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     Fruitvale Junior High                                           April, 2017


Distracted Driving Awareness

by Sydney Butler

Did you know… April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Distracted driving includes texting, talking to someone on the phone, and even listening to music. In 2014, 3,179 people died, and 431,000 people were injured from distracted driving. When you are listening to something, the part of the brain that processes motion decreases by 1/3. A lot of crashes happen because of this. Texting is one of the biggest distractions while driving. Every year, almost half a million people are injured or killed just because of texting while they are driving. The saddest part of people dying from distracted driving is that it can be prevented. Some ways to prevent being distracted while driving are: Pulling off the side of the road to call or text somebody, avoid eating while you are driving, and try to do any multi-tasking outside of the car. If someone is sitting in the passenger seat, they can help the driver by making calls, texting, or other tasks for them. Help prevent distracted driving during the month of April, and always.

What about that Easter Bunny?

by Leah Arellanes

     When Easter comes around, the first thing you think about is the Easter Bunny. But, have you ever really thought about where it actually comes from? What it represents? Or who started it? Well, the Easter Bunny doesn’t have anything to do with the famous Christian holiday at all. In fact, the Bible makes no note of a mythical creature that gives eggs to children on Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny actually was brought over to America from German immigrants in the 1700’s. When the German immigrants settled in Pennsylvania they told their tradition of an egg-laying hare called, “Osterhase” or “ Oster Haws,” to celebrate their holiday for Eostra, goddess of life. Seeing as rabbits are ancient

symbols of fertility and new life, it kind of makes sense that they represent Easter.

  Now, where do eggs come from? Rabbits don’t even lay eggs. But, the story of how the Easter Bunny lays eggs goes way back to before the Civil War, when the Germans told their story about Eostra helping a young girl. The little girl found a dying bird and prayed to the goddess to help. Eostra turned the bird into a rabbit, promising the child it would lay an egg once a year for her good deed.  Young German children made nests for the rabbit to lay eggs there. Now, baskets replace nests. The history of laying eggs also may have come from an early symbol of Christianity because eggs are an easy metaphor of rebirth. So, it may represent Jesus resurrected.



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We’ve got the Gold

by Lindsay Guyton

Fruitvale Junior High is going for the gold this year! October 2016, Ms. Roberts, principal of Fruitvale Junior High, applied our school for the California Gold Ribbon School Award. The award program was created by the California Department of Education to honor outstanding educational programs while they are transitioning to common core. This award is connected to  California Casualty, an insurance company who happens to sponsor the award. In 2013, Fruitvale Junior High earned the California Distinguished Schools award and was honored for that and now hopes to be honored for this award. This award was a part of the next round of awards Fruitvale Junior High was able to apply for. When our school was notified about this, Ms. Roberts immediately responded by

applying FJH. The application was accepted and on the twenty-seventh of March a whole team from the Kern County Superintendent of Schools came down to do a site validation. they were exploring our school and viewing if FJH does what we said we do in the application. During this validation, they talked to a number of different people around our campus, from the principal to teachers, and even some of the students.  

Fruitvale Junior High has the opportunity to qualify for the California Gold Ribbon School Award. Many schools across California have had the opportunity to earn this award including, 780 elementary schools, 193 middle schools/junior highs, and 180 high schools. As a matter of fact, in 2013 when FJH earned the California Distinguished Schools award so did Liberty High School. In order for Fruitvale Junior High to earn this award, Ms. Roberts and Dr. Westendorf had to go through a application process. During this process, they both had to write about specific things that benefit FJH, a model practice. Two of the specific topics that Ms. Roberts wrote about were the block schedule change and the number of electives FJH offers. When FJH changed the schedules it significantly improved the math scores because there was more time set aside for math. When writing about the number of electives offered at FJH, Ms. Roberts mentioned why the school has a variety of electives. She said it’s because students have an opportunity to connect with something on campus; they have the opportunity to try many classes out to see what they really enjoy.

