the audition sides (lines from the play) with one or more of the other students.  Each person auditioning will be given a score based on their singing, reading, and stage presence.  Students with the highest scores from the judges will be considered for the largest roles, etc.  Parents will not be allowed in the auditions--having a parent there usually makes students more nervous and distracted.  Auditions will be video-ed for the sole purpose of casting.  Videos will be deleted as soon as casting is complete (see below for more Casting notes).


Audition Music Tracks 


Follow the link above to a google drive folder with the mp3s of the vocal tracks your student will be singing for their audition (if you are having trouble getting them to play, they seem to playback better if you are in the Google Drive app). There are three selections.  Students should learn the ensemble selection (Prince Ali) and choose one of the other two selections.  One is from a song sung by Jasmine and her attendants (These Palace Walls), and the other is from the opening number sung by Genie and other Agrabahns (Arabian Nights).  These 20 second segments will be introduced at the audition workshops, and we highly recommend lots of practice before auditions!  The better they know the music, the more confident your kids will be in front of our judges, and the more positive their experience will be.  

Audition Sheet Music Files


The files at the above link are the sheet music for the 20 second segments of music the students will sing at auditions.  Limited copies will be available at the workshops.  Please print your own copies to practice with or view them online.

Audition “Sides” 


Follow the link above to a google drive folder with four separate short scenes.  These are the lines from the musical the judges will ask students to read from when they audition.  Print them from this link or view them online.  Encourage your child to become familiar with all 5 pages and multiple characters.  Try out different ways and timing of saying the different parts, and try to sound like they think the character should sound.  These don’t have to be memorized, but the more comfortable they are with reading them “in-character” the better! The judges will hand them a copy to read from during auditions.

Audition Form/Conflict Calendar 

Click here to view or print Conflict Calendar/Audition Form

DO THIS FIFTH! One sided.  Purple.  Available at the parent meeting and at auditions, in the office, or view/print from the above link.  You hand it in at auditions.  Whether your child auditions or not, you and your child sign the top of this purple page to agree to the Company Contract. This page also lets us know what parts your child is interested in, and one or two friends they would prefer to be in the same cast with.  The bottom of the page includes a calendar where you can mark the days you know your child will be absent from rehearsals.  Circle the dates on the Conflict Calendar that you know your family will be on vacation, or otherwise unable to attend rehearsal. Please keep in mind that with such a short production time, every rehearsal is critical, and the last three weeks of rehearsals are mandatory. We will work with you as much as possible, but lead roles require more rehearsal time and dedication, and students who are unable to be to mandatory rehearsals may not be considered for a lead role.  Please do your best to schedule other activities around rehearsal dates for these 10 weeks.  Multiple absences may result in forfeiting their role to someone who can be with us to rehearse.  (Note: Performance dates are not the same as they were on the original PTA Calendar.  We shortened the production time by two weeks.)