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Fake News Cheat Sheet


How False News Can Spread

Watch the TedEd Video.

Quick Tips

to Spot Fake News


Type of Fake News -

Invented News

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What is a Pundit?

Sometimes, pundits are mistaken for journalists simply because they appear on news programs or on news networks.  What is a pundit?  In short, a pundit offers analysis/opinions on the news.   Interested in fact-checking pundits?  Visit PunditFact - a faction of PolitiFact.  

Here is a FAKE NEWS cheat sheet to help you decode your newsfeed.


A Stanford University study released in November 2016 stated that 80 percent of students (middle school to undergraduate) were unable to distinguish real news from fake news.  [Don’t worry kids--adults struggle with the same challenges.]  As news consumers who experience a constant flood of information (24-hour news networks, constant streams of information in social media, etc.), we need to be able to evaluate news online.  We all have a responsibility to vet information before we pass it on to others.  This cheatsheet will provide tips and examples to help you identify fake news in its various forms.  

NOTE - All underlined text is a clickable link. 

Type of Fake News -

Satire as News

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Bonus Level of Awareness

CHALLENGE -  Seek news that

DOES NOT appear in your feeds!

Interested in the effects of data -mining & in-app recommendations?  

Check out the differences in liberal  and conservative Facebook feeds by topic with Blue Feed, Red Feed.  

NOTE - FB feeds are blocked for students on the VBCPS network.  

Type of Fake News - 

Highly Biased News (Partisan)

Analyze Photos Like an Expert

In an era when photo-editing software is available on our phones and learned camera angles are part of the duckface/selfie craze, we need to learn how to analyze images.  Click HERE for some basic tips to analyze images.  Read the whole entire article to see an example of two images and two messages from the same event.

Type of Fake News -

Native Ads

BONUS TIP - Want to avoid sponsored content when using Chrome?  Use an ad-blocker extension like AdBlock Pro.


Type of Fake News -

Twitter Feed

The nature of Twitter poses unique challenges for identifying fake news.