Why did Ms. Roberts believe FJH would be a good recipient for this award? She wholeheartedly believes Fruitvale Junior High has what it takes to be one of California’s top schools. While being interviewed, Ms. Roberts stated, “I am excited to celebrate what we’ve got going on at Fruitvale, because I think we are a great school, with great teachers, and awesome kids!” Ms. Roberts strives to find ways that the teachers can be recognized, and this was one way that others could realize they are the ones who set up the success for the students. This year Fruitvale Junior High is going for the gold, as did those Olympians!

Sexual Education

by Destiny Blackwood

        Sex-Education is a program at FJH for 8th graders. It used to be both 7th and 8th, but the state mandates sex-education one grade at a time.   FJH decided to make it for 8th grade only. For the new school year they decided to get a different teacher for this class. They came in contact with Rosedale school’s nurse to have the state's curriculum, which is why FJH has a new teacher. Fruitvale Jr High has been doing this program for at least 20 years. Boys and girls are taught separately, but in other districts they are taught together. In sex-ed you learn about important topics pertaining to sexual safety and risks. Mrs. Roberts states, “I believe this is an extremely important experience for kids at this age.” This a great class to help young teens learn about sexual safety.  Students who do not wish to participate in this class have the opportunity to opt out with parent permission.

Fitness Testing

by Riley Bridges

        This year’s annual fitness testing will be taking place after Spring break, and is about three weeks long. All students at Fruitvale are tested to help them start life-long habits of regular physical activity. Students have to do well in aerobic capacity, abdominal strength/endurance(curl ups), upper body strength(push ups), body composition(weight and height), trunk lift, and flexibility. These scores will be students’ grades in P.E. Mrs. Redstone, FJH P.E. teacher, mentioned, “We hope our students will try and improve their scores, maybe they will go jogging after school and work on push ups and flexibility.”

SBAC Testing

by Berkley Van Tassel

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is an exam in both ELA and Math that include multiple choice, short answers and essays. Stated by Ms. Roberts, Fruitvale Jr. High principal, “Students and teachers receive results of mastery in each subject. Students scores fall within the ranges of Exceeded Standards, Met Standards, Nearly Met Standards,or Not Met Standards.” Ms. Roberts also mentioned the data is helpful  to teachers to evaluate and reflect on each group of students and where they need to improve. “The SBAC testing helps students to see where they need improvement and where their strengths lie.” Ms. Roberts noted. Students are required to take the SBAC by the federal and state governments. They require all schools to complete a culminating exam for school accountability. “We are happy to complete this test as it helps us improve our school and find ways to help our students,” Ms. Roberts assured.


by Daniel Pinto

MLB is baseball, Major League Baseball. There are 30 teams. Baseball season is currently in spring training. The real games start April 2nd, and the season ends October 1st. Would you like to know where headquarters is located? Well, it is in New York City.The commissioner is Rob Manfred. Baseball was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1869. Baseball is a fun sport. You should try it some time when you get bored and have nothing to do, or maybe you could watch a baseball game.  For a schedule of the games, so you know when, where, and what time the baseball games will be on tv, or when they will be live at the baseball stadium, visit:

 Sixth Grade Orientation

is Coming

by Maguire O’Brien

Everyone remembers that day just like it was yesterday, when all the 6th graders come and check out Fruitvale Jr High and get ready to go to this amazing school. On this day, we feature a rally, and  some electives like Gateway to Technology, Agriculture, etc. Then, the kids get a tour of the school and current 7th graders help the 6th graders with  which class is which. The date of the orientation is April 5,2017. The four schools that come here for orientation are Endeavor, Discovery, Quailwood, and Columbia. At the orientation, those four schools compete in their first FJH rally!  Later, this same evening, these sixth grade students are encouraged to come back with their parents to see a more in-depth look at what we offer at Fruitvale Jr. High and will have the opportunity to meet all the teachers and ask questions.

