123 Prufrock Way

Urbana, MA 02169

April 10, 2013

Ms. Katrina Kennett, English Department

Plymouth South High School

490 Long Pond Rd.

Plymouth, MA 02360

Dear Ms. Kennett,

First paragraph - explain what your intentions were for this non-fiction unit (this might be where you put your definition of non-fiction). Quickly survey the patterns you found in your non-fiction readings. End on a strong statement of how well you fulfilled this unit.

Second paragraph - talk about your process - what have you done for two weeks, and how has it made you a more literate person? What has evolved over the course of this unit (definitions, your reading habits, abilities, etc). How have you demonstrated disciplined inquiry, construction of knowledge, and value beyond school?

Third paragraph - talk about your product - what did you produce, why did you produce it? How was it influenced by mentor texts? What were its successes, and how is it a powerful piece of intellectual work?

Conclusion - overall, how WELL do you feel you fulfilled the objectives of this unit? What weaknesses did you overcome, and what strengths should I pay attention to? End on a strong conclusion statement that convinces me of your briilliance.


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