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Don’t forget to clip Box Tops!  Turn them in with your child’s name and their homeroom teacher’s name.  Prizes will be given at the end of each grading period.  Students will receive 1 prize for every 10 Box Tops they turn in  The student who turns in the most Box Tops will win a brand new book from the library!  We are working toward our goal of raising $2000 for our school library, and we’re well on our way!

Donate a book to our school library in honor of your child!  

Click HERE to view and print the form, then complete the form

and return it to school with your $10.00 payment.  

Thank you for your donation!

Download free ebooks to your device using your public library card here:  http://reads.lib.overdrive.com/A726ACAC-BF57-42EE-9E45-CB9D70D91E3E/10/50/en/Default.htm

Top 100 Books for Children: http://time.com/100-best-childrens-books/

Top 100 Books for Young Adults:  http://time.com/100-best-young-adult-books/

Clyde W. Roddy Library online catalog:

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E-mail: SpenglerJe@daytoncity.net 

Phone: 775-8414  ext. 7130