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7th Grade College Field Trip

by Ariyanna Nachor

The seventh grade English department of Fruitvale Junior High is planning a field trip on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017. The seventh graders are going to tour a University campus and gain a better understanding of college life. Half of the seventh graders will visit the University of California Santa Barbara, which will be Mrs. Orr’s and Mrs. Stump’s classes. The other half of  the seventh graders will be going to San Luis Obispo,with  Mrs. Mykytiuk and Mrs. Hammons. This college field trip is aligned with our college and career unit, in which students learn college terms, look into possible career choices, research college options, and most importantly set academic goals for eighth grade and high school. Fruitvale Junior High School is inviting every seventh grader on the college trip because FJH staff feels the experience of going on a college trip is not one to be missed.

The college tour will be conducted by admission counselors who will show the seventh graders around the campus  including classes, cafeteria, and recreational life. The tour will last 90 minutes which will conclude with a little stop in the school bookstore if students would like to purchase souvenirs.

The Charter buses will leave Fruitvale Junior High at 8:15 A. M and the buses will be returning to FJH approximately by 5:00 P.M. Teachers are kindly asking parents and kids to PLEASE bring a brown sack lunch and label it with the  student's name. Staff and teachers also want the brown bags to be disposable, so we don't have to carry them on the tour. Before the students go on the tour they will eat on the university campus. Also, FJH students may want to bring additional snacks for the trip home.

Since the field trip is outside of the regular school day, PARENT PICK-UP IS REQUIRED. The cost of the field trip is $40 PER STUDENT. This covers transportation in a Charter bus. If parents wish for their students to attend the field trip, money needs to be

 turned in by Tuesday, April 4th. If parents want to chaperone there are a few extra spots on the bus. To make the chaperone picking fair parents will be chosen

by lottery on available space and need. Parents also need to pay for themselves $40 and fill out the parent form.  

Source:  Parent Letter/Mykytiuk

Child Abuse

by Kaya Lock

        Child abuse happens in many more ways than just physical. There is verbal, psychological, emotional, sexual, and more types of abuse. Child Abuse Month is the month of April when people can get involved and help kids who are being abused. There are a lot of things people can do to prevent child abuse. People who want to help first have to learn the facts and understand the risks. One in every three girls and one in every six boys are abused by their eighteenth birthday. Kids often don’t talk about it because they feel as if the person won’t believe them or will get mad at them. If a child does tell you they are getting abused, don’t act alarmed or in disbelief, this could make the child shut down and not talk about it anymore or he could change their story. If they answer your questions the way he thinks you want them to and it goes to court it could sound rehearsed, which could be a problem.

The child could also feel guilty instead of feeling like the victim in the situation, which they are. Some children who get abused are too young to understand that it is not okay, since most abusers usually tell them it’s okay or they’re just playing a game. Most people know an abuser, whether it be a family member or a close family friend, people should watch the ways they act around children. Normally abusers target one kid and act extra nice toward them. This could be a clue that they are abusing that one child. There are physical signs, but they’re less common than most people think. Emotional or behavioral signs are more common, such as language that is not age-appropriate. People that end up abusing normally have an empathy deficit, either because of a brain disease or because they were so abused themselves as a child that their empathic abilities never fully developed. If someone suspects child abuse he/she should contact a child abuse hotline, such as 1-800-4-A-CHILD. 

What is Passover?Flowers, Bouquet, Png ...

               by Olivia Martinez

What is Passover? Passover is a holiday celebrated by Jewish people. Passover    

is a big Jewish spring festival that recalls the freedom of slavery from Egypt. It is an eight; day festival and this year, Passover begins on April 10 and ends on April 18. You can celebrate this holiday anywhere with family and friends. During Passover on the first two nights Jews have a special dinner called Seder. The dinner is a very important part of Passover. The word Seder means “order”. It is called this because the meal is done in a certain order that takes the Jews from slavery to freedom. There are fifteen steps of Seder. The fifteen steps of Seder are Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Maggid, Rachtzah, Motzi, Matzah, Maror, Korech, Shulchan, Orech, Tzafun, Barech, Hallel, and  Nirtzah.

The book that the Jews use during Passover is called the Haggadah. In the book Haggadah, it explains the traditional sequence of Seder. Along with the fifteen steps of Seder, the Haggadah also has prayers, stories, and songs. The word Passover comes from the Hebrew word “Pesach” from the root “pass over”.  If you would like to know more about the holiday Passover you can visit the websites below.


Colour Gaurd.jpg

Spotlight on Color Guard

by Jordyn Davis

Color Guard is a uniformed group, made up of soldiers, police officers, or school representatives who parade or present their

 institution’s flag (and sometimes their national flag) on ceremonial occasion.

In Color Guard, the students spin rifles, flags and practice their dance routines before their competitions. Color Guard  competes against other schools. . The competitions are usually held in the gym. Their next competition is April 1,2017 at Liberty high school. The teachers who help the girls practice their routines are Mrs. Shi and Mrs. Victoria, but Mr.Dundas is the leader of the whole squad.  Color Guard is  an unforgettable experience, so if you're interested in being a part of this great team you can pick it as your elective on the blue sheet which will be handed out  to the students closer to the end of the year .

No Carnival?

by Bryce Bunk

Last year FJH had a carnival. Many students didn’t enjoy the carnival, so the staff is looking for a better end-of the- year activity. According to Mrs. Roberts, the carnival was suggested to be replaced because the teachers and staff thought they could find something more appealing to the students.The new idea was reinforced by the student council. Although the new activity hasn’t been decided yet, it is certain that it will take place on the last day of school. The new activity’s location has not been specified yet either. The office is working on deciding what food they want to order for the activity. The ineligibles will be decided by Mr. Rouanzoin. The day of the activity, the schedule will be a little different. It will be a minimum day and you will only see your first period class. Many students look forward to this activity because it is a fun way to end the school year.

Spring is Here

by Taylor Coryell

         It’s time for Spring; the birds, the flowers, and the fresh air. This year, the first day of Spring was on March 20th. When you think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Easter, but there is much more to Spring than chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs. Spring is when everything starts again, it’s when Winter is gone and it’s time to start fresh.

With the question ‘What is Spring?’, comes the question, ‘Why do they call it Spring?’ Spring is the time of awakening, when the flowers start to bloom and the animals come out of hibernation. The name ‘Spring’ was originally ‘Springing-Time’ in the 14th century, and later on it was ‘Spring-Time’ in the 15th century, then finally it was shortened to just ‘Spring’ in the 16th century. Spring is the time for new beginnings, so let’s continue Fourth Quarter with a new positive look. Summer is almost here!


Spotlight On Mock Trial

        by Mercedes Ochoa                 

Mock Trial is an elective class at Fruitvale Junior High.  This is the second year  Fruitvale Junior High has offered  this class. In Mock Trial, students receive a case study that they build and argue, for both sides - the prosecution and defense. In this class Mrs Orr, the mock trial teacher, teaches the first quarter of mock trial about our judicial system and how it works. The second quarter, the students get an actual case and  they build this case completely on their own.They then present a showcase of both sides at the end of the semester. If you are interested you are welcome to attend the next showcase and see what it is about,  “A” team, which is the lead team’s showcase, will be on May 11th from 6pm-8pm, and the “B” team (the understudy team)’s showcase will be on May 9th from 6pm-8pm. If any of the 7th graders are interested in Mock Trial as an elective next year,  they can sign up for it when the blue papers come out in a few weeks!

April’s Upcoming Events

by Angalina Berger

April 5; 6th Grade Orientation 9.00-11:15 a.m

April 5; 6th Grade Parent orientation 6.00-8.00 p.m.

April 7; Minimum Day, Professional Development 11:30 Dismissal

April 10-17; Easter/ Spring Break

April19; Secretary’s Day

April 21; Schoolwide Progress Report -Post Grades By 9 a.m.

April 25; CST Testing Science (including CAPA)

April 24-26; ELA SBAC Testing

May 4-12; Math SBAC Testing


Ms. Garcia’s class hunting for fruit loops in their lab last week.

Jokes and Puzzles

by Frankie Valenzuela

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. Cause he wanted to get to the other side.

Q. What do you call a parade of bunnies hopping backwards?

A. A receding hare-line.                                

Q. What kind of bunny can't hop?

A. A chocolate one!


Q. Where does the Easter Bunny get his eggs?

A. From Eggplants.


April Fool’s Day

by Juliana Ramos

April Fool’s day is a holiday celebrated on April 1st where people of all ages take place in the act of tricking and playing pranks on each other. Today, people from all around the world enjoy this holiday, including big television and radio stations. While April Fool’s Day is a widely celebrated holiday, nobody really knows how it originated.  Historians aren’t exactly clear on how April Fool’s Day got started, but there are some theories on how it may have became a holiday. Some historians speculate that it could have begun sometime in the sixteenth century. Wikipedia:Featured picture ...

In the 1500’s, ancient cultures used to celebrate the new year on April first. That tradition lasted until 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar to be put in place, which would start the new year on January first. Some didn’t get this news, and continued to follow the old calendar. This led to others making fun of them, and sending them on foolish errands, which spread throughout Britain in the eighteenth century. While this may not be exactly what happened, this is the closest thing historians have about the origin of April Fool’s Day.

In modern times, many countries celebrate this day in different ways. For example, in Portugal the Sunday and Monday prior to Lent is when they hold April Fool’s Day. In India, their Holi festival on March 31st is when they have a joke day. While it may not be the same everywhere, the pranks and jokes are what can make April Fool’s Day memorable.

What is Easter?

by Kierstin Sorrow

        We all love waking up in the morning to a basket full of chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs filled with mini surprises, but what is the real meaning of Easter? Sometime between 30-33 AD, Jesus was crucified. A group of unbelievers falsely accused Jesus of sedition, causing him to be scourged then put to death. The Romans stripped him of his clothing and gave him wine mixed with gall to drink. They then hammered nails through his hands and feet causing him to hang from the cross. He hung between two convicted thieves. While on the cross he made statements about resurrecting the third day of his death, states Luke 23:26  .He hung from the nails for 6 hours between two convicted thieves until he died. Once being pronounced dead he was put in a tomb with a stone blocking the entrance. Three days after his death the Romans went to the tomb Jesus was placed in. To their surprise, the stone in front of the tomb’s entrance was no longer there. Not only was the stone gone, so was Jesus Christ. It was then believed that Jesus resurrected as he promised, and this is now known as the holiday Easter, celebrated by thousands all around the world. Statistics show that 80.6% of people in the united states will be celebrating the resurrection this Easter. Are you celebrating this year?Clipart of Cross and Thorns.

Is Cheerleading a Sport??

by Destiny Blackwood

        Most kids at Fruitvale Jr. High agree that cheerleading is a sport. 67% of the students surveyed said that it is a sport. That’s over half of the students! Only 16% of students said that they did not think cheerleading is a sport. 17% said that if they knew more about it they could decide, but as of right now they say maybe.When asked why they think it is a sport, most kids said because it takes so much effort and strength to be able to do all the skills required.

Summer School 

by Frankie Valenzuela

        This year at our school we will be having summer school. We might just have the same summer school classes as last year's summer school, but there may be something new as well. Some of the classes we had last year were Computer Literature, Agriculture, Gateway, and going to the high school for ROC classes. What you will do in computer literature is learn to use computers and some tips for computers. What you will do in agriculture is learn to work in the garden. This class is all about being outside. In gateway you will learn to build stuff and some of the stuff you will learn to build are working robots and 3D printed objects. What you will do in ROC is gain training for jobs you might have in the future. If any of this sounds fun make sure to sign up for summer school.

Spring Break

by Parker Crown

        This year Spring break is from April 10th-17th, but where will students be going? Students might want to go somewhere close to home, like Pismo Beach. In Pismo many people can get the classic California vibe with good restaurants and being able to surf. Another place students may want to go is Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. At the ski resort there is about four feet of packed snow. There is also a place for younger kids to be taken care of. Students may want to go to an event in Bakersfield. One event is Train Day on April 15, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is at Kern Pioneer Village. There are also many other events and if anyone wants more information visit the Kern County website below. Out of a surveyed population, about 38% of students are staying home. Around 62% of students are going on vacation and out of those students about 48% are going to the beach.

        While there are many destinations near or far, many of these vacation places are nice, friendly places to visit during Spring Break. 

What Sport Do You Play?

by Kierstin Sorrow

        Fruitvale has several sports teams such as volleyball, basketball, and track. what sport or activity do the majority of our Junior High students play?  We surveyed 205 students asking what sport they play inside or outside of school. The results are as follows:   Softball/Baseball-19.5%, , Soccer-9.3%,

Football-12.8%, Cheer-7.9%, Skate/biking/scooting-9.8%,

                  Swim-5.8 %, Volleyball-6.4%, Track-3.4%,

               Golf-3.4%, Dance-3%, Horseback riding-1%,

               Rugby-1% , Water polo-.5%, No sport-16.2%


by Alyssa Marin-Flores

Image result for zodiac signs

Do you know your horoscope or

 what your horoscope means?

Aries: March 21-April 19

(Aries are known for their laziness)

Taurus: April 20-May 20Image result for word puzzles big letters

(Taurus people think very clearly)

Gemini: May 21-June 20

(Gemini are more alert about things)

Cancer: June 21-July 22

(Cancer people’s conversations go well)

Virgo: August 23-September 2

(Virgo’s take on good opportunities)

Leo: July 23-August 22

(Leo’s are good at solving problems)

Libra: September 23-October 22

(Libera’s try not to worry about negativity)

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

(Scorpio’s are known to be lucky)

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

(Sagittarius have wide opportunities)

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

(Capricorn’s make bold choices)

Aquarius: January 21-February 18

(Aquarius are known for their success)

Pisces: February 19-March 20

(Pisces take the time to realize the fake and the real) 

The Diary of Anne Frank

by Riley Bridges

        This year, Fruitvale Jr. High’s Advanced Drama proudly presented “The Diary of Anne Frank”. This is the first year FJH Advanced Drama has performed this play, but Mrs. Hammons felt that people would enjoy it; since students are always interested about the Holocaust. The play was on Wednesday March 29 and Thursday March 30. On Wednesday, Bridget Hughes played the role of Anne and on Thursday, Clara Greenberg played the role of Anne. Both Annes were amazing, and many parents and students enjoyed the play. Leah Arellanes stated, “I like all of the emotion put into it by the students.” Leah’s dad mentioned that it was one of the best plays he’d ever seen.

        Although this was a sad story, FJH’s Advanced Drama was able to turn it into an extraordinary performance. Over 300 people attended the play in total, and the money that was raised goes to reimburse materials and help fund the next show. Most ELA teachers have an extra credit assignment. If students went to this production, but the assignments may differ. Ask your ELA teacher what to do for this extra credit assignment, and be ready for the next FJH Advanced Drama play, Peter Pan!

New Movies in 2017

by Daniel Pinto


‘’Rings’’…..thriller ,drama, February 3,2017

A young woman becomes worried about her boyfriend

When he explores a dark subculture surrounding a mystery video tape said to kill all watchers

‘’The Bye Bye Man’’…..horror, thriller, release date January 13,2017.  People commit unthinkable acts every day.   Time and

Again we grapple to understand what drives a person

to do such a thing.

‘’XXX Return of Xander Cage’’…..thriller,action,January 20,2017 .  After coming out of self-imposed exile, dare devil operative Xander Cage [Vin Diesel] must race against a military satellite in

the world.

‘’Kong Skull Island’’ …..fantasy,science,fiction,release date March 10,2017

This film  fully immerses audiences in the  mysterious

and dangerous home of the king of  the apes.   A  team of explorers go deep

inside treacherous primor.